My Target 1 Million Euros

Today’s Trade

Happy Trading :slight_smile:

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The name comes indeed from Brazil. Floripa is the abbreviation for Florianopolis, an island in southern Brazil where I used to live. Paolo is my first name. Since I’m a very creative fellow i’ve put the two together forming “floripaolo”… :wink:
Starting my own thread sounds like an idea! Cheers!


I m new in forex trading, a month old investor. Can u please give me some guidance from where i can learn, graphs & all to be a profitable investor , as from one month i m making losses.

Hi Adnan,

I have read that we should put SL, but as you are saying you normally don’t put SL, isn’t it risky if we don’t put SL. Please suggest.


HI friend
welcome to Thread
you are welcome to ask anything regarding trades or entry …
i don’t say to all not to put SL but i just told what i do.
yes i don’t put SL.
what i experienced if I you don’t put SL and have a 1:1 risk reward ratio … there isn’t any chance to have a loss.

take care

agree with adnan mostly my trade that has SL always hit with asking how come it was hit with no news that makes it go wild to hit my SL… you will see just a big WICK on where u put your SL

Hi adnan, are you saying you don’t use a stop at all? Or are you saying that you don’t enter a preset Stop Loss on your platform?

The Ever Misunderstanding VIPER

Hi Viper, i think Adnan said before. His money management is such that he utilize an initial capital of 10k Targeting the watermark of 60k. Once 60k objective is met. He cash out. Start over again with 10k or maybe 20k? Thus, he have a stop loss which is the entire initial capital of 10k. He has confidence of reaching 60k more often than not.

Adnan if i’m wrong. Please correct me. I believe so because that’s what i have been attempting to do. But i’m still so caught up with setting up stop loss for fear of societal criticism.

As of now, personally i have a protective stop which can be far at times but it was deliberate. I will be looking to average my position ( counter-trend strategy ). If fundamental news make me worry, I may hedge my position to reduce use of leverage as well. If i think i’m wrong. I will bite the bullet, which took me a pretty long time to be able to execute.

A word of caution for those out there attempting to mimic Adnan. Adnan obtained his 1st pot of gold 400k. His confidence and ability of turning 10k into 60k is rock solid. If your win loss ratio is horrible, understanding of position-sizing in relation to your available margin is a total blank. My advice is to set stop loss because beginners doesn’t know what they are doing.

My only concern for Adnan is that does he have the discipline to cash out the 60k and start over with 10k or 20k. Or would he succumb to temptation to reach 1million watermark quickly and continue trading without cashing out.

Good Luck Adnan, i believe you can do it! Please share more of your current trade. I want to make some money too!!

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Query?? what is the audusd “m”. What is the “m” mean ? Cheers

M stands for “mug punter” lol

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Looking from a Broader view, actually Adnan’s Risk : Reward ratio is 1 : 6 . It is an overall RR which he attempt to achieve thru his Money management and High Hit Rate Trading Style.

Wow alpha. You are making dangerous assumptions bro. And you’re using others to justify your own trading. Thats even worst.

Take ownership of your own trade desicions. Anything else and you’re … (insert Aussie bogan slang here).

Think you need a good hard look in the mirror bro.

HI friend …
SL is always a bad idea… i wanted to show that to my people how bad this SL idea is …
that’s why i took last day GBPUSD trade with SL … at the end of yesterday SL did hit and now it preparing to take off again …
naturally you must have a solid study of Charts when you don’t use SL

best wishes

Yes, i agree, dangerous assumption indeed. Point noted.

I never thought of that, i Swear man!

I always do.bro [quote="_bob, post:195, topic:112488"]
Think you need a good hard look in the mirror bro.


Man, thats just pure arrogance. Money locked up in a lossing trade in money you cant trade with. What happens when the price doesn’t bounce back. How do you manage that. Finally, very very few here have access to the capital you claim to have, trading without a stop loss equates account decimation.

@adnan. Have a good hard think about the advice you are giving and to whom you are directing it. Alot of people could stand to loss a lot of money by it.

It depends, for people who aims for doubling up or tripling up the account. If they are able to do it. Trading without stop loss… Well … … … Maybe, its ok.

However, for people who can’t even double up an account, regardless of the amount of time require to achieve it, and for people who are happy with just a 5% to 10% return. I think Stop loss would be an important consideration. Stop loss helps them to mitigate risk.

Back to the other hand, for people who trade aggressively and obtaining huge returns like more than 300%. Stop loss is a hinderance to them. Because they are aiming for a huge payoff, only to have their stop gotten triggered and market makes a U-turn back to their initial target.

Alpha alpha alpha. Again this disbelief that price will turn. What happens to your account when it doesn’t…

Cause 1 day it wont.

Now the OP has in effect used a stop loss of 2.5% because of his $400000 account. What % are you using.

This game gets a whole lot easier with capital behind you.

I see now… Overlooked that. There you go. 2.5% % is his stop loss… I’ll will review my maximum drawdown and stop loss later when i have the time, and post in my trade journal. As you can see, my trading style is pretty complicated at times. Its hard to calculate or maybe i’m in a bit of denial and refusing to face my drawdowns. Thanks for reminding me my stoploss %. I’ll will face my fear later.

Oh yeah and the penny drops.

Good to hear bro. I know how much effort you have put in over the years. I only want success for you.

But it wont come following these charlatans.

Continue to be yourself. Its the best style to pursue.