My Ichimoku Way

Hellllloooo Guys…
Just straight to the points…

Trading system : Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
TF : 4H or above
Leverage : 1 : 500
Broker : Icmarkets Aussie

Here what happened during Gold spike and my broker return my money $400,
Good job Icm… :+1:

I upload in my YouTube Chanel…Martenzic Trading…

Just click my YouTube link, because I gave a better explanantion through a Vlog…

2nd weeks of April, 4 positions and I have close all of it…550 pips on profit…not so bad isn"t…?

Please visit my YouTube Chanel Martenzic Trading I gave my progress on my Chanel, and dont forget to subscribe and like…its freeeeee… :rofl:

Due to the difficult situation, lose my job and lockdown, so I decided to WD all my profit and just left 4k, my original capital…

And its been a month I havent made any single trade…just try not to lose my money…
the pressure is really high…not thinking about trading anymore, but just try to survive until everything back to normal

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Halloo, fellow kittymoku enthusiast!
Yiss. Survive to fight another day. Good luck, hooman! :cat:

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this is the best time to trade, some great trends and big moves. just go small

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Pounds…pounds and poundsssss…How low can you go???



bro, what’s your entry and exit? do you rely on this indicator only or do you have other filters?