Mondeoman Crypto Trading Journal

An update on the six “baseline crossing” buys. Yesterday I awoke early, dreaming of these that were bought just before the mid November market mini-crash. I had another hot trade I wanted to do and thought of selling these at a loss. Then I remembered I paid for them in BTC, not in fiat. On a BTC basis, the loss was far less because BTC had also tanked with these.

So I got out of bed, the earliest for some days in the middle of a bout of flu, and realized we were only down by a few percent. I set up limit sales in Bittrex about 1% above current market price, three of which were filled in the next hour, so then I manually closed the limit orders and sold as market orders. In $ terms, a 15.9% loss, but in BTC terms, a 1.8% loss. It felt a lot better than a 16% loss.

In the next hour, I watched the prices of BTC and ONE tokens on the exchange, and bought the ONE tokens within the hour at about 0.5% in my favour. I then spent another hour watching the CRO and ONE prices move 1.8% in my favour and committed to buy more ONE tokens for my DeFi Kingdom liquidity pair. A good morning’s work with a better than expected outcome.

Love NFTs.

So I decided to do a bit of a brush up on what exactly NFTs are, and how would one go about deciding whether or not one was worth buying, selling or “hiring out” in the cases where the game allowed this feature.

Here are the “beginner’s luck” results

On 27Nov21, I bought our first NFT, followed by four more until yesterday.
On 29Nov21, I earned the first “income” from one of the NFTs – a total of 20% of the cost of the NFT, or about $72.
On 30Nov21, I sold the first NFT for a 48% profit or about $230 on the purchase price 2 days earlier.

Now seeing if I can repeat the “beginner’s luck”. I have put all 5 up for hiring today. I’ll leave them all for hire for 2 or 3 days - the basis of hire is 1 day only, but then you can’t sell or hire them again until a cooling off period of 2 days. They use up one summoning life for each hiring, but NFTs with zero summoning capability can still be used to earn “stuff” in quests. The “stuff” has a real world value, and as far as I can work out it amounts to a few tens of cents per quest, with quest freqency of “about one every 9 hours”.

And before anyone asks - no, I won’t tell you which of the millions of NFTs available I have bought to trade. DYOR - here is a link to the first NFT Youtube video I watched.


An update on the sh__coin strategy.

Challenge for beginners. Can you determine from the screenshots below what is the trading strategy employed in this limit position?

Just placed a limit order to buy back the 1,000 POWR sold last week for a quick profit. Screen shot below - looking to take advantage of daily volatility to lock in at 1,000 satoshis.

And the trade was filled at 1,011 sats. After an hour I adjusted the limit price from 1,000 to 1,011 sats because a), it is not a good idea to set limits at round numbers (like 1,000) and b) because there were large order quantities at 1,000 and also at 1,010.

Now the trade plan goes something like this:

If price increases, sell half at double the price. If the price tanks, hold for at least a month without taking any action. At the end of every month the price of every sh__coin in the portfolio is analyzed. Any sh__coin that continues to perform badly (i.e., worth less than half as much as price purchased) sell it. But only one sh__coin per month and only the worst performer.

Short term. On a weekly basis, review the price. Depending on whether an additional sh__coin opportunity has been identified, and free cash is required to purchase the new opportunity consider ratio trading out of one or more and into the new opportunity.


A holiday update on the Mondeoman Crypto Trading Journal.

The investment in the DFK game has just returned 100% on the overall funds committed between 19-24Nov21. As a component of our portfolio it has grown from 10% to21% of our portfolio.

At the 100% return milestone, we took a decision to ladder into DFK ONE and JEWEL tokens again, knowing there are three aspects to this that point to a high likelihood that the investment will not calm down any time soon.

I am selling part of BTC and ETH holdings to fund this new area of interest. Most of the additional funds will go into expanding our NFT collection of Heroes, which themselves are income earners. A small remainder part will be used to fund our fourth sh__coin holding of 2021. We have just bought four small apartments in Tranquillity City. This is a new “game” on the Harmony (ONE) network. This will be the first “pre-launch” investment we have made in crypto. I wanted to buy (one per week) a total of two medium sized and two small apartments. I reviewed this prospect on 23Dec21 and we took the decision to buy the requisite “sh__coin” balance as a small % of the portfolio, one per week in the New Year. Once I had loaded up the wallet with a new tranche of ONE tokens, I was shocked to note that all the houses, large and medium apartments have already been sold, and only 655 small apartments remained out of the pre-launch maximum of 1,350. So I rapidly bought our share and put them away as our sh__coin #4. Details so far are very sketchy other than once the game is launched, apartment owners will be able to furnish them to their taste and rent them out to others.

This NFT appeals to a much different audience to those of the Heroes in the DFK game, and we have a lot of experience with renting out property for the past 30 years. I am hoping that future participants in Tranquility City will have the same mentality as that exhibited on existing social media, and will want to show off as much as they can when inviting friends to “their apartment”. At just over $100 each, this will either cater to those of medium to lower income (always a good choice for yield), or they will rapidly do a 100X and potentially double our entire portfolio for their miserly initial investment of 1%.

That was a shall Christmas present for my wife. In fact with four of them, there’s one for each of us.

My younger son agreed to a deal with me this week, where I fund the Heroes and he does the research in determining a sustainable buy/sell strategy - another income stream from NFTs yet to be exploited.

All in all a great fun up to the New Year and I am very pumped about Crypto in 2022 especially the income component.

An update on the DFK token (Harmony ONE). I have completed about 60% of our latest decision to ladder in even further to DFK - in particular, funds to purchase more NFTs (DFK Heroes). The tavern facility that trades NFTs is “temporarily broken” for the last few days, so I had to put my latest acquisition of Jewel tokens (converted from ONE tokens) into the bank temporarily with “only” a 40% APR. I say “only” because the gardens are still providing an APR of around 500% on the Jewel/ONE pair, down from about 1,200% the week I started. For the other 40% of that tranche of “Sell BTC, buy ONE”, I have used my Forex plan to determine the optimum time to buy ONE tokens, based on a daily analysis of price action.

I do not have a target BUY price for ONE. Rather I am going to use the MACD and AROON up/down to determine when the bear action changes. Anything below 480 Satoshis is fine, but I am greedy because I don’t have any time pressure on this one. NFTs have downward pressure as more and more players do not have the Jewel reserves and need to sell their NFTs at lower prices. This increases the effective yield of the NFTs and the quests from which those benefits are earned have only just got going.

Any comments on the attached chart will be gratefully received. This is one of the best positions I have been in all year.


I’m so lost here! Haha

This ain’t my bag. But I’m happy to take a gander. That chart looks good to me!

The objective here was to determine whether this Forex plan would be applicable to my new interest in crypto gaming - trading of currencies within the games. In this particular case, the price of the ONE token is only one side of the equation. As you can see from the price action since 1Jan22, the ONE price took off like a rocket before I had a chance to ladder in more deeply. However, the impact on the game was that the Jewel tokens I temporarily held in the bank at 40% APY held along with ONE, and increased in price at an even faster rate than did the ONE. Since the NFT Heroes are priced in Jewel (but I think most players think in terms of USD), the floor price of the more common Heroes fell in the new year rapidly - by about 20% to 30% - and I was able to rapidly buy 90% of the quantity of Heroes I was looking to buy at an effective discount 20% whilst the value of my DeFi Kingdoms holding grew (in Fiat terms) by - well - you can see what happened to ONE, and is still happening despite the broader crypto market crash.

Sometimes you just get lucky, and for me that was 1-7Jan22. Long may it continue.