Music while trading

Usually I hear mild music and alongside so I watch movies to have a productive mind.

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Yeah! I listen to TRANCE even when I developing software and programming. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: TRANCE is more than just a music for its fans.

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I listen to the songs of Elvis Presley and James Taylor even though it doesn’t add any value.

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Sometimes Richard Wagner - Ride of The Valkyries

Definitely Yes.
I always have music in the background while trading. Depending on the mood, sometimes I play my playlist or just put on a radio. Also, this is my time when I can play and listen to podcasts, usually about trading.
Anyway, I don’t like trading and watching the chart in a quiet room. There must be something in the background going on.


You must have super high energy!

no i am not. I am almost 50 and mostly an introverted person. I don’t know how much you are familiar with Trance music, because trance is not like other EDM. In fact Trance is the most emotional type of electronic dance music. As ferry corsten said Trance is about melody and emotion not just BPM.

Lets be trade partners

That’s exactly what I was thinking. You have some YT links you can share?

so glad to do so.
here are some emotional Non vocal Trance which I love them a lot. for me trance is the music of Fly&Cry. a good and emotional trance can bring tears to my eyes easily. but consider this that like any other type of music there are good and bad songs and tracks out there as Trance.
and one last thing, Listening to the Trance musics needs concentration and patient( just like trading :slight_smile:), try to follow the story of them from the beginning to the end and if they did not touch you then simply Trance music may not for you.

L’Absente (Radio Edit) · Simon O’Shine & Ahmed Romel

Memories (Radio Edit) · Roman Messer · Mhammed El Alami · Julia Lav

one of my best hobbies is making music videos based on trance musics here is one of them
TENISHIA Point Of No Return

Usually I listen to music when I feel I am mentally down but when I am trading, I avoid listening to music and try to invest my full concentration in trading.

Very smooth, player player. haha

Omg this is absolutlely NOT like the trance I had in mind! So glad you posted YT links! They are pretty relaxing.

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It’s funny because if I were to search for this type of music, I would totally have just typed “instrumental” lol

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Although this one is now more upbeat and “trance-y”

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I am so glad that you like them . personally i divide trance music into two main styles. Eastern and Western.
most of the Western Djs and producers mainly focus on energy and beats.
on the other hand Eastern European are mostly focus on the melody and emotions. first and second track’s producers are Polish and Russian.
so you will find many trance music with high energy and dancing style too.
it’s up to you and your mood to choose which one to listen. vocal or non-vocal, emotional or energetic or even something between two.
and this is the beauty of trance for me.
thanks for your participation in this topic. means me a lot

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Nice sound. Just listened for a little bit while looking at charts.

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Yeah so I think I like the Eastern European style then! Thanks for introducing me!

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