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Reminder for our Asian traders… though I believe NZD is already priced in for this event.

Hi sufiansaid, how is going EURCHF setup? Yesterday price entered the zone but I’m not sure there were the conditions to short the pair.

Hello PraNik.

Refer to the chart below

If we look at the left side of the chart (The Daily chart), it was the Monday’s price action that confirmed the 5ema x 10ema bearish crossover (though JUST A BIT I admit). and yes it the ugliest life changing big short mania trend confirming candle ever printed in mankind’s chart… ever. This system is “indicator” heavy so we will keep it simple and take the signal as valid.

On Tuesday, EURCHF traded inside the zone inside the London session and 5ema x 20ema bearish crossover occurred just before New York session started. It was a valid trigger. I took it and I got stopped out and price pushed higher towards Monday’s high.

The good news is that the current bearish bias is technically still valid and I will not hesitate if there is a 5ema x 20ema bearish crossover happen inside London/NY session later.

p/s : Just need to mention it, if you look at D1 Chart, if price continues pushing higher the current bias will be invalidated as 5ema x 10ema bullish crossover might occur. I just thought you all might need to be aware of that

Fresh Setup


So every 1R losses there’s always the 3R (or more) winners “at the end of the tunnel” (I hope I am not butchering the metaphor here). This system potentially arguable produce unattractive win rate and most people who just loves to be right (…and there be times we are so wrong but we refuse to admit we are wrong) and want that high win rate system… well I have news for you… you will probably hate this system.

Having said that though, this system is designed to win BIG and can wipe out those 5 to 6 losses in a single (or two) winning trade(s). It’s just mathematics.



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Recent Trade Example

CADJPY - Bullish

When your trading system just produced massive R :grin: :grin:

US 10-Y Setup

Price Action not inside the zone yet.

There is bullish setup at USDJPY too

Yep there is indeed! Unfortunately it went parabolic without testing the zone

Salam Sufian…ive created an account here after a year of trading because of you, and this system that im trying out.

Please have a look at EURCAD, i see that it tested the Zone… now waiting for my sell entry. Please correct me if im wrong.

Thank you sir!

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CAD/CHF aswell guys!

Hello SyazaniR. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your interest in the system.

Yes the setup is valid. I posted this earlier where I indicated a fresh setup :smiley:

If you have any questions or comment, just ask/post.

Hi Sufian! I got stopped out just now after entering short at 22.30PM yesterday (Singapore time) when 5ema crosses below 20ema for EURCAD. :sob:

It is okay mate. Every 1R losses, there will be a huge win at the end of the tunnel.

Build a portfolio, trust me if you do that, a loss on a single position will be less annoying.

Trade other than the major currency pairs, try exotics, trade CFD Commodities, Indices, Energy etc etc. As long as your portfolio potentially give you an exposure of say 3-5%.

Keep on testing the system. I pre-warned in the forum that this system generates very low win rate % but its 1 or 2 winning trades potentially could wipe out 3-5 losers.

Every losses begets huge win

Thanks for your reply sir! Will keep on trying! And yes noted on the portfolio too! Looking for fresh setups now :))

That’s an awesome attitude. One of the traits of a world class trader is they maintain the same approach of the next trade regardless of the previous result.

Whether they are in a winning streak or a losing streak, they maintain the same conviction, same mentality and go through the same process. we trade the market, not winning rate.

Not exactly a fresh setup but USDJPY hasn’t entered the zone yet and hasn’t hit 1.618

Trade Bonds? Why not?

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