My top 8 brokers

After looking at factors like regulations, spreads and commissions, I have rounded off these brokers:

  • CMC Markets
  • IG
  • Plus500
  • FXCM
  • Avatrade
  • XTB
  • Think Markets
  • FxPro

Would love to hear thoughts of existing users of these brokers, and your reasons for choosing it. Thanks

when looking for a broker we the traders, first of all, have to make sure which is regulated, actually the best broker always ensures the security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies.

I believe you’re missing out on one mate, Fxview is also doing great these days. They’re regulated, charge a low commission ($1 per side) and offer really narrow spreads. You can add them too in your list.

Although it would be nice if you mention the pros factor of these broker which can be very useful for all of us out there looking to try out the new brokers

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I’ve never heard of CMC Markets and XTB, where are they regulated?

Cysec and FCA. Good broker but high fees.

This broker is new to me. How’s their services?

I think that all of these are good brokers in their own ways. We cannot expect a single broker to provide us with everything we want and so, we use multiple brokers.

Cool, will check it out, thanks.

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Their flexibility in terms of trading strategies is one. Lowers spreads and overall trading cost is another factor.

These are all multi-regulated brokers. For me it’s more the better.

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Decent I would say, investment options are varied. And they are regulated.

Thanks for replying. Will check them out.

Choosing a broker is one’s personal domain. If it works for you, it is the best for you.

When I am searching for a broker, I ensure that the broker offers low commissions and tight spreads because it helps in maximizing my profits. In that way I find Oanda to be good.

I think we are all looking for that in a broker, plus a very good regulation.

As a beginner, all brokers seemed the same to me. But when I demo traded with some of them, I realized that they are not.

Are you talking about all of them?

I would choose XTB from here because of xstation, I prefer it for analytical tools.

Right, Oanda is a good broker, but if low commission is a priority, then fxview is doing even better. They have only $2/lot and spreads are also tight.