Micrapip's back

Well I’ve been away for a couple of months… and now I’m back…

Going to use this thread to track my progress on my demo account.

Opened it yesterday 10,000

Here are my day one stats:

Date 7/24/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 10041.66
Daily p/l 41.66
ROI 0.42%

I’ve learned in the past not to count Pips because of my trading style.but for those that are interested it would be roughly be 520 pips Average pip = .08


Very happy today:p

Date 7/25/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 10170.75
Daily p/l 129.09
ROI 1.71%

let’s keep this up

I live in Canada and I love the near par dollar but right now I want the CAD to fall like a rock!!! Just wait until later this afternoon when I post my daily update!!


I told you the USD was my friend

Date 7/26/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 10412.10
Daily p/l 241.35
ROI 4.12%

Looks like I’m on my way to hitting my 5% ROI/Week!!:slight_smile:

Till later today

Well the USD is still a charm as well as AUD

Date 7/26/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 10575.84
Daily p/l 163.74
ROI 5.75%

Week one has shown some nice gains… Lets hope next week are as good… 5.75% ROI in 4 days… not bad

Well I don’t usually manage my account on Sunday’s so today is my day 5

Date 7/29/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 10610.99
Daily p/l 35.15
ROI 6.11%

Not the greatest but better than a loss or a kick in the teeth

A very good day indeed

Date 7/31/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 11135.89
Daily p/l 524.9
ROI 11.36%

I’ve exceeded my weekly target of ROI 5%/week on day 2… I could stop… but why

till tomorrow :smiley:

Micrapip, what ever you are doing looks very good indeed, please tell us what system are you useing?

Give us the specifics, how do you decide on entries, exits, stop loss, take profit?

Or is your game to make a fortune over the coming weeks and then make us plead and beg for the details?

Or are you a robber barron that plans on keeping mum until you prove the system and then sell it to us at an ungodly price;)

Yes i FULL agree with this, im lookin forward (as ever) to your next post


Well… I’m not in a position to teach this system to anyone yet as it is new… I can say that i trade multiple pairs and multiple lots (at .08 a pip I have to).

I want to make sure that there are no holes in this system before I let the cat out of the bag. I wouldn’t want to teach someone this system and couldn’t live with myself, if this system failed and someone actually lost money.

I hope you understand right now is not the time because I’m just creating it and making sure that my money mgt strategy and it line up.

And no i won’t be selling it at an astounding price as I hope this system will make enough money on it’s own.

Cheers until today’s update.:o

Today’s totals… closed out one pair/ multiple lots

Date 8/01/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 11630.20
Daily p/l 494.31
ROI 16.30%

Woo Hoo I’m on page 2

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday’s numbers so here are yesterdays

Date 8/02/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 12169.13
Daily p/l 538.93
ROI 21.7%

looking good…

I am not questioning your results, I am just seeing if I have this right. You made 2169.13 in a little over a week trading approx .08 / pip??

That means 2169.13 / .08 = 27114 pips :eek:

I know you said an average of .08 a pip so I am sure your trading other pairs with a higher pip value but these numbers appear to be insane results to me. More power to ya if it’s true.

I also know you said you don’t like to talk pips but just this once can you let me/us know how many pips you made to make $2169 (if it is US dollars). Let me know if I am just making a miscalculation some where.

I will be watching this thread since I’m curious to see how you do.


I’m leaving early due to the long weekend… so here is today’s results so far… I might manage the account later this afternoon

Date 8/03/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 12776.11
Daily p/l 596.98
ROI 27.8%

It would be an average of .08 a pip if I were trading 1 lot of 1000. But I’m trading multiple lots (sometimes hundreds of lots) so i can trade 100k lots for cheaper than an account at 100:1 (I’m at 400:1)

I honestly can’t do a pip count but on average it’s between 10-30 pips per transaction.

just as an example one trade I closed out was 200 lots, 20pips @ 16.86/p = $337.20
another today was 100 lots, 10pips @ 8.43/p= $84.30

So you can see it’s not easy for me to count pips. I wish I could pull 27,000 pips out but that is pretty much improbable (nothing is impossible)


Here are yesterday’s stats

Date 8/06/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 14031.26
Daily p/l 1255.15
ROI 40.3%

some extreamly high drawdowns netted me some good profits on Monday. This is the problem with Demo accounts… sometimes you can get careless and not follow your systems rules… this is a nice profit but I doubt I would have risked that much in a live account.

until later today!!

Here are today’s stats

Date 8/07/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 14237.90
Daily p/l 206.64
ROI 42.3%

That’s more in the comfort range… Yesterday/Today I was a little to over extended, nowhere near a margin call but a bit out of my comfort zone…

Happy pipping:)

All I have to say is I love the fact that the 4x market is 24 hours. you can make money during the waking day (NY trade day) then set something up… go to bed and wake up with a small fortune…

I’m not posting what I made last night just yet because the day is only beginning. But all I can say is it’s a VERY GOOD DAY!!!

:smiley: :smiley:

So here are my stats for today… including last nights performance

Date 8/08/2007
Opening balance 10000
New balance 17611.12
Daily p/l 3374.22
ROI 76%

I told you I love the after-market (meaning UK)

I know people here need proof so I’m trying to figure out a way to save the account reports so i can post them here as proof…

bare with me