My Holy Grail Scalping System

Hello everyone.
I would like to introduce a holy grail scalping system.
It is based on price action and its very easy to see the principle on which it is based.
Anyone interested in the system will be able to master it with time/after several trades.


Is this already working?

If not, you might get some useful feedback from traders here if you bang up some details. Or at least an outline.

Its working. We work as a team of three traders and our aim over the past 4 years was to develop a trading strategy with minimal losses but significant gains.


Please do share the results, no point claiming you have a holy grail strategy without supplying the receipts.


What happened with this one?


hi @Forexerguru , are you the same person as “MarchFX”?

i hope you don’t mind being asked - i see you’ve actually been asked a couple of times before but apparently haven’t ever answered?

you seem to promote exactly the same systems as him, in various places online, sometimes even with the identical attachments/images in your posts - you’ll probably appreciate that this arouses some curiosity? :wink:



During the old days, people used these types of threads to attract newbies, but now they are seen for what they are. Also, why are these threads surfacing lately?


Depends where you look, I think?

It’s maybe like a “zero tolerance policy” to crime? It doesn’t go away. When some places disallow, prevent and control it, the other places that don’t do that just end up attracting it all, don’t they?

I don’t mind vendors at all, if they’re openly labelled as vendors, but here they can do it by stealth.

So you get, for example, threads where someone ‘asks about a broker’, and one or two knowledgeable members post warnings about it while three or four paid bots ‘surprisingly’ only have good things to say about it.

But very sadly, the forums that don’t actively prevent the incentivized posting are bound to end up being full of it, aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


These threads have been called out by forum members, and that’s what makes forums like this good, sometimes letting the members call out the BS is the best course of action.


Furthermore, anyone selling you their holy grail and not using their own holy grail to make trillions should always be considered a fraud.


Very good point.

If I found the holy grail system I wouldn’t be on here talking to you lot, I’d be sat back relaxing and counting my stacks of cash.


Exactly! I certainly wouldn’t be spending my time marketing it. I’d use it, make my money, and go about my business. Instead of marketing to newbies for a few hundred dollars, I’d either use my time for a meaningful life…or sell my holy grail to a hedge fund and make some REAL money.

But instead of selling it to a firm, he’d rather sell it to new people who might not know the difference between a strategy that works and one that doesn’t.

@Forexerguru Why not go sell your holy grail to a firm that readily recognizes a working strategy and make some big money?


The Words Holy Grail has only worked on newbies a professional firm will see through the crap.

That’s pretty much what you’re saying :+1:


Well all these comments have left me feeling quite deflated.

There’s me just sat round thinking what I really need is a holy grail scalping system and you lot are not at all convinced. This is putting a dampener on my evening I can tell you.


You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m sure he really has found a holy grail trading system, and yet remains humble enough to offer it to us little people instead of the big money heavy hitter banks.

We should all give him our personal information, and start getting ready to move into bigger houses.

Ducatis for everyone! My treat!

@Forexerguru Do you want yours engraved with anything?


My evening turned out pretty well actually.


wow, so much much happened when I was away.

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Ha ha ha!
I love it.

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I cannot share any track record