My 4th FTMO challenge journal, live trades with Login credentials

Hello, good day everyone.

In my previous post I showed how I managed to pass the FTMO challenge 3 times in a raw

Check it here:

Passing FTMO challenge multiple times (6 accounts) with consistent results on all of them, considered a success?

A lot of people massaged me, and asked for my trading style & tips and so on …
I decided to take a 4th challenge, and share it here live and show everything with complete transparency.
I contacted FTMO, and according to them no problem in sharing Investor’s credentials, so once I receive it I will post it here.

Please note:

  • Don’t buy a challenge to follow this topic, if you can’t trade after passing the challenge there’s no point of taking the challenge in the 1st place.
  • This topic is mainly for people who already have a challenge going on, and they struggling with it, as it become more stressful and it might influence your performance.
  • Yes I passed it 3 times, doesn’t mean I will do it the 4th time.
  • I have win-rate of 55-65%, and there will be RED DAYS for sure, I lose 2-3 days in raw from time to time, don’t be surprised it’s part of the game.

My main Rules are:

  • I will take 50,000$ account
  • My Max daily DD is 2% (1000$) and (0.4-0.6% per setup), and it’s my max daily risk, although FTMO allow up to 2500$.
  • Risk per setups are similar, no matter how the trade looks attempting, However, scaling will change from setup to another according to the market.
  • All trades will have clear risk, and SL.
  • I’m Intra-day trader, I close all trade before the end of the day or once I get to my max DD and call it a day, never hold trades even if they still valid.

Any Questions, feel free to ask.

i’m feeling more stupid than usual

i never understand any of your threads or posts, or the reason for them

what’s the point i’m always missing?


why do you keep taking FTMO challenges?

if you can pass them, why don’t you just trade the FTMO funded account you earn, each time, and make money?

why keep on taking challenge after challenge?

and why keep inviting others to “follow” you like this?

what’s the purpose of it all?


Unfortunately I have to cancel my previous accounts, I can’t legally have them on my name as I have an exclusive contract with my main job, so I can’t recive the money … so no puprose of having them.

Now I will repeat the whole thing, using my brothers name.

I decided to do this after I read some of the DMs I recived
I have nothing to gain, just sharing my journey
If you find it useful your more than welcome.

I’m still waiting FTMO support answer for the login credentials , and to keep you updated, currently I have 3 orders waiting to be fulfilled:

  • CADJPY, Sell limit 1.22 Lot @ 84.14, SL 84.32, TP 83.79 (-0.4% risk for +0.8 gain)
  • GBPCHF Sell limit 0.47 Lot @ 1.2725, SL 1.2764, TP 1.2648 (-0.4% risk for +0.8 gain)
  • GBPJPY Sell limit 0.47 Lot @ 149.27, SL 149.73, TP 148.35 (-0.4% risk for +0.8 gain)

FTMO Challenge account

Account: 2090800614

Password: GDMUBF4

Account credentials posted yesterday
Feel free to follow and ask about any trade
To open the account use FTMO MT4 or phone app

So this is the 4th day, since I started the challenge and here’s an update:

  • Total Trades: 32 trades
  • Win-rate: 55% (as I mentioned on my previous topics)
  • Profit factor: 2 (as I mentioned on my previous topics)
  • Max risk to the initial capital: -2%
  • Max daily DD: -1%
  • Net gain: +6% (3000$)

Here’s screen shots from both MT4 and FTMO site for the account:


Here’s a break down for one of the successful trades I took yesterday on EURUSD, I will post one failed trade later on.

This is based on 15min TF, BUT I kept in consideration all other TFs starting from 1W down to 5Min, it will not effect my decision but it would rather make me more cautious.

Follow the number and Red boxes to understand my thought process:

Keep in mind, Ichimoku setting here is 12,24,36 … so you can figure out the shift of it’s components (CS & SSA & SSB).

1- Price has a clear up-trend, with all Ichimoku’s components within a bullish channel.

2- Cloud started to become thinner, and started to break the bullish channel (remember it’s shifted 24 candles forward), price spiked inside and retested the upper border of the channel and this was the turning point of the direction (Red box).

3- Whenever the price breaks a channel, it goes immediately into another one … but it takes time to identify it, so I use the last touch of the previous channel and I draw trends from there … it help me to predict the new channel’s borders … Cloud still getting lower and lower try to get inside the new bearish channel, once it gets there this is consider a true change in direction.

4- this is where I notice the opportunity, CS (yellow line, shifted 24 candle backward) respects the trends lines and I use it to predict a reversal point/TP/SL, look how it retested the lower border of the new channel, meanwhile price was retesting the lower border of the trend line I draw previously from the previous channel, so I took a buy from here.

5- My target was a bit higher, but once I saw that the could got into the bearish channel, I closed it at the 1st target, the shifted cloud at #6 was the time I closed the trades, as price was facing upper border of bearish channel + Cloud facing upper border of bearish channel.

  • All Ichimoku components (CS, SSA, SSB, TK, KS) reacts with trends and channels and Supp/Resis.

At this point I should’ve started to sell, but since Powell’s speech was minutes away, I decided to call it a day.

So I passed the challenge and verification today, so this is the 12th time I passed successfully :slight_smile:
Although I’m embarrassed about how it went … I failed to maintain my discipline.

I started really nice, but from 03/10 I lost focus … I was fool enough to work +16 hours/day meanwhile trading, I should’ve take it as a time off from trading and opened a small positions just to pass the 10 days rule, and trade once I get the time.

Trading under pressure + wasting a lot of great setups + taking bad trades which tilted me the most = made me revenge trading, that’s why I didn’t stick to my management rules.

I was running out of time, I needed to finish this stage this week, as I might be away for sometime next week … so I decided to look for high prob setup only and scale it.

I did 1st attempts on EURUSD 03/11 … but it failed, the good thing about this style it allows you to go heavy ( I was about 6 Lots in) , but it’s risky and you need to be fast so you don’t loss much, I decided to close it once I saw it going against me and I took -0.6% loss.

Yesterday, I had full day off so I decided to look for another high prob setup … I spent the whole day analyzing.

I found that XXXUSD pairs share a down trend, so I calculated my risk and went on AUDUSD & GBPUSD & NZDUSD

If you look closely you will see that I open half positions and add more after a retest, more clear on AUDUSD & NZDUSD, this spike always happens when there’s a clear direction and its my confirmation, it happens during the 1st hour of NY opening.

And I received the Verification account today, and started working since Asia session … I was waiting the investors’ credentials to share it, and I just got it from FTMO support.

Account number: 1300016652
Password: 6NBWXXJ
Server: FTMO-Server2

Unfortunately there’s nothing to follow, as I passed the objectives today.

Today I was off, and I had the whole day to trade … whenever I put the work and the efforts it tend to be a good day, feel free to ask about any trade.

I’m planning by the end of this week to post my live trading account credentials, if anyone is interested to follow along.

This is such a pointless thread. I quote from the 1st post;

A lot of people massaged me, and asked for my trading style & tips and so on …
I decided to take a 4th challenge, and share it here live and show everything with complete transparency.

‘A lot of people messaged’ you and this is the trading tips you wanted to give. Wheres the complete transparency?! One minute you’re talking about ichimoku next time you’re talking about 1st hour of ny opening. Bro this is just absolute garbage.

If you want to start a thread because people have asked you something. Atleast explain it properly. Not guys heres my login but nothing to see I’ve passed :joy::joy::joy: what a joke. Threads like these are really bringing down babypips.