My New EA

hey folks, new here… I made a EA, 710 trades in the last 9 hours, 1 lose, 350 REAL pips.

It will be a free EA, just making sure of some things…

This is also on a live account,


Nice! What is the relative drawdown over say 2 years?

Im fairly new to Forex (sept26th 2010) is the first day I even clicked on anything stock…

I really cant answer that question,

Im going to implementing a compounding strat to this EA.

I opened a Live account for $17.30 yest, and now at $21.00

1:1000 leverage for now, cause its a penny account.

0.10 volumn size

715 trades made in 9 hours, 5 pip scalpin of each trade.

my target is 50 pips daily, 351 real pips accounted for as of now.

after further review, i might sell this thing,lol

There was anywhere a thread here how a commercial EA might work. I am sure, you gave the answer, lol.

naaa, im not going to sell it, i will test if for awhile tho before posting it for others,

need proof, cant ride on one day of footprints,

Yeah, you can. If you have too much money, lol.

If your backtest shows less than 30% drawdown and more than 25% roi over 2 years, you might think about going live with it. Just my 2 pips, though. :wink:

I am Live,

The thing with every EA, seems to be getting introuble with the big swing.

Well, i had 30 trades open, and thinking, the market changed, i had many trades in limbo, while the EURUSD went down, down , down, and was starting to close trades, then it tuned around, and starting to go back up, how far, we will see…

if i have to close them, thats ok, this is my first day running the EA Live,

so, counting the pips is lost due to closing the trades i close, i am up to 380 REAL pips for the day, almost 12 hours. well, really 8 hours, but 12 hours since EA made first trade.

the only loses came from me closing them, which, im thinking was a bad idea now…

right now, 770 trades made, 21 still open

3,850 pips covered, ( 380 realpips)

being a cent account, I have made $3.85 cents (22%)

Im going to run a cent account thru next Friday, then probably following Monday, dropping $500 down and letting it ride.

i should by then, have the compounding strat in the EA,

Still doing research on trading times, wherethe EA will turn off and on at certain times.

So far, so good

on 100 pips a day target

Start-up $500

100 pips x 5 days a week1= $500 @ .10 = $1000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $500 @ .10 = $1,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $500 @ .10 = $2,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $500 @ .10 = $2,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $1,000 @ .20 = $3,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $1,500 @ .30 = $5,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $2,500 @ .50 = $7,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $3,500 @ .70 = $11,000
month 3
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $5,000 @ 1.0 = $16,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $8,000 @ 1.6 = $24,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $12,000 @ 2.4 = $36,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $18,000 @ 3.6 = $54,000
month 4
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $27,000 @ 5.4 = $81,000
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $40,500 @ 8.1 = $121,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $60,000 @ 12.0 = $181,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $90,000 @ 18.0 = $271,500
month 5
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $135,000 @ 27.0 = $406,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $200,000 @ 40.0 = $606,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $300,000 @ 60.0 = $906,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $450,000 @ 90.0 = $1,356,500
month 6
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $450,000 @ 90.0 = $1,806,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $450,000 @ 90.0 = $2,256,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $450,000 @ 90.0 = $2,706,500
100 pips x 5 days a week1= $450,000 @ 90.0 = $3,156,500

100 pips a day? One or more pairs?

usdchf, gbpusd do very well, not alot of time with eurusd yet,

I mean, most pairs just walk 1xx pips a day in average and 100 pips for a single currency in one day is a very high target.

Anyways, I don’t know your system. If I would be you, I would do the following:

  • Checking that system over 2 years backtest.
  • Tuning it to as little drawdown as possible.
  • Tuning it to the highest profit rate as possible.
  • Build as many fuses into the system as possible.
  • Cut risk of each trade to a minimum.
  • Whatever else is needed … :smiley:

Then I would try that live. Not one second before. You want to become [U]consistently[/U] profitable, do you? You will for sure have loesses and only in the long run if your system is profitable you will make money.

A system what makes 5k usd in 3 months and loses 15k in another month until the margin call is nice for the first three months. The most important goal in speculation/investments is surviving. Surviving for years, not months.

Just another 2 pips. :slight_smile:

Plus another important bit in the picture: You want to have a clear and simple strategy. A strategy what is not relying on single trades, but what is valid for all trades, no matter if they arise in trending, ranging or whatever complicated markets.

Most ppl think the more complicated it is, the better. I say no. The simpler it is, the better. Just not too simple. :smiley: As complicated as needed and as simple as possible.

VERY insightfull Buckscoder, Thank You for the information…

Its basicly an overbought/undersold EA, and opens trades each bar, and the pip collection is only 5 pips per trade… Its like a street sweeper,

I dont have the resourses to run long term history.

Another important aspect, is when to enter the market with the EA.

Im think, 11pm est-8am, est, then it shuts off, seems to work well in those time periods, or just simply turn off after i get my pips for the day

there is still alot to do, but its coming togehter,

  • Build as many fuses into the system as possible.
    this is very important, and doing that RIGHT NOW,

Thanks again for your input on this, as all is concidered,

Great profits to you Sir

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

If you will have a backtest and would post the results here anytime in the future that would be nice.

I wish you profits too!

Did it snow, goodness, :slight_smile:

i would post the ex4 files, but cant…

UpDate, EA is finished…

It is NOT handsfree tho… Which, in the short run, makes it perfect…

What would you do, for a EA, that makes money?

What is it worth to you?

I am making a nice little package, that DOES make money.

It has a feature in it, that, if you want 100 trades, the EA will stop placing trades after the 100th trade made. Then it cleans up the open trades, and your day is done.

My target is 100-200, per day.

my day was over in 2 hours for 100 pips,

I will have backtest results soon, on many pairs,

I have my own ea and I wouldn’t buy one nor would I sell one. If it is successful, how long will it be if you distribute that?

If you sell your EA, you will have marketing expenses. That’s an overhead over the money your ea would make in the long run to you or your customers. So, marketing makes it more expensive.

If you have an excellent marketing, then the customers will pay for. If the marketing will not work, you pay. That’s the same uncertainty you have while trading.

If your ea is really successful, why don’t you use it for yourself? That would be the best option then, because you save all marketing expenses.

Hey Buckscoder, how are you doing?,

O, i plan to use it myself, without a doubt…

Free marketing, Youtube, word of mouth, works wonders…

Its going to be cheap price, and will also fund my account…

Its a biz, right? This is not a game…

Raise capital, thru the product itself,

Free and clear…

I, without a doubt, truely believe, this will help alot of people, IF FOLLOWED PROPERLY…

I invested Many,many hours in this. It will be well worth the $10 or so i plan to sell it for…

VERY CHEAP, considering, if followed properly, will rake in Millions.

i ran HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of Manual backtesting, and it works flawlessly…

18 hours a day, for the last month, to perfect this very simple EA,

I do know this much, my ghetto days of being broke and depressed are over,

Money makes happiness, but takes inititive to make it happen, through ones givin hard work, and an open mind…

I can, simply say nothing, and just make my money, and leave others behind, but why enjoy it alone.

Everyone i know, will be forex traders very soon.

Here are some screen shots of some action,

AUDCAD, for show purposes, Made 300 trades, all in profit,
From Nov. 11th 15:30- Nov. 12th, 08:00

Here is EURUSD
Nov 9th 13:54- Nov9th 22:10 (9hours)
300 trades, all in profit

Nov 9th 10:42–Nov 9th 20:29 (10 hours)
300 trades, all in profit