My trading goal for 2024

Thanks for this dushimes! :open_mouth: I’m afraid majority of the trades before my more recent ones are all losses.:confused: I initially wanted to add better results in the mix just so I don’t get super depressed with what I’d find. :open_mouth: What do you think? Or will that defeat the purpose? :open_mouth:

I say no. Analyze your losses and see what they have in common.

Then, also, see what you should have done to trade them properly.

What do you think?

You can feel whatever you want. But you don’t have time to let your emotions impede your trading.

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Definitely agree with dushimes’ answer on this one. :sweat_smile: Just based on my progress with my trading, I’d say it would take me at least a decade more to become consistently profitable. :sweat_smile:

Such a tone, even as a joke, is self-defeating. A positive attitude yields positive action.

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It’s always inspiring to read about your journey, Mondeo! 13 years is no joke and it really takes a lot of determination and effort to power through all those years. :open_mouth:

OMG wow HAHA Do those entries automatically correspond to trades you took? Or does that number also include the trades you’ve skipped or missed out on? :thinking:

Okay! :open_mouth: I’ll try to get my trade in for the week, then I’d get right into reviewing those trades. :pray: Thanks for the push, dushimes! I’m back trading because of your support anyway. :sweat_smile:

Then I’ll take it as a challenge to myself! :blush: Rather than a declaration, I’ll try to be consistently profitable before I hit that 10 year mark! :smiley: I’m already on my 4th year of part-time trading. :sweat_smile:

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Best of luck on your journey. I indeed can say will do it.

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These excluded any trades I took, except the money transfers from bank accounts to brokers or exchanges. These represent cash movements in and out of bank accounts and credit cards and cash. In other words, everything I spend in my personal and business life.

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Good luck to you too! :blush: I might have missed it or I might have asked this before, but do you plan to create a trading journal here too? :smiley:

Oh okay! Thanks for clarifying, Mondeo. :open_mouth: But wow, that’s definitely a lot. :open_mouth: My husband’s trying to convince me to do the same and keep track of all of the things I spend. :sweat_smile:

Is he a trader like you?

No. :sweat_smile: He’s a data analyst so he’s crazy about excels and lists and numbers. And I’m the opposite. :sweat_smile:

Another week, another trade! :blush:

Right now, my chart is showing a bullish crossover so I just bought EURUSD @ 1.08671 with my SL @ 1.08472. I’ll set my TP @ 1.08867. :smiley: I hope I hit my TP within the next few hours before I go to bed. :pray:

Here is a snippet of some data fields that you can get started with:


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Hi guuuuys! :blush: So, this trade got stopped out, unfortunately. :frowning: I noticed after my big win, I’ve been getting too excited to jump into a trade every week. :confused: I’ll try to take it slow this week, but I’ll still probably take that trade if I think I can spot a good entry. :sweat_smile:

Super detailed! :blush: Haha. Thanks for sharing this Mondeo. :slight_smile: I’ll show this to my husband so we can use it as reference for our spreadsheets. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another week, another possible trade! :smiley: I’m still watching my EURUSD pair this week. :blush: I’m looking to go short but I’m waiting for the crossover on my 4H chart. :thinking: A bearish crossover has happened on my 1H chart though so I’m wondering if I should go for it. :open_mouth: What do you guys think?

Looks like price is moving up for now. :thinking: Good thing I didn’t get in just yet. :open_mouth:

I know I said I won’t jump into trades moving forward, but I do hope I spot a good entry for this week! :pray: It’s going to be a busy week for me since I’ll be running errands and working on official documents for my change in civil status, so I might not have another chance to open a trade this week. :frowning: