My Trade Journal - Trade using VSA (Volume spread analysis)

Dear Pippers,

I am starting this thread to post my trade journal, I trade using a method called VSA(Volume spread Analysis), with support/resistance and pivots. I been trading Forex about 2 years now, been trading using VSA for well about a year and been much sucessfull.

The pairs I trade :


Among the above GBP/JPY is my favourite pair to trade cos of it’s wild moves and faster pips :).

I would like to use this thread to post my trades, and want this to be a open discussion.

Happy Pipping.


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Have shorted GJ at 144.50, Took a 70 pips profit, Closed at 143.80,
This was a quick fire buck trade, seen distribution on the top, and triggered the trade… 70 pips in 45 mins :slight_smile:

Total Pip Count : +70

Short GJ, 144.05
SL 144.25
TP 143.75

TP Hit, Banked +30,
100 PIPS So far in 2 GJ Trades today.

Total Pip Count : +100


Short GJ 143.65
SL 143.80
TP 143.30

real slow at the movement, adjusting the stops a bit more 143.90 to give the trade some room… not much buying volume at the movement though. let’s see how it plays out

SL Hit, -25 on this one.

Total Pips : 100 - 25 = +75

I had a fantastic trading day today, Ripping the pips left & Right…
here are my trades today

During london I had 3 trades all are on GJ

This is pre london trade GMT 5:40AM, reason for this trade, I have seen the accumulation of the lows around 143 area, which was also yday’s accumulation zone.

Long Entry : 143.32
Tp : 143.80
Total Pips : 75+48 = 123

Another Short entry on GJ,
After a good run up, GJ Shown weakness, which is identified by Upthrust folloed by a no demand bar on the top. Exited at crucial support a quick and cool

Short Entry : 143.85
TP : 143.05
Total Pips : 123+80 = 231

Another EU Short post NFP news, my system shown me weakness and gave sell entry signal before the NFP Employment change news, but perhaps, I took this short post news for a quick 15 pips. It was pretty quick scalp trade of 8 mins.

Short Entry : 1.2915
TP : 1.2900
Total Pips : 231+15 = 246

Another GJ Quck scalp post NFP News as well, yet again distribution was visible on my system at 143.40 area, but I was late to react and got in a late entry, yet made a quick 18 pips on this one

Short Entry : 143.07
TP : 142.89
Total Pips : 246+18 = 264

Fellow traders of the room has ripped it well today, awesome trading day.

Had yet another GJ Short,

Entry : 142.82
TP : 142.58
Total Pips : 264 + 24 = 288

What a trading Day !!!, that EU Short was probably the best trade of the day, though I didn’t held on to it with chickening 15 pips, it dropped 110 pips thus far…

Pure VSA makes the trader life easy… this is an example of simple trading :), happy pipping… my fellow traders reaping the pips in our community.

Yet another short scalp on GJ.

Entry : 142.22
TP : 142.00
Total Pips : 22+288 = 310.

I have called the GJ Drop to 142.20 when I saw the weakness at 143.50 area post NFP Employment news, and it just did it !!! :slight_smile:

Awesome Trading day…

How are you using VSA? What constitutes your entries and exits? Charts would be nice also.

Hi Soul,

I use VSA on high volume bars with pins to important S/R,Pivots and MM Area’s, for short entries Upthrusts and No Demand bars is what I seak as my signal.

I give a lot of attention to the reversal points as in Price behavior at an imp support/resistance area’s etc…

Exit rules as well based on S/R, Pivots,and MM…


When you type “MM”…I take it you mean Murrey (Murray) Math Levels?..some might confuse it to mean money management being that this is a forum for beginners too :wink:

Do you use MT4 and it’s standard volume indicator?

Hi Sweet,

Yes, When I Say “MM” I meant murray math levels, not the money management :).

I have a system developed which focuses on PA and re-computed Volume, I use that to gauge the market moves and trade…

I figured there is a lot of noise on a regular price chart volume, which will tempt a trader to take not so confirmed trade… my system eliminates such noise with the re-coded volumes etc.

What system do u use to trade ?


I see. How are you “re-computing” the volume? Is it your own, or are you using that Better Volume indicator or any of the ones found in those threads at forex factory?

Presently I’m into the same as you except without volume. I suppose I’m substituting that with divergences between highly correlated pairs.

I’m just at the beginning of Tom William’s book “Undeclared Secrets that Drive the Market”…the original version to Master the Markets without all the proprietary promotion.

Unfortunately I don’t do skype.


What do you designate as a high volume bar? I scalp mainly naked charts so my indicator knowledge is not too great.

So if I follow correctly you use pivots, S/R levels and pin bars (price action/candlestick patterns) to help gauge your entries and exits?

I have completely re-coded volumes on a price action charting system, I use better volume indicator to give me a heads-up with the color coding, volume is completely re-coded with some of the VSA rules, it is completely different from the MT4 volume indicator…

Yeap, I don’t use any indicator on my chart except the S/R,Pivots,MM Lines, I am poor in reading them, rather my brain is not tuned to follow them…

High volume bar at a S/R,Pivot,MM with wicks either side on my system alerts me to look for a reversal, continuation trade setup…

I haven’t read through the “Undeclared Secrets that Drive the Market” book,MTM is good but I hate that highly promoting stuff of trade guider in it…


The volume is on my own, not using the original MT4 volume,
using better volume to give me a heads-up, but it has not much meaning in my system…

Entries are so much precise with PA,Volume, S/R,Pivots and MM…



We had an awesome trade this pre london on GBP/JPY Short,
First time i am attaching my chart here… Take a look.

Entry : 141.92
TP : 140.35
Total Pips : 157 + 310 = 467

I wonder why some says trading is hard during NFP Week, when u can rock n roll :wink:



Here are 2 more scalp trades of mine during this london,

GJ Short :

Entry : 141.25
TP : 140.87

Total Pips : 38+467 =505

Reason for entry, Weakness seen clearly at MM Level, followed by couple of no-demand bars after the retrace long.

EU Short:

Entry : 1.2812
TP : 1.2875
Total Pips : 37+505 = 537

Reason for Trade : Strength on upmove faded out, and shown clear weakness at MM Level.

This week turning out to be phenomenal… :wink: