My first live positions ever, today, 24th Dec. 2013, with FXCM




This seemingly endless scaling of profit has had its difficult moments, so do not fixate on the percentage but think of the skills required to turn bad trades into good ones, recovering from losses, and just keeping going. it is quite a good run and it could be that I have found a way to manage situations that will serve me well for the foreseeable future, however it is never a case of a market (e.g. currencies) always giving the same returns or opportunities each year, so it may well be that the great runs on the EURUSD and EURTRY that I exploited may stall to a flat, choppy mess in my next trading year.

Still, I am happy with the way in which I have.managed myself, especially as I treated my demo money like real money and really looked after profits. This will give me.more.confidence to reconsider opening a live account in future, as it has been my.only profitable run of this kind since starting demoing in Sep. 2012.


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Your strategy is top notch. Well done @PipMeHappy

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hey dude, why no charts posted? reasonin of entry, exit, analisys etc
i think would benefit u and also ur viewers.

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@1odi basically I have traded the EurTry’s return to the previous uptrend and also the incredible fall-and-rise of EurUsd…

Technical, just using round levels and 100/200-day moving average levels as well as checking CME futures fx volume for Euro and Msci Turkey ETF index volume for Turkish Lira.

That’s it!

i understand and sounds reasonable, just saying that some people are more visual learners then others(dunno if that makes any sence). anyhow, how are u dealing with hat spread on TRY? i ve always watched that particular curency but the spread and commisions were a bit dicy to consider it. glad ur makin progress and doing well speciall given the conditions at the moment.

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Totally agree, just have less time… I.used to have a channel:

As per TRY, I did talk a lot about this currency here : USD/TRY: an incredible pair

Yes,.difficult/expensive.pair but not.impossible …