My forex strategy that helps me pay all my bills: MarchFX

I did not manage to do the work last week. I hope I will be through with it soonest.

This is one of my last posts here

I would like to make this clarification. I trade forex. In addition, I have a full-time job. Through some arrangements, I work from Friday to Monday, two shifts a day so that I can be free from Tuesday to Thursday or Friday and focus on forex.
Apart from earning a living from employment, I get some cash from forex and I use that cash to pay bills. For instance, my electricity bill is just $10, my water bill is just $3.5. Earning just $100 in a month is sufficient to take care of all my bills. That is how I came up with the topic for this thread.
Aside from that, I have had an interest in forex trading for years. I have written several EA including the one I am currently using for analysis.
Early this year, I discovered a trend-following strategy that is easy to understand. It works like this, find a trend continuation, analyze yesterday’s market movements and decide if you will open a position or not. However, I started to work on trend following last year around November or October. To encourage somewhere interested in learning forex trading, I would like to tell you that trend following is not something you master in days or weeks. But with time, you can perfect it or find a way to combine the strategy with another one, especially for those that scalp (for me, scalping never worked).
I have created these two accounts to find out if we can demonstrate a positive edge from this trend following strategy. I will transfer more capital from my other accounts to these two accounts with time.

My name is Haron and I am from Kenya.

If you have a good strategy you can share, please do so. I am eager to learn.

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Lets meet here, Easy to learn trend following strategy: My favorite intraday trading system

For someone so self assured about your strategy your ambitions are so humble enough to pay your bills

Give us your telegram channel link.