Mispriced NFTs - partner of interest sought to develop a non-fungible token trading plan

JV partner sought

I was prompted to create this new topic by @BillNguyen.HTC post linked here.

Not directly related to Forex, nor to Altcoins, but a topic that is a subset of Crypto market that I would describe as a potential “NFT trading” situation that uses the same set of skills that Babypips members learn to use in seeking currency trades more likely than not to be profitable.

The NFT market, and more specifically the market for NFTs that are intended to have an income-generating use case is quite new. It wasn’t until November that I understood why people pay a huge amount of money to buy an NFT, but once I understood that I quickly bought up 11 NFTs in the first part of December, and proceeded to buy a further 4 at the end of December, and another 2 today.

I am totally not interested in buying NFTs for which I cannot see a case for income generation - in my mind presently, that is tantamount to gambling.
I am only interested in identifying NFTs that have an income use case, and for which other market participants may not have determined a pricing mechanism to establish “fair price”.

What I do know is that there already exists a market that is growing far faster than the crypto market itself, and for those who understand this market and can develop a mechanism for tracking and trading such NFTs, there is a potential for profits that would at least match those currently available in crypto trading.
I’ll stick my neck out here. My target would be to generate between 10% and 20% per month of my invested capital.

I have a business proposition for someone of a mentality that aligns with this idea, with more time than money. I have asked folks close to me about this but they haven’t got a clue what I am talking about so I thought I would reach out to the broader Babypips community to see if I can garner any interest here. Despite my love of Forex and crypto I too have limited time for 3 new ideas I wish to progress in 2022. This is one of them that would present path of least resistance to early deployment. But I need help.

I happen to think that anyone happy enough to spend hours and hours pouring over charts to find setups to make some additional income in their lives could do far better doing the same thing but in spending some of that time looking at mis-priced assets.

I will not go into any further details at this stage since I am only trying to gauge if there would be any interest at all in this field. Whether from one or more potential partners.

To be specific, it is my intention to spend up to 10% of my time in the next two months dedicated to mis-priced NFTs, as a plan to deliver trading income from my recently found interest in NFTs.

What do I have to offer for a JV?

  • A rapidly deepening appreciation of new crypto assets
  • An ability to manage complex projects, specifically identifying dependencies, interfaces and governance
  • Committed to obtaining formal certificates of qualification for all things blockchain and crypto
  • Funds available to allocate to speculative investment in NFTs for the purpose of swing trades.
  • A willingness to negotiate profit share on a completely open basis to agree a Heads of Terms of JV

What I am looking for in a potential JV partner.
A partner or partners who are willing to commit their time with no guarantee of income, but no risk of loss of funds.

  • Someone who is not afraid of hard work.
  • Someone who can create a methodology or process that can be trialled by backtesting, even if manually, and can be forward tested in terms of optimising lifecycle of a swing trade.
  • Someone who aspires to creating something new where their future income does not depend on the number of hours they work

It is unlikely to attract anyone who already earns over $50 per hour, unless their motivation is diversifying to other sources of income AND they are willing to commit the research and development time.

Need to be willing to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that protects the IP interests of both parties (intellectual property)

It’s a great time to think about your 2022 plans. It’s the first working day of the year.

Are any of these BAYC by any chance? :open_mouth:

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No, I don’t have $500M - these are NFTs from gaming. If I recall correctly, it may have been you who originally asked “does anyone want to make money by playing games” which I ignored - until I found the Harmony (ONE) network. Look at the price of Jewel token. It just made it into the Coingecko top 100 by market cap. Pure luck of timing - resulting from a) the question posed on Babypips, and b) meeting my son’s ex room mate from University, and having a very brief talk about his new job - as a developer at Harmony. The rest is very short history since mid November.

That’s a funny story. Meanwhile I looked at ONE because of you. I didn’t buy any though :woman_facepalming: I remember looking at it back in Dec. :confused:

Hi my friend. I am not sure that much of the gain I made would have been from simply “buying the ONE token”, though after the price action over the new year, at least some of those profits may be redirected to a somewhat longer holding timescale.

I was fortunate for two reasons.

First the game was brought to my attention by someone I know personally, and who I think is a very switched on young man - I made reference elsewhere today to me listening far more to younger people for “thought leadership” because they are at that age to leverage their education and experience far more nimbly than anyone with Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 baggage in their thought processes. Like the movie “The Matrix” you first have to understand how the world ACTUALLY operates instead of believing what we have been told all our lives. How many people know that the FED is a private organisation, and not owned by the US Government. How many people know that tier 1 banks can create money out of thin air up to 10 times their core assets? Or that Lehman Brothers went belly up because they took that ratio to 33:1, not 10:1 and lied about it in their accounts? The thieves were the richest of Wall Street, but it was the citizens of the USA (and the world) who ended up paying for their illegal activities. Not many went to jail.

The second is, knowing how the world actually works, to do something about it that you CAN influence, instead of being worried about those things you CANNOT influence. So you move with your gut instincts and provide a link to the new world whilst ensuring you can survive in the old world. You get involved in crypto-currencies, then you buy some BTC, then some ETH, and before you know it you are risk-managing a portfolio of “alt-assets”, not dissimilar to real world assets, but more exciting.

There is a reason why I file my written stuff about crypto under a folder called GRS10. It stands for Get Rich Slow number 10, and now includes a substantial contribution to a new source of income in our lives.

So I tried the game. It helps that I control much of my own time, being self-employed. I can’t imagine being able to be so generous with my time allocation if I had been in contract the last six months.

I talked to my brother and sisters about DeFi Kingdoms, a couple of close friends and also business colleagues, and likened the game to “Runescape but with real money”. I spent three years from scratch creating a new Runescape account - yes, as part of my renewed Forex education, with a single objective to achieve one billion gold pieces (1,000,000,000 GP in the game). I reached 900 million, so was satisfied that I had proved a point. I have curtailed much of my Runescape activities in favour of using the trading techniques I followed in the game in real life. Price discovery was a technique I learned from a 9 year old in that game! The same experience will be applied to trading NFTs in games.

This just happens to be one of those rare occasions when you can honestly say that you may have caught a 100X - and that doesn’t happen often, and doesn’t need to. If DFK does a 100X from when we entered the fray, I will have doubled our wealth - just from ONE investment idea. You only need one of those - to be a lottery ticket winnner. And nobody I spoke to spent just an hour reading about what the game is all about and why it is a serious contender to topple Axie Infinity. Funds locked have just reached a billion dollars. That is not a game - it is a godsend for anyone who was in Jewel at $1.23 - I got in “late” at $6. LOL :joy:

Shocking how we just moved past this fact. :confused:

What did they say? Were they intrigued and will they also look into it?

Honestly wouldn’t have looked into DFK if not for you! Excited to try this out over the weekend. :slight_smile:

The power of networking. Good for you!

They were too busy with their jobs (stands for Just Over Broke, you know), to have followed through. To be fair, I send about 10 of these whacky ideas a year so I forgive them for not having the time to look.

Try to give it a few hours to understand the entire offering. The more I spend time with it the more I realize this is one group of intelligent and business savvy creators. Each time you buy or sell an item, or go on a quest, there is a fee transaction, but the fees were tenths of a cent when I started and are now a few cents. I am at transaction number 840 today. I sent a total of 11 heroes on quests and obtained game items worth about $52. Since I am still not back in contract, it is just like playing Runescape but getting paid for it. I would never have believed it had I not seen it for myself. And they say its complexity is only just getting started. Absolutely wonderful.

HAHA good one.

Ended up getting sick the past several days haven’t had time to look into all of this! Now should be a great time though since everything is on sale lol.

This offer is no longer available. I now have a clear path forward in this field, having just completed my fourth proof of concept with different NFT types and on three networks. I no longer need a party with a lot of time and no money. I am happy to develop this alone. :laughing: