My Target 1 Million Euros

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i have a new Trade for you … its my running trade and now is in making a good setup for LONG.


New Trade for Today…

Update for Gold …

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Hi adnan,
It’s cool that you are a technical analyst. I was wondering if you know some Metatrader built-in indicators that can tell the sentiments of the market? I always try to find an indicator(s) that can tell me the agreement or the disagreement between buyers and sellers.

Happy trading week!

Hi my Friend

unfortunately, there isn’t any built in Indicator in Metatrader which tells about sentiments of market.
all those indicators are externally coded.
My Advice : Not to follow sentiment Indicators.
see the chart . what are these Candles telling us ? Sentiments obviously
on Chart you would find all necessary Information

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I agree with you. But the charts from different time frames and different time zones are different. Do you think that I need other indicators to help confirm the strength of the signal?
I believe that it requires skills to just read off Candles without other indicators. Would you mind to share some of the reading Candle skill to us? Something that you think most of the people can’t see from the candles?

Thanks. You are being very helpful and constructive in this forum.

Finally …huge Profit with Perfect Prediction

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Arggh!!! I’m such a chicken. I bailed out at 1.22401. Wasted…:sob:

my friend confidence is good but how would you learn if you would be over confidence …
try to consult with people about your open position ,
that’s y i post here my position so that others could be benefited from that…

better luck next time …

Okay, currently i’m short CHFJPY. What do you think? Good or?

i trade only pairs which you can see in my pictures …
but i GUESS it not a good idea to sell here …
100 to 150 pips atleast …

Sigh… :cold_sweat:
Thanks for the opinion. I just realise i’m trading the bounce which could be risky.
Anyway, i guess i just have to ride it out. I need to develop faith in my judgement.

bravo :sunny:magnifique bro

I wish you would form me a pity for me
t es a good brother

ah! The translation is not good

you can tell how you take your S / R ON WHICH TIME FRAME

weekly und daily TF…

Thanks for your reply bro

like this

there is such a way from W1 to D1 :transpiration: