Mentfx YouTube channel and mentorship

Hello and happy new year everyone. While learning online I have stumbled on this guys YouTube channel, mentfx where he applies ict concepts, wyckoff etc. Anyone who entered his mentorship group? A review? Thank you!

Never heard of MentFx, just googled it when I saw this post. Theres another group aswell called PhantomFx I think, who also teaches Wyckoff.

Tbh Wyckoff Method to me is the upper echelon, once you can impliment that you can get the most precision entries with huge R potential. But too complex for me at my stage, but defo picking up and starting to understand more about it as I go.

I think if someone is teaching it, it will be easier and quicker. to learn than reading the books or trying to interpret the schematics yourself.

And Happy New Year :partying_face:

I’m interested too. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about but $100 a month and you don’t know anything about him. Nothing on the website and like you can’t find any reviews and found your post by searching google. We shall see I guess…

He copies the contents from other channels like “pipsofpersia” and “The Inner Circle Trader”, this guy offers people to join his discord channel for $100/ monthly to learn Secrets about trading and also benefiting from his signal service . Believe me his content is nothing more than what you can find in this forum for free and he deletes his losing signals ! I have been with his discord group for a month and gonna cancel my membership since it’s ■■■■■■■■ .
For those who are curious about this paid discord channel I can provide them with offline copy of his discord group as well as videos and files but there is really nothing special or valuable . When the tutor is not able to be profitable with his signal service do you really believe that he has something to teach you ? waste of time and money .


Frankly, I never heard about it. But if he is making you learn, I think that you should continue learning from him. At the same time, make sure that you practice everything you are learning for a better understanding.

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He is a guy like us who is searching and learning new things . Would you pay somebody who is just like you ? or you would pay somebody who has searched many years and is a profitable trader already ? I see no difference between him and all the guys in this forum who are trying to figure out what is what . I just wasted my $100 to watch a guy who is learning forex and trying to be profitable ( but he is not ) while pretending himself as a master between all the newbies in his group .

Yeah but if you want to join PoP he’s just an affiliate for IML, I think his content is good but not sure why he needs to push to network marketing part of IML.

And that’s the problem I have with alot of these ‘gurus’ its always ‘o we have a really active community on telegram/discord’ and its like yeah but they are all beginners too posting their own interpretatiosn, I see it as a distraction and a bad thing, not a good thing.

Him and his work and his discord is a reflection of what he teaches and lets you have for free, if you like the free content, pursue his content because its really good. mentfx on youtube. He has a ton of free stuff. Kids that are crying here are mad because they blew their accounts or have never seen a profitable day in their lives. He teaches a variety of ways but trades only one way, institutional orderflow, just like he did from the beginning.


mentfx has consistently provided setups, content, explanation, and bred good traders in the community. You sound mad and dumb.


Mentfx is another scammer who is trying to sell others free content ( ICT and pipsofpersia ) to newbies while he is not even a profitable trader, I am so happy that I didn’t trade his signals on my live account it was a disaster . You can find thousands of looser traders on the web like mentfx who just became mentor to cover the money they lost on trading !
Don’t waste your money and time on his discord channel and signal service, it’s ■■■■■■■■ .


MentFx is not a scammer. His strategies work and are gold. Same principle as ICT and POP. These are proven successful ways to trade the market. I am not a part of his mentorship but I have watched his videos along with POP, and formulating a strategy using OBs and imbalances on higher TFs and trade them on lower TF with Wyckoff is high probability also it helps with patience and over trading. If one take the time to study the charts for hours practice what they are learning they will see the benefits, maybe its quicker with a mentor idk but you dont need to pay someone for something you essentially have to do on your own anyway, if you have the discipline and application. Now if you have knowledge that can make you profitable ofcourse you are gonna want to provide it at a cost. Thats simply what these guys are doing and I for one am grateful for their free YT content


Hey man. Theres always going to be mad kids and kids that can’t control their emotions, just have a small read thru some of the forum replies.

The only way you can gauge whether something is worthy or not is applying it yourself.

Forget the mentorship and money, don’t join my mentorship, don’t pay me, but actually give time to the YouTube videos and you’ll very quickly have an answer. If it’s not for you move on.

no one but yourself is going to be responsible for knowing if the info you’re getting is worth it or not.

90% fail, most of that 90% will continue to fail, and that 90% will flood message boards and forums. Don’t let their negativity be a hindrance to your progress. Make your own choices, the videos are free. Watch them.


.Hello I’m actually curious about his page please can you still provide the videos and files?

Very interesting I’ll definitely look I to this

Hey man, you are not a profitable trader . you just advertise your discord channel on all your videos to make people pay $100 joining your discord channel . I joined your channel and I found that you are not even confident enough to send signals there as you are not profitable. you just share your trades after you win !
PLEASE STOP RIPPING NEWBIES . I uploaded all of your private paid videos for those who are curious about what you teach in private.

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.Thank you very much

If you joined then you saw I provide my expectation and where I want to get involved, and then get involved on a much ltf. You are clearly angry but you also know what I have to offer is worthwhile. You made it your mission to share my content everywhere you could because you know it’s good, you just don’t know how to use it, and that results in these sad posts written up by you. I never told anyone I’m a signal service, I’ve always lived by and told members that “I breed traders, not signal takers”, and we’ve made many profitable in the group. It takes one bad apple to make everything go to sh**, you’re that Apple. Congrats on being pathetic man. Maybe one day you’ll grow up. Thanks to all that support me properly and join, sorry to all that fall victim to thinking like this dude. Appreciate it all. - Anton


Honestly, I don’t really spend time watching YouTube videos for Forex trading. I rather advise fellow traders and beginners to opt for the School of Pipsology that caters and covers all the trading fundamentals and aspects. In case I stumble, demo accounts with reliable brokers are here to help.