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I have posted a few bad experiences over the years (Astrofx, Samuel & co, Learntotrade, falconfx) and I am super eager to find something good as I really do want to have a career in trading. I have heard many good things about however I have a track record of picking bad courses and getting my money taken…

I have done some research and couldn’t find much online apart from here

There is only 1 review so I can’t make a purchasing decision on that. I want to make sure the next course I buy I do comprehensive due diligence hence posting here and a few other popular forums.

What do you guys think of Irek’s course? Is it the real deal? Has anyone heard of Irek Piekarski ?
How else can I find testimonials? I’ve already searched “irek piekarski review” on google

please post your experiences or opinion. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

Don’t go buying trading courses. List what you need to know which you don’t already understand - the skills you need in order to take a trade through all stages from entry through positions sizing, risk management to exit.

Research each skill in sequence until you understand its structure and have one or two or three methodologies.

Apply your skills to a simple trading strategy across your preferred time-frame and demo or micro trade it until you can see why it works and what could be better.

Then ask yourself why you would need a training course.


You just need to see the scenes of advertisers such as traveling and trading happily, flaunting a pile of money, traveling spaceships, generally an elegant happy life. then 95% is a scam


I want to learn from someone who is doing it already. even if that costs a bit more it will shorten the learning process considerably.

I don’t understand why Irek Piekarski or any other “trader” will not display a verified track record via Myfxbook, Fxblue or even better pay a reputable accountant to get it audited like stated here

A track record is infinitely better than reviews so what possibly could be the reason for a trading guru who is selling a course not to? Scam??? Someone please tell me I’ve always wondered this…

its a very good reply , thanks for your nice post.

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I did not find them to prove anything like myfxbook. Don’t throw money at it. unless, they prove what they’ve done

Thank you for confirming what I thought. I will email them and see what they say. I don’t see why they wouldn’t demonstrate their profitability if they’re genuine. It would take 5 minutes max to set up a track record???

Irek posted this video recently. recording, uploading probably takes more time than setting up a track record.

Can anyone confirm if they sound good, genuine and know what they’re talking about from this video? is there anything suspicious? please tell me if there are any red flags

The most important question you want to ask these ‘mentors’ is why are you teaching me your strategy? That’s all you need to know. All these bs excuses of trading is lonely, I want a second stream of income, I have an ego, I want to help. Check out what his excuse is. If he wants to help, he should do it for free especially if hes making a good return.

I dont trust him at all. I watched the video but dont worry the next course is going to be ‘epic’. No it won’t. Just another way to get more cash out of people. Save your money and stay well away. I’m on the lookout too and have met a lot of con artists.


I just told you. if they are really successful and they want to convey that to you for additional income. then they will not hesitate to prove frankly what they have done.
In short, you should avoid this teacher.

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I really don’t like any paid for courses related to Forex


What did you end up doing coughs? Have you found a good course yet to fast track your journey? Also what did you not like about the courses that you mentioned above?

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Hey Coughs,

Did you ever go through with jumping on Irek’s trading masterclass? Did you find much info on it from your searching. I can relate to this question and I’m also considering joining up to it.

Same opinion from me! They most providing basic info’s! These types of courses are good at marketing;

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I have gone through the course. It is a good starting point for a beginner but it will not make you a profitable trader. After 6 months of practice, I have gained 0%. (It is expected return for a random, not working strategy you can think of, as it is 50% chance that the market will go in any direction).

No track records. When I have asked for proven records on the IG, I got banned :smiley:

You might argue that 6 months was not enough but what’s the probability that if I give another 6 months that I will magically get “enlightened” and I will become a profitable trader considering all those negative factors mentioned above? I think it’s low ==> not worth investing my time.

BTW, don’t waste your money - you can download the course for free if you google well. But you will lose time learning not working teachings from this charlatan.

Just consider these numbers. Monthly subscription = $200, let’s assume there are at least 200 subscribers. That’s $40,000 a month just from selling a course :slight_smile: Do you think it would be beneficial to frame it like this: “My course is amazing. If you don’t get results, it is not that it is a shitty course, it is because you have not put enough time. Stay on my subscription plan for the next 6 months. Pay that $200 every month”

I have the exact same question. Want to learn from a profitable and consistent trader but Irek has to no proof of either. Has anyone joined his course and gained value?

This is the only track record I’ve found so far:

A very sensible response​:clap::clap:

Ex-staff member Pat quit the Masterclass team because the strategy hasn’t been working well in 2 years and thought it was unethical that they keep selling and promoting it to their students. Irek doesn’t mind because he is making enough money through subscriptions and selling new courses like blueprint.

Most people in their slack are not successful. Alan has been there from the beginning and still can’t make any money.

stop loss at 75.0% is terrible for those trading with under 7 figures

You can contact Pat via instagram to verify this

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I recently was considering signing up to their Diamond package but its very concerning that an ex-staff members are coming out saying all this stuff about how ineffective the strategies are and how unethical Irek and Molly are

Even yesterday he posted about Irek not sharing everything with his paid students and keeping important information to himself. You must wonder if Irek and Molly want their students to succeed???

Irek and Molly live off the course subscriptions and do not make money trading