My Target 1 Million Euros

your welcome …
keep learning and don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

i am still sure that it will retrace down …
but because it against the trend trade so i put SL … which i normally don’t put in my trades …


thanks adnan go for that 1 million euros :smiley:

Hi my friend …
welcome to thread …
Entry : i have numbers of methods to use … Fibo … Price Action, breakout , trend following … SR
my entry depends always on a situation i have
TP : is always the next critical point … it can be SR or can be MA (Daily and Weekly chart )

have a nice day

i hope the news in GBPJPY this coming hours will not trigger bulls hahaha

thank you so much Adnan

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What do you think about XAUUSD? I’m still short…

Good luck on your target, I’m sure you will crush that goal my man! Keep us updated!

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you can hold a little bit …
a little way to downside is still intact but not so many pips …

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1295 would be great… let’s see!

Adnan…do you use different MA setting for each timeframe ?
If does, whats the best setting for H1 ,H4 ,D1,W and Monthly timeframe ?

no i use the same one for all time frame. the act superbly as a dynamic SR
200 sma
100 sma
26 ema
13 ema

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oh… ok .thanks Adnan…:+1:

This is very bold statement
is there a website where one can see your accounts tracked by 3rd party provider to support such statement?

Hi my friend
firstly Trades which i show here are all on real account.
2ndly i don’t say anybody else to invest with me or to buy anything from me so there isn’t any point to show
my statements or accounts.
this is merely a thread where i share my ideas and trades that’s it.



Thank you Adnan… Waiting forward to learn more… :slight_smile:

adnan nice plot of resitance in EURCAD… i thought it was in the wick but the body of the candle is the resistance hahahah

the point will be to support your statement
but nevermind it is your account
what is the difference if someone trust you or not

I don’t think he cares dude.

He just wants to share his trades with other people and if others gain any benefit then so much the better.

I think you’re treating adnan as if he were trying to ‘sell’ a course or prove a point…he’s not.


Yes and he has the right not to reveal his accounts
I have the right not to trust such bold statement as I have seen this many times and it was never true.

Regarding the trades it could be of course good source for the forum members, I dont doubt it.