My blog about forex trading

Today I decided to create a trading blog. To share my trading forecasts and market analysis. It is useful to know what others think. and that’s why I’ll be glad to hear the criticism or support of my thoughts that I will write here.


Well met! Let’s see how you do it! But in any case, good luck in your initiative.

Thank you for your wish. I’m sure that everything will be fine.:sunglasses:

It’s a nice decision and of course a good source to judge own analysis by others. Good luck

EUR/USD h4 I believe that the price will continue moving up to the point of 1.21013 and above and again will test the resistance. However, if the price does not have enough strength, then it will go down to the point of 1,20020.

Hello, Zachary. Why did you decide to start your blog?

A blog is a great way to find people who think like I do. And also a great way to see yourself from the side through analyzing your trading forecasts. And that’s why i start it. And blog it’s opportunity to meet people with a different opinion. Any criticism can be useful.

And why do you think that you are a successful trader and we should listen to your opinion?

I’ve been trading for 5 years already. And before that, almost 3 years I studied everything about forex. And now for almost two years I’ve successfully managed a trading account. I started this account with a deposit of $ 5000. And at the moment, i’ve already have more than 500000 $ balance.

Can you show your statement to prove this?

Here is my statement.

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The trend continues it’s upward movement. And I think price will reach the point of 1,23092 and it’ll reverse and return to the channel. And I think the price will go to the point of 1,21117. I’m waiting for the reversal and I I’ll be short.

GBPUSD Now price is testing the resistance, but I think that it will not break it. And go down to the point of 1.39094. And with smaller share of probability, price will break through the resistance and move up to 1.41672.

Price tested support at 1.23923. And I guess that it will go up to the point of 1.24903. But I think price can go back to support and again will test it.

I stay short. I thought that it would reach a maximum of 1.40325. But now I think it will go lower to 1.39603. And maybe i close deal there.

I have seen that there are many traders who actually sharing their experience with their blog and it is a good way to share knowledge and skills with others.

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Now it seems that price will continue it’s descent first to support and will test it, and then it’ll probably go lower to the point of 1.37383. But I expect that price willn’t be strong enough to break through the support and it’ll again go up to point 1.40414.

Well done, you’ve successfully entered in the market. Continue in the same way!:+1:

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Good to see that someone is having a good knowledge of the market and we can also see the analysis.

Why don’t u set stop loss price and target price?