Mondeoman Crypto Trading Journal

I have been trading Forex (on and off) since 1988. On balance, I have to say this has, to date, been unsuccessful, since I have not been able to demonstrate a positive edge in my Forex trading plans.

I have been trading Crypto since May 2020. On balance I have to say this has to date been successful, but this is recognized to be by luck rather than good management.

During March 2021 I was documenting my second year plan for Crypto investment (which included an element of trading). Our crypto denominated holdings had experienced what I can only describe as “the most prolific non-leveraged investment of my life”. However, my euphoria was to be tested over the next few months as the market hit an overdue stall, and proceeded to go through a 50% retracement before it started picking up again to reach the previous April 2021 highs, and continue on in October to reach new all time highs for most of the large cap crypto assets.

On the Forex side of things, I had restarted my participation in Forex trading after a long break. After some real life exposure to “robotic process automation” in my consulting life, it occurred to me that a Forex plan that was largely automated would suit my psychology far better than my previous three attempts at making Forex pay dividends since 1988. I embarked upon a formal project management approach to creating a strategy and plan that would ideally end up being 100% mechanical and 0% discretionary.

The content of this journal is intended to be a combination of my love of Crypto investing / trading, and my journey so far with my trading plan automation. I now have all the elements of my trading plan in place, and have reached the stage of backtesting. On another post, I am reporting on “testing of a back testing application” called FT5. That will run at its own pace. Meantime, I will use this journal specifically to describe my Crypto journey (as opposed to the objectives of the FT5 tests). I will describe my Crypto strategy in full, then my Crypto plan for 2021/22 (ending Mar22). I will then proceed to post examples of charts that contain my thoughts in text boxes, some indicators, some squiggly lines that try to explain how my text box comments align with what I see from the charts.

I hope to attract comments from other members to this post, and I welcome both questions and comments, either supportive of the method used, or against the method used if they feel it is misleading any member or sending them down a useless rathole.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. It is only by considering all comments from all members that anyone can grow in their journey to become a successful Forex trader. I have learned many useful things in my life, often from people who I least expected to learn from. Let’s see if this thread will be worthy of the time spent reading it by Babypips members.


So what is the 2021/22 Crypto trading plan?

Strategy (what and why). It is to grow the contribution of Crypto to our overall wealth by at least 50%. Why? Because we aspire to “formal” retirement from consulting within five years and Crypto is one of four sources of income planned by that stage. It is intended that Crypto investment adds an additional 25% to “retirement income”.

Plan. Consistent with other plans, all number goals are for what I refer to as “Target Plan”. There are two other plans. On the low side there is a “Minimum Target” and on the high side there is a “Stretch Target”. If the minimum target is not achieved for two consecutive years, the contributing element (in this case Crypto investment and trading) ceases to be a component of future income. All efforts are then redirected to one of the other three sources of income, or a new fourth if such is identified.
The Plan considers the Who, When, Where and How that delivers the outputs consistent with achieving the Strategy with regard only to the scope of work within the Strategy - in this case “Crypto”.

Scope and out of scope.
In May 2020, scope was limited to investing an agreed amount of Fiat currency (in our case Pounds Sterling) into Crypto currencies, and the only thing that was agreed at the outset is that this opportunity would not exceed 5% of our wealth in the first year. During that first year (10 months to be precise) the Plan was gradually expanded in detail during which time I sought to understand the fundamentals of how Bitcoin came into existence, the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, and much later to understand why there were so many crypto currencies being created, and for what purpose.

After what seems like a very short 18 months exposure and participation, our single objective “invest up to 3% of funds in crypto” has become far more diverse and our expectations have become broader too.

The crypto plan now breaks down into three components:

The original crypto investment plan that concentrates on large cap crypt currencies. Nominal holding of different contributors should not exceed ten token types, and the overall value of this Large Cap should be between 80% and 95% of total crypto holding. This includes up to 10% of stable coins maintained on balance to take advantage of “trading” opportunities on a daily basis.

Up to 10% of the overall crypto portfolio may be assigned to asset investment that would create income from mining (or farming).

Up to 10% of the overall crypto portfolio may be assigned to what I refer to as “Sh__coins”. Within this category I will seek opportunities to review tokens that have a reasonable chance of multiplying their values by:
10X within 2 years
100X within 4 years
1,000X within 5 years

I have found only one of these within the past six months whose investment is 0.16% of crypto portfolio. Whilst I expect it to fall to zero over time, it is interesting to note that every satoshi (one hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin) it moves in price either gains or loses us $100. It was about 900 satoshis in March 2021 and is now around 1 satoshi. We bought/sold it between 1 and 10 satoshi over three “trades” and the current holding cost was covered by a 50% sale of Dogecoin that doubled in four days.

I continuously seek out Sh__coins to add to our portfolio, so if anyone has identified any please do let me know and I will do some analysis and share. Now in reality, any potential sh__coin cannot in the top 10, so for those with a 10X potential, the cut off market cap is about $3bn. For those with a 100X potential, the cut off market cap is about $300M, and for those with a 1,000X potential it is $30M or below. I have just found one that I may add so that would be 2 down and 8 to go. Anyway, I digress.

On the mining side, I am already in my third month of participating in Chia farming, and have earned the grand total of 0.40 Chia. The target for this “mining income subset” is up to £2,000 per year starting Jan2022 (I have all the hardware required to generate this income and am creating the plots required to farm the Chia tokens). I have found a second candidate (Helium or HNT token) but I am delaying that because there is a 20 week lead time on the hardware. I am just about to investigate a third opportunity in the DeFi gaming market. More on that later.

So back to the main “80% of the crypto portfolio”. Current holdings are:

Currency Percentage of portfolio
BTC 47.9
ETH 20.5
XRP 17.7
CRO 6.5
ADA 3.7
USDT 3.6
Other 0.2 (rounding error)

How does current holding compare with 2021/2022 plan?
Plan is denominated in USD
Current portfolio value = Plan + 6.3% (over-achieving)
Current portfolio profile - Planned was 40-50% BTC, 15-25% ETH, 10% XRP, 15% to 35% other incl stablecoin and sh__coin (achieved)
Current actions required
Proactive ongoing actions and frequencies are:
1 Seek sh__coin opportunities - once per week - up to 2 hours
2 Continue developing the mining contribution to overall crypto plan - three times per week about one hour per session
3 Seek other main tokens that could deliver a 2X before end of year, that are more likely than the current holdings to do so.

Current ideas
For action number 3, there are currently three tokens that I am interested in.
Polygon (MATIC) - see attached chart
Harmony (ONE) - as a potential standalone 10X longer term, but also to feed ONE currency into participation into the new area of potential gaming income via DeFi Kingdoms - an app built on the Harmony network
Shiba Inu (SHIB) - this is the wild card. I do not seriously consider this currency to be a viable long term proposition but it is a great candidate to determine whether application of my trading plan would be profitable.
(optional - Dogecoin (DOGE). This is in case DOGE exhibits excessive volatility before SHIB. During May 2021, I bought a small amount of Doge with the objective of demonstrating to my son that it is not good to follow market chatter or pub talk. But within four days we doubled our investment, cashed out half of it, invested in our first sh__coin and still hold the residual Doge. This is counter to my “serious investment plan” but everyone deserves a break now and then to stop boredom and it is kind of neat to say, in social environments, that “yeah, we bought Dogecoin and doubled our money in four days”. It’s a bit of a conversation starter, to be honest. But then you tell them it was only for the price of a meal, and then the interest wanes.

So about the attached, MATIC chart. After some analysis of Youtube news stories about Polygon, it sits very well in the top ten crypto currencies I want to be invested in, and I agree with the longer term chartists that this has a high probability of achieving a 2X by end of 2021.

Please review the chart, the text box comments, the entry, SL levels if this were to be a leveraged buy, and feel free to comment or ask questions. I intend to post many of these across a broad range of cryptos. Others post enough charts of BTC and ETH to sink a ship. I am more interested in seeing if I can demonstrate an edge with these cryptos by applying my Forex trading plan to those Alts.

Bear in mind, for the time being, that my crypto trading plan does not currently include shorting the market, and does not include leverage. So I would trade these from a Bittrex or a exchange account.

Here are two more chart analysis examples.

This is the preamble to a purchase of SHIB. This is counter to my overall crypto trading plan, in that it would only be a 10X (if defined as a SH__COIN), but it has been included as a candidate to determine if the trading plan rules could work positively with this case. An entry of $0.0005 may not have produced a use case that fit with reality (exit would require a new ATH), but with the previous ATH having been $0.0008, and with the recent news of the pressure group demanding that Robinhood adopt SHIB as a tradeable asset, there is a reasonable chance that the insane masses of wannabee investors actually push this currency to even more insane heights than it has already achieved. A “nice entry price” would be $0.0004 allowing room for a doubling before reaching previous ATH.

And here is the chart for a potential Harmony (ONE) buy.

Thanks for sharing your plan Mondeoman.
I have professionally traded index futures and options, have now retired, and am also dabbling in crypto for the buzz and hopefully some gains. Initially the volatility constantly stopped me out and so I boldly went where no trader goes and went long, unprotected, unhedged but thankfully unleveraged. My old methods using stops, trailing stops etc simply doesn’t work in a space as volatile as Crypto. I therefore suffered through the latest drawdown and at one stage was 40% or more underwater, with money I could afford to lose but would nevertheless hurt. I am currently up about 35% ROI. Such is the life of a crypto trader.
I initially went long Bitcoin but the more I researched the more I believed in the ETH story and now my BTC/ETH mix is similar to yours, perhaps a bit heavier ETH…
I am watching the charts more closely these days because I don’t want to give back all of my gains. I also don’t want to suffer a big drawdown and then have to live in hope. I believe the Crypto story; it’s rate of adoption is indeed impressive and gives me some confidence that there is lots of blue sky ahead. All the time being aware that a crunch can come at any time, from seemingly out of nowhere. I also dabble in the SH-- coins but these I trade, buying the dips and selling the pumps. It’s not gonna make me rich but it keeps me amused and pays for a round or two at the pub.
Happy trading!

And thanks for your supportive comments too. Despite the massive amount of information on t’ interweb, I think we will see some less hyped and more honest content on a focussed forum like Babypips.

I was painfully aware last April, when I was completing our 2021/22 crypto investment and trading plan, that we did not have a documented plan to address a market downturn. To date, I have not ventured near shorts, nor any leverage, though I wish to backtest some data to determine whether there could be merit in either.

For now, I am trying to mechanize the buy/sell trading decisions I do with crypto. To date, it has been quite simple. I think of all other cryptos in terms of their BTC ratio, not their dollar price. I am looking to buy when they are cheap (in BTC terms) and sell when they are expensive (in BTC terms). More likely by luck, this has allowed me to take a number of 100%+ profit trades, no leverage, and in as little as four days (Doge). So right now, I am trying to pin down those buy decisions to a really basic starter mechanism - one that I will also backtest for Forex pairs in my other FT5 testing post.

Having created a dozen or so charts, I have begun to question whether I really understand what the written plan is trying to achieve. I take that as a good sign that perhaps I thought I understood easily, but when confronted with the plan in practice, I find it is not as easy as I thought. Either I woke up with an attack of the stupids, or I continue to see the light in different shades after 15 years of darkness.

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Hi Again Mondeoman
You’ve done well with Doge coin and I had similar but slower results with ALGO; that is 100%+ in and out in a few weeks.
I like comparing coin performance with ETH instead of BTC, since ETH/BTC is favouring ETH lately, except when the market gets the jitters, when BTC is King.
Shorting BTC is for younger / braver men than myself and is definitely like putting your head in the Lion’s mouth, since unlike most other asset classes BTC can be as volatile on the way up as it is on the way down.
The trick I’m finding is to be disciplined enough to take profits when the market is on steroids. I get caught up in the euphoria and start dreaming big dreams…
Good luck!

First series of trades for the crypto journal.

I have spent this weekend doing not much else than manually back testing cryptos against a basic plan for the past 18 months. I took a copy/paste of the top 100 crypto names and prices from Coingecko and started a spreadsheet. The first manual filter is whether or not they were close to “the zone” that defines the baseline value for each crypto. If they were close to the zone, they went on the “daily check list”. If they were far enough from the zone, they got relegated to the weekly check list. This exercise took about 2 hours from scratch.

So 44 out of the 100 deserved a closer look. These were further filtered. If they had exhibited price action that crossed the baseline within the past week, had satisfied two indicators, they were shortlisted. There were 18 crypto currencies from the top 100. This exercise took about another four hours.

Of the 18 filtered cryptos, each was manually back tested by noting the dates on which they conformed to the entry criteria, and dates on which they conformed to exit criteria. Entry and exit prices were logged in the analysis sheet, and quantities of each crypto were assigned a 2% initial stake of a theoretical bank. No leverage, no shorts, only long trades. Of all 18 filtered currencies, there were 115 occurrences during the past 18 months.

Of the 18 candidates back tested, six of them were chosen as forward test candidates. These were the currencies that "conformed to baseline crossing, and two entry criteria without “interpretation”.

These six were bought, in the sum of $500 each trade, at 2% of theoretical bank of $25K, at the following prices:

ALGO $1.947
BCH $677
TRX $0.119
HBAR $$0.435
EOS $4.972
NEO $497.85

Of the six short listed candidates, I had only in the past considered buying (and had bought) TRX, sold Dec20 for a respectable profit. I had never analyzed any of the others, nor do I intend to. The objective of this trading exercise and the journalling of its development is not to do any fundamental analysis at all, but to purely look at whether an edge can be derived from the application of a simple set of rules. It is expected these rules will only work in a bull market. So in case the market decides to turn bear within the expected holding period (20 to 30 days), I do not expect the trades to be profitable. However, the back test period includes May to September 2021, a period in which our own crypto portfolio certainly went bear, the to tune of up to 50% of its value.

Now the back test of the 115 instances of these 18 currencies show a 72% win ratio and a 28% loss ratio. An average holding period of 20.7 days with an average gain of 30% in value. I am not for a minute suggesting that this is what should be an expected performance, but I have listed these “crypto currency trades” in this journal so I have a record of the actual trades placed on the basis of a back tested set of data.

I expect to return to this post on an approximate weekly basis, and will report as each crypto is sold, when it satisfies its exit criteria, and maintain a log of the profit and loss outcome of these trades.

This is the culmination of a new plan for both Forex and crypto trading that has been in the making for nearly two years. It may have taken an awful long time to put together, but real world results will determine if the effort has been worthwhile.

OOh. I hope TRX continues its hourly gains. :rofl:

Just had to stick to my own plan today.

We were fortunate to be holding CRO since late 2020. Today it reached over 900 satoshi per CRO token, and we bought at an average price below 300 sats. So in keeping with our written trading strategy, we would have sold half when it doubled, and left the rest there at no cost to the portfolio. But it went up so fast we ended up selling one third of our holding today, leaving two thirds in CRO and buying ETH with the remainder instead of selling for USDT then buying ETH with USDT. We did this trade on just because that is where the holding was.

I have been using the MCO cash top up card now for just over a year. When I got the card, I said to my wife (joking at the time) that if CRO token were to do a 50X, then everything I bought on the card would be free of charge. The 50X didn’t happen but I do feel like Christmas has come early because the CRO credits from all the last year purchases now equate to about 6% of total spend, not 2%.

If CRO moons, we are still in there. If it tanks, then we have some “trading funds” currently parked as ETH to buy back in again.

Happy days.

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Second sh__coin identified and bought yesterday.

It has taken me more than four months to identify the second sh__coin of our portfolio. The first was identified and bought back in May 2021, and is still alive but worth half of what it was. I expect it to tank to zero, but you never know.

Just to recap what the sh__coin strategy is. It is to allocate between 5% and 10% of the total crypto portfolio to currencies that are defined in three categories. These are currencies that have a chance to do a:


This particular token I have been watching for over a year, and it just doubled. I set a limit order to buy it at under 1,050 satoshis and the order was filled last night at 19:30 hrs.

The currency is the POWR Power Ledger token. This has nothing to do with either technical or fundamental analysis. It is one of those “gut feel” tokens because I happen to think that the future of decentralized energy distribution will come to us sooner rather than later and POWR has a good chance of being a key participant in the decentralized distribution of electricity as the developed world adopts this concept as competition to the big power companies.

There are two or three enablers that need to happen before this can really take off. The first is that a potential future decentralized supplier of electric power, and future potential customers need SMETS 2 meters installed (or equivalents outside the UK, referred to generally as SMART meters). The second is that there needs to be a sufficient number of providers in a neighbourhood to be able to sell their power to other neighbours. That means a full complement of solar panels on the property, a battery bank capable of holding sufficient energy to make it worthwhile to “sell the electricity to another user”, and probably an electric car or two on the driveway to enhance the effective capacity for sale. The third is that the national government needs to drive the utilisation of electric energy to be far more flexible than it is right now where the big power companies no longer offer a cheap rate supply at low demand times of day.

I am ever hopeful that we will see a fully decentralized electrical energy grid within a decade, and so expect that POWR may be included in the “100X category”. The plan is to sell half of the sh__coin investment if it doubles (that is the trading element) and hold on to the rest (representing a zero cost asset) for the longer term.

This is now 1% of the crypto portfolio. The first sh__coin only represents 0.15% and was bought with some dodgy Doge profits obtained in four days - a totally unexpected outcome.

POWR history is covered in this vid.


A second contributor to the “income” part of the Crypto portfolio.

Another part of the 2021/22 crypto plan is an income component. The first pilot for income was for Chia farming started in July 2021, with a decision to turn it from a pilot to a small income stream mid September. The Chia farm is moving along as planned other than I have had some connectivity issues during November that has put me behind my target income. Never mind - this is a three year commitment and I have bought the hardware now. Just need to keep on top of managing the farm.

The second contributor to the crypto income stream was supposed to be a Helium hotspot or ten. I have delayed that one again because lead times on hardware still seem to be too long for my liking. Wished I had just bought some of the HNT tokens though - at the recent $50 peak they have been a 40X this year.

Onwards and upwards. There was a mention on the forum elsewhere about whether members would consider pay for play games. At the time I said definitely no. But I have changed my mind. With the help of a 24 year old (an insider), I have today managed to put my Harmony (ONE) tokens to good use and created a character to play the DeFi Kingdoms game on the Harmony network.

It’s a bit like going back 30 years to an Atari console playing pong on a TV screen. Hilarious really. But like a lot of things, until you actually bite the bullet and actually DO something, it may not be obvious what the power of these things is. Whatever it means, I have created currency pairs of the most common variety in this DeFi game, the ONE-JEWEL pair, and have bought seeds to harvest in the Garden. The headline APR interest rate is about 1,200%, and I will find out what that means in practice in a day or two when the pairs have been tied up long enough in the Garden to start to produce an interest in tokens that I can calculate the daily, weekly, monthly and annual interest rate. I expect it will add up to 1,200% per year, which means 12 times your stake.

What exactly will happen to the price of the ONE token, and the JEWEL token is anybody’s guess, but I am quite staggered by the locked in liquidity in this game. Here is the total liquidity of all locked pairs since 1Sep21.

Date Liquidity in USD equivalent
1Sep21 $3.5M
15Sep21 $15M
1Oct21 $33M
15Oct21 $109M
28Oct21 $202M
18Nov21 $203M

I bought the ONE tokens on by selling some CRO tokens that have tripled in value, and the ONE tokens have come down from $0.33 to $0.25 each in the last week. So I figured it was time to get stuck in with a few “weekend meals’ worth” and find out what earn per play is all about.

The Kingdom so far

The seed box

The harvest box - after about 3 hours

How it works:
Despite asking everyone I know worldwide, after I got some initial help from an insider who has been doing DeFi Kingdoms for six weeks, I still had to find the link below to a proper description of what DeFi Kingdoms is and what it is used for. Every Youtube video I watched just assumes you already have an account, or know somebody who does.

So how does this fit into the income part of the crypto portfolio? To be honest, I have not yet decided. Because, on the one hand, you have the ONE currency - the base currency of the Harmony ecosystem (network? - gosh, I can’t even find consistency in using words to describe layer 2 network providers - or are they more accurately called ecosystem providers?). And you have the Jewel currency which is specific to the DeFi Kingdoms game, just one of many Dapps running on the Harmony ecosystem. And it just happens to be a DeFi liquidity provider wrapped up in a screen interface that masquerades as a GameFi Dapp - and in Q1, 2022 there is a roadmap to release land, and by the way, I haven’t yet bought any of the NFT tokens that are Heroes in the game that can be used to generate more income. I have given up trying to put these tokens into a neat little box of description. Until I learn more, it’s going to be like this:

The JEWEL tokens shall be treated as part of the Crypto Income stream, and
the ONE tokens are going to be treated as sh__coin number 3. Though ONE is already in the top 100, it’s current value is $0.25 and its maximum number of tokens is set at 12.6 billion. This token is not in the 100X or 1,000X category, where its market cap would need to reach the current size of Bitcoin for a 100X. But it is certainly in the 10X category, and the price of the ONE token is a secondary consideration to the value of the JEWEL token on which the game is based, and the liquidity pair that dominates the locked in capital.

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An update just before the 24 hours is up.

The seed box. In 21 hours the amount of Jewel has changed from 0.0118 to 0.3252, or 0.3134 Jewel in 21 hours. This equates to 0.358 per 24 hours. For an initial investment of $125, that is $2.97 in one day (2.4% per day). I am reliably informed that “auto compound reinvests for you every 7 minutes to turn 3% daily into 10M% APR”

Granted, 75% of the interest is locked in until next year, but 25% can be released, and that equates to 18% per month.
This is Epoch 13, and the rate of interest is declining quickly every Epoch until number 51. There is still a lot of time to make big inroads to my “crypto income” stream. Next move - get to grips with the econometrics of the NFT Heroes.

This Game-Fi is worth a serious look. More later.

Yes I just paid £1250 for one on ebay - but the vendor has gone unreasonably quiet - (he has low feedback & I fear the worst ! - In the process of “opening a case”) My main practical problem is a tall wooded belt immediately behind the house - betwixt me and my main target area ! - I’m dubious as to whether 868 MHz will get through it properly - but we’ll see ! - I’m hoping a 5dBi aerial will do the trick - else I’ll have to talk someone else with a better line of sight to letting me use it on their property.

Now there’s something I could do with our 20 let properties! Maybe make enough HNT to make BTL property a worthwhile venture again like the 1990s. Muhahahahahaha :face_vomiting:

Seriously, though I am not a practicing aerial installer, it did occur to me that I would most likely buy the chimney-mounted aerials for maximum coverage. In theory, I could signal between Wilmslow and Mossley (where my brother lives amongst the Mossley-ites). Looking at the UK map of hexagons, there’s not many hotspots yet, so it’s ripe for exploitation. If you get the chance to cancel your order and get your money back, take a look at the APR% right now on DeFi Kingdoms for locking LPs in via the Garden (liquidity pairs). It suspends belief.

Another update. I did an 10X on our original seed investment, now a total of $1,444 invested including the original $125. Price of Jewel is aggressively increasing, not what I want right now because my cost of entry increased. However, the last 21 hours is shown below. On a 24 hour basis, that is an interest paid of almost 4 Jewel on an effective deposit of $1,444, or $38.45 per 24 hours (2.7%).

Thinking seriously of 10X’ing that again to $15K for a headline daily rate of $400 per day (£300 per day). Steady on here - that can’t last for too long…

i dont know how your “jewel-one” liquidity mining works, but i am going to guess that you do not really have $148k on deposit.

what gives?

You are correct. I have one hundredth of that amount on deposit. Headline daily interest for a $148K deposit would be about four thousand dollars per day!

The harvest rate in the snippet is 11.36 jewel per block. One block is created every two seconds (approximately) meaning that there are 43,200 x 11.36 jewel released every 24 hours. At $9.78 per Jewel, that is $4.8M per day. Note on the snippet that there is $148M total deposits on this liquidity pair so my “share” in $ terms is $1,444 / $148M or 9.75 per million of the total. So my share is $4.8M jewel per day times 9.75 divided by a million or $46.80. Not all of the jewel release is assigned to the LP provider (liquidity pair providers). The difference goes to pay overheads (to fund the development of the game) and “other costs”.

I do not yet fully understand it but suffice it to say that early adopters have grown accounts in the six figures in dollars from very little initial funding.

So here is my dilemma. My crypto sh__coin plan maxes out at $1,400 per “sh__coin opportunity”. But my crypto income plan could (in theory) be as much as $7K. The income will be exponential decay, understandably, but for the short term, it is a nice “game” to play.

do you have a link to this?


here is the link to the game

and here is a link to a pretty decent description of what it is all about.

One of the devs is a school friend of my son.

Link to a video that compares DeFi Kingdoms with Axie Infinity, and says that the potential Jewel future price is a 200X. On the other hand, a comparison with Uniswap says it could halve.

So my take on this one is that it fits into two of our crypto trading strategies at the same time. The ONE token is what I designated as the sh__coin, and the Jewel is the one I designated as the “income” token. Given that at constant token value, and current rate of interest, I would only need to hold the Jewel/One pair in the Garden for 42 days to make an entire year’s target income from Jewel, but in terms of unlocked tokens, it would require about 120 days. Even that is a ridiculously short period, so we are sticking with this plan for now.

Went a bit overboard on the DeFi Kingdoms allocation but not unhappy with the short term outcome.

An update on the Sh__coin # 2 buy. It went up by 50% in 4 days so I prematurely sold out half of its quantity for another hot trade, and the other 1/2 is still there as a long term hold. However, if it reaches $0.95 I will sell another 1/2 of the holding.