My trading journal with FXOpen

Good morning world, cloudly today around my place.

I am coming back here again, to update my trading journal with an FXOpen broker.

What happen yesterday trading is still hard to increase balance in account trading, my ea open buy and sell position but last with fail because margin call account trigger to close these order and let one order on gold, where I am open buy on gold.

Yesterday the gold rise so high, but unfortunately, I am still thinking if possible price rise higher due tension war between Russia vs Ukraina, but I am wrong, the price drops again and hit my stop loss, lucky I place stop loss in the profit zone.

Today, I am still trying to open buy on gold, I just think if the war still continues, hence investor will look for a safe-haven assets, like gold.

Good morning world, I am coming back to my trading journal today.

Four days ago I have bought gold, but what happen is the price dropped and hit my stop loss, now the balance is still left a little balance to start trading again. I turn off my ea, and try to work manually.

Today I am put pending order buy limit on gold again, at lower band level based Bollinger band in hourly timeframe, yesterday the Gold price also faced gap like as another trading pairs.

Conflict Rusia vs Ukraina still become hot news in recent days, still a possible impact on the market, especially on oil, because Rusia included one exporter of oil to supply the world, conflict maybe impact to supply chain of oil and increase the price.

Gold maybe be the only safe haven that probably will be chosen by some investors to hedge portfolios, if demand arises, possible the price is higher, but gold is not only the one safe haven, currencies like JPY and CHF and USD are also considered safe haven.

Good morning world, sunshine this morning, although according to the weather forecast today will rainy.

Yesterday I have put a pending order buy limit on gold, but till now the price still moves on the swing high, and not hit my pending order.

Now I am turning on my ea scalping again, trying different settings on stop loss and trailing stop active.

I just want to say if trading is not easy, sometimes faced bad condition in successive loss maybe make drops spirit, but in make effort all need sacrifice, the struggle is must in life. Moving toward the journey.

Good morning world, the sun lighting the earth today, hope not rainfall today.

I have come back again here in my trading journal with FXOpen, yesterday no trades were opened in my account, pending order buy limit on gold not hit because the price still moves on the higher price, and my ea also not open any trades at all.

I am not have any idea to open market order, although interesting in GBPJPY which yesterday moves very strong and success to break high, but based indicator still downtrend.

Good morning world, with the world, will remain peaceful and the earth become a comfortable place to live, until death.

Yesterday I have three orders or transactions in trading, one opened by ea, and hit take profit, and two orders on gold manual trading, get lost all the two.
This morning my ea open buy, but the major trend seems still bearish, hence I decided to close the order manually and switch to open sell on EUR-USD. Then I am also decided to open buy on gold because three days put pending order the price doesn’t move to drops even higher. Maybe this decision is only FOMO-based, sometimes so hard to control desired. Ready to bear the risk eventually.

Good morning world, clouds in the sky cover the sun this morning.

Today I am again b on Gold, I think still this commodity will move higher due to tension global because war Russia Ukraina maybe dragged on economic war with Russia with Europe, because sanctions on Europe to Russia may trigger Russia stopped the export supply of energy to Europe.

My mistake my position on gold already closed last week, Hope still continues to rise.

Good morning world, the sunlight is very bright this morning. wish all the day clear and no rainfall.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen broker, the war still going on, the impact seems still on several currency, USD, JPY and CHF considered as safe haven currency strengthening to rivals like Euro, EURUSD and EURJPY decline for long term and possible to continue.

Yesterday trading, I am quiet shocks because open buy on gold then the price drops and dragged to loss floating, but I am hold the order and on this morning when the price again to land at high, I decided to close order in a small profit, and the try to put pending order buy limit.

I don’t know later, sometimes when put pending order like that but the price success to breakout and leaving pending order to far missed out.

Good morning world, wish always be fine and fully healthy to us.

Come back again, to my trading journal, I just want to write anything.

Yesterday’s market, when I see my pending order buy limit on gold already hit and be active, the price them move up and hit target, but what happen, the price still continue to rise, then when pullback, I decided to buy instant. Yes the price even higher and reach 2070, but my target is 2072, not yet achieved I see the price formed long wick, I decided to exit at 2049 eventually.

Then I try again to put the pending order buy limit again on gold. I just think the price already soaring so high, worry if occurs reversal in deep, so I put a pending order with stop loss, I don’t know later, look at the price volatility, now still less volatile.

Good morning world, sunny today but cloud in my heart.

I just want to tell you here in my trading journal with the FXOpen broker.
Yesterday market Gold price before drops, its rise and on hourly timeframe formed morning star candle, then I am open buy instant on the market, without stop loss. But what happen is very disappointed, the price drops, while I am leaving the chart because there are certain businesses that should to do offline work.

When I come back to the chart, I see my order dragged and I try to wait at sometimes, expecting the price to move to uptrend again, but what happen the price continue drops and my equity left small funds, so I decided to close the order in a loss position, big loss position only one trades, although previously making a good profit.

Now I am will take a rest awhile and try to update the journal just for fun and someday later, maybe I will try again if ready with new funds

Good morning world, I am coming back to my trading journal, just want to share anything in my thought

Broadly speaking, I am still not yet decided to replenish the account after the margin call on gold a few days ago.

I am still monitoring gold price today, and I see the price still drops now at the 1916 price level, I don’t know why the gold is not rising anymore, amid war Russia vs Ukraine, or maybe war tension already slows down. I don’t know exactly.

I am still thinking if gold price drops are only will looking fuel and the rise again.

Good morning world, what will be the next global condition is still questionable.

Now I am opening the chart, just to monitor the market, take a look at XAUUSD, seems there are two daily candle formed reversal patterns after previous movement the gold downtrend.

But it is still in question, because the rises weak on the H1 timeframe, although overall based on moving average the price is still uptrend.

Thanks for sharing

Good morning world, how are you today, all hope in the rest of peace and all feeling good on day and night.

Long time I have not visit here in my trading journal, oh no, because I have no funds in my account trading after margin call due get wrong trading on gold.

Now I am come back again to my trading journal, after replenish account with some bucks for trading purposes, no problem only small buck as low budget trading, because everyone knows forex trading is risky.

Today I am enable expert advisor again on EURUSD still use previous ea and try another pair EURJPY use different ea

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Good morning world, come back again to my trading journal. Today is Ramadhan when all Muslims around the world they fasting.

When I am open trading platform Metatrader 4 and login account trading in FXOpen, I see my position buy on EURUSD and sell on EURJPY in floating, on Friday there is sell position by ea and already hit taking profit on EURUSD.

Maybe the journey of trading in these months is still not easy like as before, but let’s keep moving ahead, nobody knows the future.

I am not yet closed all orders because my reason is EURJPY I think still will continue to drop.

Good afternoon world, today the sky is blue and the sun is very bright illuminating the earth around my place.

I am coming back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. I just want to write if my yesterday trading is not good, my ea open sell and buy on EURUSD, but sell order hit the target while one sell hit stop loss, the problem is a work set stop loss wider than target profit, so the last result is losing money.

While my own position buys Sell EURJPY and buys EURUSd already closed manual and in accumulation get a small profit. Now the rest balance there is position sell on EURJPY and also EURUSD. Both orders are manual, the reason is EURJPY daily formed reversal pattern, possible will downtrend after uptrend ended, while EURUSD the reason is the Fed tightening their finance possible USD strengthnening

Good morning world, today the sun light without cloudly on the sky.

I have been few days not visited my trading journal here, but this morning I am trying to spend time writing some words to this trading journal.

Today I have two position trades on USDJPY and GBPUSD, I am turning off my ea because the balance is too small to prevent more trades opened.

All orders in loss floating at the moment, maybe these orders will become the last position from the rest account balance. if the USD weakens, hence possible to face a margin call account again.

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Good morning world, I am coming back again here in my trading journal, maybe this is ashamed trading journal, but I want to be honest to write here.

On my last position, I am decided to close one order on GBPUSD, because the trend being flat for a while, but my next trading decision isn’t good, I am switch to XAUSD buy because the price already break the line resistance, and let another order on USDJPY keep opened.

Then what happen later is the Gold price drops and my rest account balance not sufficient to withstand price movement, eventually margin call account again.

I am take a rest now and not replenish account, just like obey the golden rules investing in forex is spent money that afford to lose. maybe next month when already get salaries I will try again.

I am realize if success from trading forex is not easy, but if seeing competitor on FTC 2022, current top trader able increase profit small but gradually growth, this is motivation if we have the same opportunity to success, just need time maybe.

Hello world, I am come back again to my trading journal, continue to make effort in FX business, I am realize this is not easy to survive in forex trading business, because more than 60% even more 90% traders losing money in forex CFD trading.

However forex still promising, many trader had big dream from here, able to making good money from trading to buy car sport like Porsche or Lamborgini, no one knows maybe start from the dream then come true, if God will hence no anyone able to hold it.

But this is really too high dream if start only small capital then has dream profit can buy sport car, I will thinking realistic on this case.

My account faced margin call fiftheen days ago, and now replenish account again to try fight in the market again, not much amount, only less than $30, maybe profesional trader will laugh with this number capital because they start with big money more than $1000, but no problem, obey golden rules investing money that afford to lose.

My plan trading using this capital is follow trend without stop loss but I will implemented averaging trading strategy, this is extrem trading strategy, but because we ready to bear the risk, let we try out. It will grow the money of faced loss experience like as before.

Now I am still looking the pair and analyze the trend, not decided which pair will be traded.

I see Gold drops heavily, but still in question, the price already undervalued or still continue to decline, not yet found the sign.

Hello world, today is the quiet spirit to update the trading journal, because still trying to continue this journey with small trading capital.

Yesterday I described my plan trading with averaging trading strategy.

Just update the position now, I am decided to open buy on Gold because yesterday the price broke upper band line, as I assumed reversal due to stochastic already on oversold zone level, I am set the target on the previous high 1984, without stop loss because my plan uses entire funds for averaging, on one pending order I put buy limit at the low price without calculation.

Good morning world, sunny today, the sunlight the earth quite hot, maybe impact global warming.

I am coming back here to update the trading journal in FXOpen broker. Yesterday I have one active position on gold, and this morning I check account trading on the platform, the order already closed and hit target 1984.

Because only use small trading capital and this is a first trade get success, the profit percentage is close to 100% from investment funds, but let compound the profit, because I am only spending money that affords to lose.

Now I have a pending order buy limit I placed on the low zone level not yet canceled, however, I have not yet opened new trades now, Gold has already risen high, while the Fed may still possibly increase the interest rate due to hold high inflation on the US. this may affect a temporary impact.