My Price Action Trading Strategy

Ok @PokerMatrixTV and @fakayode, I have sent PM’s with instructions and the code. Let me know if you need help.

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Nice trades mate, I just trade forex but I see you trade metals and exotics and would love to know if it’s volatile like that if forex

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Wow I’m still an amateur and trying to master just 3 pairs but you on the other hand… You killing it with all the pairs. Are you just sticking with one single strategy or you change with different pairs

I thought you were going to post the PM and instructions here, cause that approach will be really helpful for my strategy

Metals and Oils do ok, exotics it varies and the spreads and swap fees can be a little more than a major/minor pair. It seems to me that when a exotic decides to move it really moves and doesn’t seem to just change direction during a move.

Yes I trade the same way through all my pairs, I trade 48 different instruments. When you trade a 4HR or up chart gives you more time to decide to take a setup and I like the speed of a 4HR chart.

I set my zones and my anticipated entries on the weekend, takes about 1-2 hours at the most. Then each day during the week I sit down during the swap(5:00pm Eastern Time), when I get home from my day job, and go through the charts. If a zone has been broken I look for the next and also just go through to make sure my ideas are holding up or if we need to switch gears(all that takes about 1 hour).

Now it takes a little more time to prep things to post on the thread, but as far as looking at charts it’s really not that bad once you get in the groove.

If you use Tradingview I can send them to you as well. Just let me know. Didn’t want to post in here cause it’s just a bunch of code(that I didn’t write but tweaked), didn’t want to clutter up the thread.

Thanks @Alg626, I just saw the pinecode with steps.
I really appreciate your effort. I will give you feedback when I finally apply it.
Wishing you more successful trades.

the only exotic pair ive traded is USDSEK and I have t o agree with you on the directional move it makes. USDCAD does fool me a lot and its back and fourth a decent amount of time. can be a real headache lol

US30 4hr here. Tweezer tops and bearish divergence with the RSI. Due for a pullback pretty soon

Yes, seems so.

I think I’ll finally start that Indice and Stock thread. I trade 15 min charts on them I’ll get it going this evening.


nice, you know i’ll be following that one too! yeah i have the 1hr up but i go down to 5min and 15min on it

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Another video I came across. A good video to watch about psychology and trading.

Have a link at the top of the thread.


One to start the week off…


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never traded that 1. how’s spread for u?

Well on exotics the spreads are never great due to lower volatility. On this one spread sits at 20-30 pips. Also note that the moves have more pips in them.

gotcha. props to you for following almost ever damn pair! :rofl:

It’s really not that bad once you get the hang of it. I adjust my charts usually Saturday morning, may take 1-2 hours, that includes sitting my alarms for orders. Then during the week sit down around 5:30pm and scan through to see if anything needs adjusting. That takes around an hour and sometimes less.

Are you dropping all pending orders for the week on Saturday or just alerts and trigger these manually during the week? :slight_smile:

yeah i like how organized you are, i respect the work ethic my man