My Target 1 Million Euros

agree… and read the thread pls

adnan did ur SL hit ur target @ GBPJPY?


resistance still inttact after that news hahaha

Someone sharing their live trade.
It take Guts and confidence.
Adnan is already generous enough to share his trading ideas. So Togr, please don’t push your luck.

Just check his chart and verify manually yourself.

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Dear @alphahavoc
I agree with you that sharing a trade could be a interesting for community.
What I did doubt was the statement> I will make million EUR
I have seen such statement in the past and they did never come true.

Adnan, when you said divergence, you refer to what? sorry, I have zero knowledge regarding this…

***By the way, I just found explanation on babypips:

It is enough Anand this explanation Anand?

Nothing is impossible.

Show me such account verified by 3rd party
Where you make 1,000,000 from 10.000
Hypothetically yes you just need to double the account for like 7 years.
But 7 years is a long time in forex.

Drawback of having SL …
SL hit around 2700 euros

new Trade on GOLD

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made a good profit on the last one! :wink:

I’m down a 1000 pips on GBPJPY. Should I hold it?

what is it that motivates your level TP please

Umm, how did you get that far under water. This loss is what percent of your account.

The Ever Helpful VIPER

Doesn’t know what a pip is I suspect. Most likely 100 pips.

i can tell you only if your show me your chart please

if i would be in your place i would hold it …

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1000 on 5 decimal…