Mike Watkins (theholistictrader)

Mike Watkins resells Forex and Crypto signals.

In March I showed that Mike Watkins was fraudently using FCA regulation as a sales tactic — Mike Watkins was stating he was FCA regulated.

Mike Watkins is not FCA authorised/regulated for Financial Services.

As a result of publishing the facts — I have been under a campaign of sustained harassment from Mike Watkins (Michael Watkins) for the past four days.

Full details are on my website forexcrypt DOT com, here is a brief summary;


  • Mike Watkins has DDOS’d the website again.
  • Mike Watkins posted proof on Twitter he did take my Facebook account down


  • Mike Watkins spammed my email account with 20 harassing emails in 47 minutes.
  • Mike Watkins spammed my Twitter with over 30 harassing and abusive tweets.
  • Making further claims of Police reports to North Wales Police with a referral to the Financial Investigation Unit for fraud — I am not sure who or what that is about.
  • Making claims of Police reports to London Metropolitan Police.
  • Claim of reporting to FCA — not sure what for.


  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d my website.
  • Repeated false claims he had directly spoken with/made direct complaint to North Wales Police Cyber Unit.
  • Claimed he had contacted London Metropolitan Police / made a vexatious complaint. Even provided a “reference” in email and on Twitter…
  • Claimed he had no access to a computer, when he had sent me abuse from his wordpress account from his home address the same day.
  • He repeated threat of suing me.
  • He repeated accusations of harassment.
  • Had my Facebook account taken down — even gloating on Twitter that the page had been removed.
  • Sent multiple harassing emails with Police report claims which are either false or vexatious.


  • Mike Watkins DDOS’d my website.
  • Repeated false claims of North Wales Police Cyber Unit involvement — all false. He made laughable claims he had contacted Police because of libel in a civil dispute.
  • Repeat threats of “seeing me in court” / suing me for libel.
  • False accusations of cyber bullying.
  • Admits he lied about being FCA regulated with withering apology.


  • Falsely claimed he is suing me — there is no writ, no claim. In any case what is he going to sue me for?
  • Falsely claimed AK Jensen is suing me — they are not.
  • Stating he is getting the FCA and SEC involved — for what? What are they going to do?
  • Falsely claiming he had ‘just spoken with Police’

This is a sustained campaign of;

  • harassment
  • stalking
  • cyber bullying
  • misuse of computers

His details:

Mike Watkins / Michael Watkins / Mike Indigo.

Michael Watkins Director of Indigo Digital Asset Management Limited Company number 12156748 .

Michael Watkins Director of Blocktraders Limited
Company number 11731915 .

Website: Theholistictrader DOT com

Twitter: holisticTrader

This is not the first time he has carried out these activities. If you read online others have suffered this.

For your own safety - Please do not engage this individual, he is a master of deception and extremely volatile.

I have never heard of this guy.

You got a copy of him lying about being fca regulated?

You should check out the date he joined compared to me, this guy is the only scammer and pathetic tweet troll in here, his name is Scott Schink a well known Crypto crook and scammer who runs a scam group called Trade Crypto Live.

He is still on parole after serving 10 years for Meth production and distribution numerous break and enters and theft.

Go do a google search for Scott Herman Schink and look at court listener docs and docket bird, this clowns criminal history is extensive.

And because I have outed him and he is losing his members who have lost their entire savings he is angry and venting like a little child.

Nothing he says is true and the UK Police along with the FBI are currently investigating him for Fraud.

Scott Herman Schink-Served 10 years in Jail, Lies compulsively & has a trading accuracy of 22% winners & 77% losers.

Charges $300USD a month to rip people off with a course stolen from Scott Barkley @ Proact Traders who is currently suing him for Fraud and Copyright Infringement.

And feel free to look when I joined Baby Pips, this guy is nothing more than a pure scammer trying to divert blame onto others to hide his own guilt which is why he is being investigated by Authorities.

He is well on his way back to Jail.

I dont get why you are so worked up. If he is right, he will have proof. If he doesnt no one here cares. Let your results talk for themselves.

Like I said let your results talk for themselves.

Huge over reaction from someone who is supposedly doing well. I’ve heard enough.

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Am I worked up, I wish someone would have told me as I’m here sitting at home all relaxed.


– No Fund.
– No FCA regulation.

Total fraud.

Full details on the blog as always - which Michael Watkins has repeatedly DDOS’d since it was published.

Someone has been a bad boy with Photoshop Scott Schink

Scott Herman Schink-Served 10 years in Jail, Lies compulsively & has a trading accuracy of 22% winners & 77% losers
Charges $300USD a month to rip people off with a course stolen from Scott Barkley @ Proact Traders who is currently suing him for Fraud and Copyright Infringement

The entire twittersphere, Facebook and Telegram knows this is you Scott Herman Schink, Mo Bakash and Yohann Azlee.
Just can’t stop lying. The people are just mental.


Someone has been busy creating fake documents, good to see as his crappy little TCL business is failing while he does and all his customers wake up to his lies and scams and leave in droves.


cant photoshop Google cache. Search yourself for twitter holistictrader - see?

Every single thing about Michael Watkins Holistictrader is fake.

  • There is no fund - it was never setup as he stalled at phase 1 of an 8 phase process.
  • he is not FCA regulated.

total fraud.

heres michael watkins threatening to sue me for stating facts.

in his stupidity, here he sends a document with proof he isnt FCA regulated.

You will also note he is now trying to pretend he never stated he was FCA regulated - i have independently & forensically verifiable evidence he did state it and he repeated it in his threats to sue me for stating the facts.

here is michael watkins holistictrader using vexatious and bogus reports to the police over a civil dispute

Note what he states again - “my company is FCA regulated” - its a total lie.

Michael Watkins is a fraud. A volatile and dangerous individual.

Michael Watkins never had a hedge fund.

He stalled at the first step of an 8 step process.

Michael Watkins lied that he had a hedge fund - it never existed.
Michael Watkins lied he was FCA regulated.

I have been under a sustained campaign of harassment, abuse, DDOS attacks and stalking for posting the facts - think about that for a minute.

I posted the facts and he has done all this since.

He sent this email twice if anyone wants to see the message headers as well - again I can send them to a third party for verification if anyone wants?

Yeah I think the attached emails is enough to know you made a mistake to claim something that is still in the pipeline. So you’ve held your hands up to that and apologised. I dont think you can go for this guy just because he pointed out you were blatantly advertising something that you were not. Saying you’re fca regulated is a big thing, it causes people to have some trust in you. And at the moment you’re fund is not therefore you should not dupe people into investing until you are regulated. You’ve changed your website and Twitter now so leave that guy alone, you’ve cleared it all up.

I worry about your name holistic trader too as there is already a holistic trader ltd company out there in Norfolk. They may have a problem with you using their name. So be careful.with that. Best of luck.

I appreciate your comments and yeah I am man enough to admit when I made a mistake but I never duped anyone as the people who join and use my signals manage their own money and risk for a fee of $89.95 a month and they take my advice to make profit each and every month based of my analysis.

And so far they haven’t complained about my performance.

The guy above who is Scott Schink charges people $300 USD a month using a stolen course from Scott Barkley at Proact Traders and has been harassing me for over 2 weeks and who can’t trade for ■■■■ as all his members are joining me for a 3rd of the price and making profit for the fist time in 3 years after losing thousands following this clown.

One guy was paying $300 USD each month for 2 years and also lost $22k following his losing analysis and signals and now with me after a month he has made 4k.

So far he has had 3 social media accounts banned and an ICO complaint has been logged also for GDPR breaches and Right to be Forgotten and also Abuse claims logged with his Cloudflare hosting plus all the very real Police reports for fraud against him so as far as I’m concerned I will see it thru right to the very end as I don’t back down from idiot bullies.

I take them on!!

Medium Account Banned and also Facebook banned his pages for harassment, he would have you believe I deleted his page and that I DDOS his website which I wouldn’t have a clue how to do but I am sure someone is as I’ve received so far 11 Twitter messages asking me for more details on this and I sent them all their names.

Which are Scott Herman Schink, Yohann Azlee and Mo Bakask.

Oh and on a final note, I also contacted the FCA regarding this and him and told the situation and they said there is no breach that they have no action is pending against me.

So again, everything this troll above says is just total b.ullshit.

Whereas him however is a very real felon still on parole and still actively scamming people in Crypto.

  1. Scott Herman Schink-Served 10 years in Jail, Lies compulsively & has a trading accuracy of 22% winners & 77% losers
    Charges $300USD a month to rip people off with a course stolen from Scott Barkley @ Proact Traders who is currently suing him for Fraud and Copyright Infringement

  2. Has setup a fake website using the exact same domain hosting until I found them out and the moved it to a new hosting platform on the 19th, are using the exact same certificate for both forexcrypt and TCL and same locations geographically.

  3. Has admitted it to Yohann Azlee and Mo Bakash in messages which we have copies off and a literal ■■■■ tonne of other evidence which is currently with the FBI and his Parole Officer

His only goal is to share on social media and lie about fake police involvement to try and achieve something, I’m still not sure what unless it’s increasing mmy members count and my Twitter count from 1800 to near 3100.

So, for that Scott. Thanks heaps mate.
It’s awesome.

You’re the best

lets clear all this up.

  1. I have not yet reported Michael Watkins theholistictrader to the FCA. Further, they will not respond in the manner he says, they won’t respond to self investigations - yet another lie.
  2. He has had theforexcrypt Facebook page taken down because Facebook needs to be in your name and its simply offline because my name obviously isn’t forex crypt.
  3. Medium dot com have taken the page down - it has exactly the same content as OP - Michael Watkins has simply made up nonsense to get them to take it down.
    That totals 2 accounts medium & facebook - not 3 social media accounts, and as you will see, not for harassment - everything he says is a lie.
  4. Michael Watkins is a pathological liar. The level of harassment for stating the facts is obscene.
  5. Here you can see confirmation he has lied about being FCA regulated, then lied on top of that to say that he never said he did - then admits it.
  6. You have confirmation he is desperately trying to bury any bad news with requests to any organisation to remove his history. Using ‘right to be forgotten’ to hide the fact he is a fraud.
  7. The ICO will do nothing. No GDPR laws have been broken - his company names are public knowledge and reporting on committing fraud is in the public interest.
  8. He has logged complaints with Cloudflare because they are currently protecting us from his repeated DDOS attacks.
  9. He has logged Police reports with Action Fraud, North Wales Police, London Metropolitan Police, Australian Security Cyber Centre, Queensland Police Australia - its all bogus/vexatious.
    He lied about having spoken to Norh Wales Police Cyber Unit - again all intimidation
  10. It all gets added to the blog, stating that 11 Twitter messages “asking me for details on this” is just a measure of the guy. Its all designed to intimidate.
  11. All his social media followers are fake.
  12. I sent North Wales Police and London Metropolitan Police the blog in pdf format to shut down his bogus/vexatious reports.

This is now day 12 of a campaign of sustained harassment.
This is a challenge many of us in this community will stand up to. We will not tolerate this level of abuse, intimidation, harassment, stalking, DDOS’ing by people like him.

Michael Watkins holistictrader is a total fraud, a very dangerous one.
Everything stated is 100% fact - it can be independently & forensically verified by a 3rd Party.

Here is the medium page he had taken down

here is Facebook - they need ID to verify - Facebook wants you to use an actual name. Of course i am not called forex crypt.

So there you go.

Every single thing Michael Watkins says is a lie.

As for social media followers - all fake. Look at this - his youtube likes have been striped across the page uniformly - its all bots and burner accounts and paid for BS accounts.

Yes Michael Watkins and his associate know how to DDOS. It only started after I posted on my blog it is him.
He is desperate to close me down because I get 1500 views a week showing everyone frauds in retail trading - Michael Watkins has been the worst of the lot.
Every single thing he says is a lie.

-Anyone reading this will see that Michael Watkins holistictrader has lied that he has a hedge fund.
-Anyone reading this will see that Michael Watkins holistictrader has lied that he is FCA regulated.
-Michael Watkins holistictrader now says, “I never duped anyone”.

Add on top 12 days of sustained harassment and you have Michael Watkins holistictrader.

It is called fraud and there is no way the truth is going to get buried.

Its not just me he has done this to. Search on google for him - you will find another guy he has done this to for telling the truth.

Dont give people like this a platform.