Macfibo System Version 3.0

UK 10-Year Bond
Bias = Bearish
Zone for the kill has been identified

Trade Update on NZDCAD Short

"Patient with your winning trade…"


Fresh Setups Today

Next is move to 30-minute chart to identify the optimal zone for attack. Refer to the pdf.

Does this system translate to a smaller timeframe?


Do I reccomend it?


…if that happens… I brace for depression


Should the crossover happen in the Zone or does price just need to trade into there? Looks like EURCHF is about to cross but outside the zone…

Cant help ,lol
Because i use my own way,

Don’t wanna affect my bias,

Why dont u share your system at FF?

No worries!

I was just trying out this system but was just checking if rules around the crossover

Price need to enter the zone. Then you wait for a 5x20 crossover that agrees with your bias . Timing matters too : crossover has to be between London and NY session

Got it, so EURCHF has just produced a valid entry signal?


Nice one mate!

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thanks for trying out the system mate.



Hi Sufian,

Thank you for sharing your strategy. Do you have a time restriction for how long you allow for price action to come back and retest the zone + crossover? Do you use any other rules to signify invalid trades?

Thanks for sharing @sufiansaid. Looks like you’ve been around here a bit. I will give this a try my friend. Thanks and following along! Bookmarked.

Great question this. I do not put a specific time restriction but as long as a) the price hasnt hit my pre defined targets (FOMO symptoms… watch out for this) and b) no opposite 5x10 crossover occur. If one of these two hasnt happen, then I will regard the late zone entry and entry trigger as valid.

Speaking of invalid trades, I personally do not take crossovers in the zone that is out London & NY session AND I don’t take trades if theres Economic Report (depending on how important it is and how volatile were the price spikes historically) and Risk Events (i.e Trump upcoming speech, Central Bank big guys going to talk) coming up later in the day

Hey Dudebro. Thanks for the interest of the system. Yes im an old fart around here and I don’t even remember when I first started trading. 14 years? 15 years? 16 years?? (and still not a trillionaire. sigh!!) i dont know… it don’t matter. I love engaging with fellow traders and ask away if you have any questions mate. thanks for the bookmark too.

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