My Target 1 Million Euros

I am not advising anyone man … i am just posting my trades that’s it
and that’s my style of trading with SL.
i am not saying anyone to follow this but i am just sharing my point of view.
you came up everytime here with some stupid arguments with even reading the title of this Thread.
" MY " target 1 Million Euros … even in Title in Written " MY ".
it all about me. i just want to share my trades with people, sharing my ideas so that they can also get some knowledge outside the box.
if this thread is a stupidity then i am sorry to say you are the most stupid person who wastes his precious time here.


Hello brothers
have all to learn to learn to know the market it is on some door of the ears and want to copy traders but not a good idea and someone of sencee can understand it if you please the brothers do not throw stones ca do not serve has nothing and not constructive of all (j uses google translation desoles if there are false notes)
if you like people we are all different but I have a year of experience that is to say nothing baby but I try to be cool with everyone even if sometimes some things are not understandable by some but at least it must know the basics
n listen to people it is the point n ° 1 I am personally very admirative in front of the people like Adnan, bob and all the others because a critical spirit is super because each brings a stone al edifice but do not throw the stones not the experience is very pationnante of the trading and easy and difficult at the same time I know that Adnan helps as well as he can I think in my sense otherwise I will already be part of this discussion but with my little experien that I think it is a good but it does not advice nobody it me the same said at the beginning of this discussion they can not afire ca and even form my not answered but understand it is not obvious I think
be not too hard brother Bob and brother Adnan is the critical esprist that

c is the critical esprist that brother Bob put forward and as there are many charlatants on the forums he just wants to defend what is right because he is punk nobody says it has by him frankly respect to you he gives good advice despite his verbal harshness

Keep on being yourself. This is the best style to follow.

the only things that can be your enemy are your eyes and that little bit of gray matter between the ears that can deceive you by anguish or other psychological terminology in trading c is very important c is what I think at the beginning j was enthusiastic hoho easy and now I am downstairs learned a lot of things for nothing indicators etc … c is a milieus full of traps very dangerous it must be very reactive me I do not know anything yet frankly it is my opinion

Helo how r you all. m new to this forum

Adan kindly share your strategy nd give me some tips regarding forex as i want to b a successful forex trader

waiting for GBPUSD to breakout… adnan do u think gbpusd will go up? because what am i seeing is triple bottom in the daily (change of thrend ) after that higher high higher low… now looks like a darvas box but we have a thrend line hahaha cant put image here lol

New Trade for Today …

Good Luck to all for a start of new Trading week.


Hey adnan, love your work, I started testing a strategy similiar to yours and it makes so much sense! all market does is go from balance to unbalance and repeats similiar patterns over and over again so interesting, its quite simple to do analyis but I seem to have problems on psychological level (chasing price,low confidence,greed) and I need to improve them before going live any tips? Also is this spread from your broker on screenshots because it looks really huge… keep up good work :slight_smile:

GBPJPY …My new Trade :slight_smile:

Thanks nice guy …
try to practice your strategies on demo …chose only one and be master in that …
we sometime think and choosing a Strategy is a final step that’s wrong
becoming a master in your strategy is actually the last step …
it spread … it was when market started today…

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hi guys
after couple days Gold trade blew upside as predicted

Cheers :wink:

Hi Adnan, i think you uploaded the wrong chart. The Chart show CHFJPY.

CHFJPY … Get Ready :wink:

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USDCAD … My New Trade

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey tell me your strategy or share some tips.m new to forex

hi bro
I thought it would never fade and what the divergences are often like

Very inspirational topic. I am really impressed! I am also trading forex newly. But before starting I tried to learn different terms and basic of forex trading. Regularly check BabyPips and I think the topics here directly related with forex trading which is very much helpful for us (like new traders). I have just started my live trading after spending and practicing 3 months in demo account. I am very much nervous and cautious in my trading. Finger cross and hopping for the best.


what about to ask politely in proper thread?

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Trade for the rest of this week