My forex strategy that helps me pay all my bills: MarchFX

Hello everyone.
I am going to share with you my strategy that earns me enough money to pay all my bills and make some savings from trading Forex.
I will do this will real examples. Only a single trade per week with the maximum being three trades. This week’s trade is already done. However,…

Stay tuned.


ok. Following.

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Welcome to BPs!

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How are you able to predict how many signals the market will, or won’t, give you over the course of 5-7 trading days?

What if your strategy fires off 7 set ups- how are you going to choose which “max being three” to take?
What if your strategy fires no set up over the course of the week? Are you going to force yourself to take “only a single trade per week”?

Looking forward to a thoughtful discussion.


Sure, I look forward to having a wonderful discussion. Yesterday, I traded GPBDKK. Today, there was not a single chance. I hope there Will be some tomorrow or the day after. If there will be none, we will wait till next week.

I trade from 5.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs GMT. So you can figure out the time when we expect to have a signal and a discussion of my strategy. Lets just be patient and find out if this will work for us.

So- specifically, what happens if your strategy presents more than your “3 maximum trades” per week? Do you stop trading? How do you determine which 3 to take and which other set ups not to take?


If I had more than 3 opportunities, I would take them. However, rarely does that happen. Its mostly between one and three chances per week.

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There was not a single opportunity today. Lets wait and see how the market will be tomorrow.

Waiting for more details. Followed.

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Your original post stated you take a max of 3 trades per week.
How often in the last 6 months have you seen more than 3 opportunities per week and what did you do?

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I can guarantee at least one trading opportunity each week. Rarely have I come across 3 chances in a week.

Please tell me how this is even possible and how many wall street firms have contacted you directly to come generate serious Alpha for their firm(s)? For how many weeks have you been able to guarantee one trading opportunity and what are your returns over that time period - brokerage screenshots supporting your ability to earn being the ultimate litmus test.


I like your question. I guarantee between 3% and 5% growth from one trade. Before I send you any screenshots, I will first prove to you that this is possible for the rest of this year by posting here every signal that I get.

I have spotted USDSEK. And am looking for an opportunity to buy. But it is not yet confirmed.

Unfortunately, My strategy tells me there is no opportunity here that we can be 100% sure of. So just forget usdsek for now.

Good people, I have spotted NZDCAD, a buy opportunity right now.

Please execute the trade and pray that we make some profits because we have to close the trade before 12.00 GMT because of the CAD news. see below.

I have to note that this is not one of those trades where I am 100% sure so am only risking 2% of my account. I will explain later how I spotted the trade. Of course I use divergence.

This would have given us some profits, however, the opportunity was not 100% confirmed.