My Target 1 Million Euros

I did not want to use the indicator wanted more than the price action but as I am a beginner for a year I no longer m pass very difficult when we take the abity I lost often and I still lose not yet to the point I try 3 ducks of the captain currency these last days which my much liked by its remarkable simplicity but seeing your results I had eyes wide open ah so … c is the reality the indicators are not indispensable as you always use the indicator and forgiveness for my English Bro I speak that the french google translation and my friend thanks again for your sharing I wish you incha allah a thousand and more

I see. I guess 0.94000 level is a critical support level to watch out for USDCHF.

s it that one can use the method on several TF or just in H1 and returned in position in M15 or other

Hi my friend …

i don’t know how much balance you have in your account and which Money Management policy you have
but as i can see upside is quite caped by two SMA’s and Channel Support.
Candle for Tomorrow would explain it more clearly but i guess it can retrace to downside a bit …
in your position …you can have a draw down … better to close it down when it came 0 …
i don’t take trades where there uncertainty is



we analyze it made in Daily

Thank you very much bro

if you can give us a detailed position if you can youtube or here by giving the start of analysis and taking position in m15 etc … if you can not but help better understand the method or you have already done it in post back?

i can’t probably do so much …
what i can do for you … you can ask me next time before taking position…
may be i can help you in that …

Cheers :slight_smile:

thank you infinitely brother

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Adnan! I wish you good for your trading career. I’m expecting to learn more from this thread.

Happy trading!

I’m shorting the Fibre, do you think it’s a good choice?


It should move more to the downside … keep in mind EURUSD is always abit uncertain …
still my view is that it would walk a bit more to downside …

congrats goodluckh4 u have a profit now… nice setup for shorting eurusd looking to trade it if that resistance can sustain its level then im going to short it but if not there is already done bullish pattern and upcoming bearish pattern

hello bro
in fact you buy above the EMA 100 ET 200 and you sell under the level of the S / R even if you do not have strategy and you buy or sell at the last higher or lower?

i see many things when i buy or sell …
i don’t buy on crossover of 100 sma to 200 sma …
but i see SR levels yes

no I did not say at the crossroads I thought when the price was above the MA that purchases and below that sales and S / R I know thank you for your answer bro
I will work this week in demonstration I will try to understand it better because I have a little trouble knowing that I am a beginner

So guys
USDCAD is now slightly started to move in a direction, i predicted
my TP is on 3000 euros … let’s if where it goes.

Happy Trading and have a nice weekend