My order closed at wrong price when using MetaTrader 4

Have to delete this photo

cannot sto myself from wondering what happened? Had contacted the company but no more answer after I sent above two photos.

Probably a spread issue.

You entered a sell position. This means you get in at the bid line (ie, the price shown on your chart), but you get out at the ask line (which you can turn on in your chart settings). The current XM spread on this currency pair is 3.3 pips, which means you were nowhere near your profit target of 0.75490.


I contacted XM, but after I sent above two photos to my account manager, she never called me back again. Just want to know what happened?

you doing good keep going what you do doubling in a week ))) good job , your position might get liquidated , dont trade other currencies just stick with gbp euro cad aud jpy / USD
the liquidity in other pairs are lower and spread are higher

Yes, these are the only currencies I trade with, big country with strong economic support, less system risk. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind remind, but there is no ask price in my trading history especially this deal that a 200 points drop happened in next minute.

The order closed price of 0.75684 only realized by forex market 12 hours later for the very first time after I opened my order and also after I closed the order.

there is also a possibility that in a sharp movement of price your order get rejected by inter banks and after execution your order get close out and they charge you commission and the spread because they couldn’t fill your order in that price level so didn’t have enough liquidity and high volatility , this is happen mostly during news time and the currency pairs excluding USD , so just trade usd pairs in new york , london session

your chart is showing bid price you can change it to ask price in your platform to see what was the ask price at that time you entre the market , im not sure meta trader have this

Thank you very much. But My loss $400 plus( 200pointsdrop*5 )$1000 together comes around $1400 loss. Due to the limitation of my imagination ability, I could not think of the rate of commission and other possible expenses associated with this deal.

I use my mobile phone do trading, so I never see the ask price things. To be honest, it is the first time I heard “ask price” this word in English in my short trading life. I could only see from my trading diary no ask price been set from the first day I started trading. Thanks.

check the spread history for this pair you can get the tick data , also most of brokers for retail trader can have their own spread and price at any time they want to
so you (buy at ask or offer) price and you (sell at bid price) and most of charts candles you have see everyday is base on bid price feed
i think i miss something , every time you buy at ask price you pay the spread and your order execute at bid , its confusing but this is all about spread

i checked a day spread in 21 dec on audchf , once the spread was widen 20 pip 200 points and went back to normal after moment , it was no news nothing just widening spread , this can happen at any day 20 pip 40 pip widening spread during a month for any reason , if you have stop loss it can close out your trade

Thank you very much, you are much much helpful than Mr Google. Though still I cannot the ask price myself from MetaTrader 4, but XM replied me, the spread for my transition was 180 points, it could possibly be the reason i suffered a loss even the market price drop significantly As one mate said earlier the broker can change the spread as their will. However, the wider spread at the extreme situation protected whom? Benefited whom? I see only broker got bloody commission from the deal.

Looks like I opened my mobile phone in the early morning on 12/12/2017, checked each currency pairs in my App list, and thought I found big fishes hide in the pair of AUDCHF, so I put one hand in the water, but lost it immediately(the spread was already widened but I didn’t noticed, just feel abnormal, usually the loss is 150 after I place my order,
That day was 300), I couldn’t believe it, but the market confirmed my judgement about that moment market trend again with next candle, so I simply put another hand inside water in the hope of getting back my losted hand ( the 20 pips spread probably took place in the next minute after I placed my order, my loss was around 500$ and it was stuck for few minutes), but losted another hand at last. In this deal I am like a blind trader, because I didn’t see or I could see another important flag of the spread that could kill my profit in no time. And, most funny part is, this time I have got plenty of time to think over again and again what happened, did asked a friend who was working in a broker before, she said it is like the app provider stolen client money happened many times and it was illegal there. But it seems impossible here, so mr Google, forex forum… wasted a lot of time because… how important it is to know and understand the basic terminologies such as bid/ask price, spread… basic rules and regulations… thanks a lot guys. I like this forum, it’s fantastic.

next time you can use limit order instead of market orders so you enter at certain price you wanted to , again beware of (slippage) its another thing so whenever you enter a trade price get fills with delay and not in actual point , you can set all these parameters and adjust them for slippage in your platform not in meta trader though , and beware of price rejections , these are all the troubles you face when you try to scalp or short trading the market , if you still like this way i suggest you move on to futures instead of forex

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Thank you very much. I will think about it, probably start with a demon account, if I really fits me, would give it a try. Since just got bit familiar with Forex trading, and personally think learnt a lot in the first trading week, and felt there are more for me to learn to become sophisticated. I don’t like short trading, it’s purely luck most of times, I do this because I have a toddler at home, her sleep time is my trading time. To make money in forex market, need watch the pairs bit longer time, at least 12 hours I think. Hope next year, I could have my own time soon.

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