My Target 1 Million Euros

Yes. That’s 100 pips…

100 pips is 100 pips, however many decimal places there are. The last decimal place is tenths of a pip (“pipettes”), not pips. The number of pips the price moves doesn’t depend on how many decimal places you count it to.

Curious how you came up with that statement - up trend, higher lows, higher highs, support holding and a tp below support?.

Yes, MT4 is incorrect.

It’s a well known issue.

can you please elaborate your question


Nice work I hope you keep us posted on your trades (;

Wow, even new users are signing up to BP to post here!

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welcome to thread
for sure i would…

Lazy traders. We all know what will happen to their accounts. Personally I find this thread boring and totally irrelevant. Just MHO.

People go learn how to trade. Nothing of value to be gained here.

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why would you use a retail broker and mt4 instead of a prime broker and far superior charting software?

just curious???

floripaolo, you shorted into the following.

GBP strength (please see Dennis’s thread)

A weekly, now understand, weeeeeeeeeekly ascending triangle/pennant. This pattern is very strong, in the 15min fractal, I cannot emphasize how strong it is in the weekly.

Breakout above the 151 resistance level.

So you are shorting into strength, if and that is a big IF you had the experience to be counter trend, you would still be to early, but I don’t think you were looking for a counter trend.

You need to figure out an exit, and you need to do it quickly.

Also, unrelated to your current predicament, I would humbly suggest that you get a real trading platform, with no accounting glitches. And don’t forget in forex trading “a trending market makes everyone look like a genius”, I make my bones in a rangy schizoid market, so be careful following too closely behind trend followers, “the trend is your friend, until it bends, and then it ends”.

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Hello Adnan, good evening from the Palatial Viper Ranch and Estate. I would like to offer a humble suggestion. If you trade Size on a monthly basis, you might be able to finagle a free Bloomie or Thompson, platform. Obviously you are already moving enough Size to be executing against a couple of PBs, so maybe you could talk to your broker about Comping some sweet bennies.

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Again thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. I will have to look more deeply into these tools as usually I like to keep things simple but obviously they might come in hand for the future :slight_smile:

Exactly. Why you would be told to hold the shot bemuses me

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I really appreciate constructive criticism.
Yes you definitely have a point (or more than one).
So what exactly do you suggest? What platform/broker is the real thing in your opinion?
What blog/book/tutorial/method/course… do you recommend?

The school here is a good start. It explains why you get pairs quoted to 5 decimals and 3, the reason for these differences and how to calculate price movement - which is needed when working out position sizing. Just start from the bottom and learn the basics.

ok… thanks and cheers

First my apologies to the OP, @adnan for dropping in on your thread but there are some things that need to be said.

To all the lazy traders out there, this is a journal, nothing more, nothing less. It is a place where the OP can come and document his thoughts. He/she is under no obligation to answer anyone’s questions nor should anyone be dropping in and sharing their trade ideas, thoughts or questioning the OP on his/her technic. If the OP wished to discuss his system in detail or communicate with the general membership about trading technics then there are other sub-forums he /she could have posted in. But this is the Trade Journal sub-forum.

To @adnan, by taking the path you have chosen, you have left yourself open to critiquing and therefor need to respond. You are dealing with naive newbie traders who stand to lose a lot of money by following your trades. They possess not the knowledge or resources you claim to have. If you wish to discuss your techniques in detail then we can move the thread to another sub-forum.

And one final note (and I’m not referencing the OP here) to all the noobs following this thread or any other, if you have questions ask them in the general forum. Here you will get a variety of opinions and you can judge what suits your needs, your goals the best. If any member contacts you or if you contact a member and then get invited to "join " a group, sign up to a site or pay cash for tutoring then this is soliciting. It is not allowed under the sites terms of use and you need to report it.

Thats my two cents now on with the show.

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Hey, flori, when I see your name, makes me think of someone from Sao Paulo living in my old stomping grounds of Florida, probably not, but makes me think of that. :grin:

Anyway, start your own thread, there are real folks who will try to assist.

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PS OK adnan enough stomping on you thread, have a great day, and sorry for the footprints