MarketMover trading system

Over the course of interacting with the forex market, I have developed what I call marketmover trading method. This approach involves monitoring the actions of the key market participants and making trading decisions based on their actions. I will use this method to look for buying signals from market movers and follow their lead. I will avoid cases where a central bank announces an interest rate hike and the currency pair affected by such an announcement.

What are the risks involved?
Like any trading strategy, the market movers method has its risks. One of the major risks is that market movers can change their positions quickly, and by following their lead I could end up on the wrong side of the trade. Additionally, market movers can create false signals, which can lead to losses. Therefore, it is essential to use proper risk management techniques and have a solid trading plan to mitigate these risks.

Why am I shifting to this method?
I believe my marketmover trading strategy will help me to improve my chances of success. It demands a thorough understanding of the forex market and the key market participants. Additionally, I have to use multiple sources of information to identify market movers and confirm their actions. Some of these sources include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news releases, and social media monitoring. In my view, these are the least important sources.
Let’s see the outcome.

I would suggest following order flow price movement is simplier.

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This is purely marketmovers analysis method. audjpy we give it at least two hours

we are having some positive progress but our target is at least 20 pips for us to conclude that indeed, market movers caused the identified trend

Confirmed, the market movers were in action but reversal is highly likely. Its better to protect capital by moving sl accordingly.
we will be posting these leads well in advance because before market movers cause a movement, our Expert Advisors or robots give us the alert.

We earned a cool 20 pips with minimal dd

What is market mover analysis, and how are you doing it?

There’s hardly any data on who is moving the markets or why. Certainly not in the time frame that you’re using there.


10 minutes to the end of the 2 hours, if you followed the signals, we believe things are cool.

not marketmover analysis. The uptrend could fail

purely market mover analysis but we lack sufficient information at the movement.
Entry point 1.4581
sl 1.45687
High risk because we dont have sufficient information

holding time to be closed by the end of the next hour

Market stagnated
purely market mover analysis but we lack sufficient information at the movement.
Entry point 1.4581
sl 1.45687

The analysis does not give useful information concerning NZDCAD. the sudden movement in the present hour is due to USD and not either NZD or CAD

audjpy 95.15
audjpy; Market mover analysis shows an excellent buying opportunity is price falls to 95.15. It will again move up.

Please note the entry point, if it falls to 95.15 it will also move up. we will maximize the gain and minimize loses

Concerning the first trade, EURSD, time to close. The two hours are over

@chesterjohn I discovered that it can also be done in real time using currency correlation. I will show you how to do it using a real example.

AUDJPY failed to hit 95.15 before the end of past hour

retracement to 95.15 would have implied bullish trend continuation

Using currency correlation, see if you understand this pattern. Our analysis goes deeper than this. It shows no trading opportunity at the moment,