My journal for me

This is my journal not signals to follow

Today I bought the pound gbp usd
Buy entry 1.21107

Closed buy and now gbp usd sell

Aud nzd buy

EUR jpy sell entry 158.825
Sl 160.225

GBP jpy sell entry 182.336
Sl 183.736

Closed eur jpy sell just holding gbp jpy sell

Gold buy entry 1987.04

Closed gold still holding gbp jpy sell in profit

Ended the day in profit with gbp jpy sell

Took profit from gbp jpy sell + 90 pips

GBP usd sell entry 1.21220

Closed gbp usd sell in profit
GBP usd buy entry 1.21179

Closed buy

Gbp usd sell entry

GBP usd buy entry

EUR usd buy entry 1.06121

Gold sell entry

Took profit from gold sell

Gold buy entry 1984.32

Another gold buy entry

Closed gold buy in profit

GBP usd buy entry 1.22016

Took profit on gbp usd buy + 175 pips

Gold buy entry 1922.68

Closed gold buy

GBP usd buy entry 1.23719