My Part Time Trading $7000 Account for Nearly 1 Year Journal

Hello everyone! My name is Janna and I trade part-time for a very long time. I consider myself a full time traveller and I trade Forex between my trips. Though at this moment I have to stay home for toooo long :slightly_smiling_face: and keep trading.
My strategy based on price action, I use all types of patterns, trend levels and that’s pretty much it, no indicators or other signals. I prefer scalping, but sometimes I hold the positions for few days or months, depends on different situations. I do not have daily or monthly targets usually I make what I can and withdraw in few months if I need money for my next trip :slight_smile:
Here I would like to share my experience with everyone, also I look forward to some suggestions for new strategies as I like to learn new things and improve my trading.
So, this is one of the accounts I have been part time trading for nearly a year and I will try to continue trade it and apply some new technics, though I tried some new strategies before but they failed and I had to keep trading with my old system to recover and build up the account.
Here are my account statistics:

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Hello everyone! Continue with my progress, more results from this week trading:

Here is where I was placing some pending orders:

Happy Easter everyone!

hey JannaFX, it is great to have a peek into your personal trade history and hobby. I particularly want to appreciate you for your youtube videos. You are doing a great job…and that reflects in trading too. Happy Easter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you too :slight_smile: Happy Easter!

hi janna will u share u r line ea thanks

Hi, it is not mine, you can check in the description under my videos on YT, my channel is - JannaFX

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i did’t found it please give me link adress

Hello everyone! This week I did not trade much, but still had some trades

Here are some screenshots where I took the trades:

Hello everyone! Continue with my progress, this week 800+pips in profit!

Some screenshots where I took the trades:

Hello everyone! Last week results about 400+ pips, I did not take many trades on this account:

and some screenshots, where I took the trades using the same strategy over the years:

good job. And by the way nice videos on youtube :wink:

coolBuTcute.01 thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! Last week trading results:

I also have another account and last week I placed more trades there, and here is the result:

I also did not make my trades screenshots but made a video instead, as I was recording the whole process of me trading live, where I was placing my orders, taking the profits etc. I think this video fully describe how I trade during the day. Not sure if I can post it here, but it is on my channel JannaFX on YouTube.


Hiya @JannaFX

Perfect results. May I see your Myfxbook results on the website and may I have the investor password access to MT4/5 to see your trades, if it’s ok with you?

Tnx and bets of luck :shamrock:

Hi, thanks, I can provide investor pass, but why do you want it?

Hello everyone! My Myfxbook confirmation:

On my YT channel JannaFX I made a video where you can see the whole account history, most of my trades with small lots 0.01-0.20 and it is a part time trading!

By the way below is another statement for a smaller account which I was also trading for 1 year, but mostly trying new strategies and testing Indicators, which did not work very well and I had to recover losses with my usual strategy. At this moment I started to test just one EA on that account, will see how it goes.

If you have questions, please ask I will try to respond asap.

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so basically u do ur top down and u go with the higher trend i guess? and u hold positions untill they get into some profit then u close… right? cos looking at ur 2 accounts DD is around 60%. which explain the high win rate. u have to have a very good mentality to be calm while half of ur account is under water, kudos to u. thats why i could never trade like that. nice results.

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Hiya @JannaFX

I thought the reason for posting the trade journal was to find investors for your Forex trading? Perhaps are you looking for subscribers for your channel I guess?

Best of luck :blush: :shamrock:

Hi Janna

Its good to see you back in such form after your family concerns,
and you wisely took a break.

But I used to watch your youtube channel and loved to listen to
your English ))) you are probably much better now, I’m going
back to have a listen

But here is my question for you. and you are the perfect person
to answer it. Many so called gurus and experts like James Edwards
claim you will never make more than about 10% per year trading
Forex, and your only hope is to be consistent in order to attract

I know you are the real deal. Your results are spectacular and genuine,
I can vouch for that, and you are completely open and honest.

You have been doing this for a long time now with consistently high

If anyone should be attracting investors it would be you!

Can I ask, have you been approached by brokers, by anyone?
any offers at all?

It seems to me you make your money from your own efforts.

I think a lot of guys here would be interested in the answer to this

keep up the great work, you’re an inspiration!

Hi, usually I scalp and close all positions during the day, I do not like to hold them, but I used to trade with stop losses, now I do not use them because the market is too aggressive and hits my stops. So, I have changed my rules, if I get into a bad trade now I either hold it until the market returns, or I try to average it but very carefully because that is how I got into a big drawdown last year, as it is not my usual way of dealing with losses, I got hit by GBP pairs and instead of closing my first loss as usual and recover it I was still selling it believing that it must fall again anytime soon, which happened eventually but in few months!
My strategy - I trade with pending orders mostly, I wait for channels (flat) and any other patterns breakouts and usually close half positions and half run by a trailing stop, but I do not aim to catch the whole trend move, so usually I would take first 10-20 pips and the rest whatever by trailing. That is why usually I do not have many losses.
Second account - I was trying some new strategies and indicators, which nearly killed it, so I had to trade it back aggressively to recover :slight_smile:

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