My Target 1 Million Euros

congrats adnan for ur audcad… looking for a short oppurtunity in eurcad gudluck to me :slight_smile:

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Congrats Adnan. I really like your trading style. your targets are always accurate. Bravo Man!!! Please help us to understand the market and be profitable consistently.

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Hi my Friend …

I prepared EURCAD Chart for you …
see it and think twice … do you really think you have to be Short on EURCAD ?

Thanks a lot my friend …
i am here for all you guys … you can ask before entering into trades
more over i frequently post my trades so that you all can trades with me …
i am actually on more then 5…6 forums plus my job… so sometime i get late by posting …

Happy Trading

Nice Thread ty for your efforts Adnan

i change my mind when i saw the flag pattern in daily hahaha :smiley: thanks adnan looking for a new trade

Thanks a lot
and Welcome to Thread …hope you would get be benefited from that…

adnan are u using BB indicator too??

Hi Adnan,

Thanks for sharing all your posts bro, it’s been nice to see your successful trades and use them for myself.

Any trade ideas for today?

There is definitely more to upside in AUDCAD
today’s Trade …

MY GBPJPY Today’s Trade …

Cheers !


thank you four sharing bro!!

think yes until the red cross

n aud cad rentree late but I am in demo I do not have yet base for real but already lost a lot then waits to remake damage I will do better next

hello Adnan told me this analysis and scenario has been well analyzed or bad resonance or other

Hi Adnan, thanks heaps for publishing your trades - it is awesome to see you doing well & making money. I have been watching your trades for a few days on this forum and have also taken the GBP/JPY short trade. I have just started using Steve Ruffley Fibonacci Retracement strategy (my chart below) which seems a bit similar to what you have used to enter this trade. Link to his youtube clip is below.
Happy trading!!

Hi Adnan, i start following your thread. I am newbie. If you dont mind, can you teach me how you decide to sale, and how you choose your entry and tp at there? Thank you in advance.

adnan do u think gbpjpy will going down or still undecided whethr going down or up Resistance = 3 and the support below = 3… darvas box?

Thanks for your sharing Adnan. i have learn very much from your have change my life in forex trading.

Good Morning friends
as expected AUDCAD did hit the Target for a nice profit …