Music to help with trading?

Soft jazz all day


Steely Dan

I like to play instruments like bass or guitar while I’m waiting for setups or just want to defocus.

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It must be great to be able to play a musical instrument.

I actually like this a lot and I listen to music when I trade as well

Hi Quad

Seriously, i think because trading is such an attention and concentration demanding activity, listening to music while trading could only impede (my) trading performance.

Online trading is an arena in which the vast majority of people who try it end up with less money than they initially started with. Brokers admit this.

So the sound of silence while trading is best.

It is, and its easy to start with a few hours of work/play. Pick up a guitar for example, learn the major and minor chords, as shown in a guitar chord song book.
On youtube justin sandercoe or marty schwartz will get a beginner up and running with how to hold the guitar, sit, fret, hold a pick, strum etc. in just a few hours.

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That’s very good advice, thank you!

It depends. My mind wanders very easily, so I found listening to hard trance actually focuses my mind and I can concentrate acutely. Ever watched the big short, in it you see Michael Burry listening to heavy metal in his office. He uses it to enhance his trading activities. He was highly successful, so I think it depends on different traders. For me, I need it to focus my mind or it wanders off. I found the activity of trading can actually become quite boring now that I have been doing it a long time.

I think if I listened to either of these I’d be too busy focusing on the music to focus on the trading.

I can only listen to music when I backtest because it can get so boring sometimes. I’ll mostly listen to chillstep. Try Me by Plastic Toy is one of my fav songs to backtest to.

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Nice one, I looked it up.

I have never heard of chillstep before.

lo fi hip hop is always the best choice for any case

This one, specially at minute 43:54

That was fun to listen. :smiley:

Yeah I do. Music helps me calm my mind. All this forex stuff can be kind of frustrating at times. I like to keep thins smooth and music does that work very well. When I listen to music I think better. I mostly listen to instrumentals, some with hooks and others without.

I just open a random youtube pop playlist and lietse to what ever is in it. I listen to random songs because forex also has a lot of random things so the music makes me feel more adjusted to it. I recoomend it to those who do not, you will definetly like it. Music is a reliever to the mind.

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I listen to pop songs. I like the ones by taylor swift most, they provide me with that energy to get started with forex trading and everything else associated with it. Its like inspiration to me since she is kind of like a role model to me. I want to get the most out of forex trading.

Me always, whenever I am loosing track and emotions start haunting me, that’s what i resort to at the first place.