My experience with Ashraf Laidi and DDMarkets

Right now i’m a subscriber with DDmarkets and Ashraf ALAiadi

1- DDmarkets ( Current subscriber and planning to stay FOREVER ) ( 77.4 USD a month ):

Are good and they have a nice system they send an email each sunday for trade of the week and keep updating you daily on intradaily on the trade and they take actions most of the time before the trade become a losing one and in 5 weeks still i didnt realize any losses.

Actually NONE they know the market better than the market makers i believe

Ashraf Laidi: ( Subscribed twice and the same mistakes ) ( 90 USD per month )

SL more than the TP and mostly the TP is been taking half way so the risk and reward ratio at the end is a loss

PS: Don’t waste your time looking there is few respectable signals providers and those two i think are the best available

The good thing about Ashraf that he is one of the really few analyst who fuocs in the Fundemental more the technical and that is the wise thing to do and thats why i pay for a service technical people are last ones to join the party if they were able to and not come late to clean after

I tested Ashraf and did enjoy his fundamentals, but was disappointed at a few moves on the stops he made, cancelled my subscription before end of first week

Me too at the beginning and i tried many of the famous ones like elliott wave forecast and BKK and Dux

Most of them dont give you something special that is already there in the web so why paying for free stuff

I came back with Ashraf after he predicted the Aud bounce against the Cad few hours before it happen and also last week gbp drope .

Today video he spoke about the pmi and note yields and cameron coming rule about the involvement in syria and the video was deep because he has the bloomberg access which is costly for individuals.

Im not saying he is the greatest but he is the best that i found comparing to the rest of signal providers

i hope to find another who i can really stop looking at the market and just follow instructions

I’ve been with DDMarkets since August and I am very happy so far. I decided when I started that I would take all of their trades, whether they made sense to me or not. They use their fundamental analysis so I just have to trust their judgement, such as the current EUR trades Mr0an talks about. I started trading small positions and have been increasing as my profits increased. My problem has been locking in and taking profits early. So far I’ve made enough profits to pay for the subscription for more than 1 year. Before anyone asks, I do not have a myfxbook account.

I just signed up with Ashraf Laidi so I haven’t had any of his trades yet. My plan is to take all of his trade recommendations exactly starting with small position and increasing size as profits grow.

Me personally start big and TP piece by piece and i found that more profitable

Also you should do your research before following the trades just see the sentiment in twitter i dont follow all signals especially if the sentiment is bearish and there is a news coming i might trade seconds before the news with a really tight SL so if the news was good ill enjoy the spark and if it isnt my SL will safe me from suffering

also i like to trade with the signal if the duration is long and TL is far by going in and out with half of the position using trends and support and resistance that is really profitable specially if the road has resistant and trend line

If you take the gbp/usd selling signal by ashraf i sold it at 1.5005 and re entered at 1.5095 before the Gbp news today which will make me gain an extra 100 pips if the price went to the real TL and im planning to do it again around 1.4950

Ashraf nailed the GBP now with 160+ pips in USD and more in other two … Good job … i dismessed his trade on JPY because and it didnt move yet ill set on the side before the news this is too risky for me

One these ‘retarded’ trades (EURGBP) is a nice profit for me. I know they sent updates on it but I closed most of the trade now. The real fireworks will start tomorrow :slight_smile:

The Gbp was expected to fail and ashraf said to sell it few days ago against AUD , USD and JPY and it was a really a money printing deal i was afraid from the EUR so i break even before the news … But really DDMarkets are awesome they move against the consensus and still make profit and for me that is a service that really worth paying for . Thank you Pollar for the thread without i will never know the best analyst i ever saw

My plan is to use these two signal providers.

I just subscribe to Ashraf and will see what it has. I am happy with DDmarkets as well.

Thanks both for the information about these two signal providers.

You are welcome alaali there is a new signal from ashraf and its really founded in a strong fundamental and technical base hope it will play out in our favor

The spike in the EUR has worked for me with DDmarkets signal.

For Ashraf’s as the latest one is against the EUR not sure how it will go. Anyway has entered both of them.

USDCAD DDmarkerts signal is still doing good, will keep it as much as possible.

I think it clear now why they were long on the Euro. I have been with them for a long time and they never change the take profits. They must have been concerned but this was spot on. They said EURUSD will go down at the beginning of the day (today) and then go up.

DD Markets are the best there is no doubt

Actually for me DDMarkets is better than all the other services I tried.

I think I will focus on them for the next few months and then try Ashrafs later.

Ashraf issued two signals yesterday one hit SL and one right now in nice profit GBPNZD im really enjoying it :slight_smile:

I am following Ashraf, not by trades but by overall analysis
Ashraf is fundamental trader, therefore his trades are way too long term, which is not suitable to me,
My trades are 1 to 5 days per trade, low leverage but as many as 15 trades per week.

I am still looking for the best signals, and not yet found one

I closed ashrafs trade in GBPNZD in small profit and just canceled my trial period with them. As Jehad Refaie said, It is a really long term trades and your account size should be adequate for that kind of trades.

For me DDmarkets are better in term of these trades, the time for the trades are around 10-30 days. Most of the time the trades will be hanging around the entry point so you can add more and close some trades in profit and just keep on or part of one which will may hard to the TP.

The current opened trade with them is near the entry point. I closed the old one and opened two trades from entry point which are now 26 pips in profit.

If my account grow up to 10K, I will think again about joining Ashraf.

If anyone knows a good signals for short term trades please let us know.

My account is adequate and im really comfortable with the fundamental analysis and its where the huge profits rely on

i tried to trade on daily basis but that doesn’t work for me so much headache for little profit

I think DD Markets suits you better but also they trade once or twice per week

If you found any other signal providers please share it with us

You should at least keep some of the position the weekly close was a new low so beside the fundamentals we should make another lower low