My trading journal with FXOpen

Good morning world, come back here to my trading journal.

This is a hard time for my account after the first trade get success, the second trade dragged in big floating. Yesterday I see the price break high and I think will continue to rise, but what happen is the opposite from expectation, Gold price drops heavily again and dragged my buy order.

I see downtrend-based hourly still pressure to drop. What is my mind now is still worried if the price continues to drop. maybe later I will cut loss.

Maybe this becomes a lesson, if still hard to keep discipline, yesterday should waiting for a retracement, but break high lead me to decide to buy Gold. However the time has gone, and we can’t back to a previous time.

Good morning world, come back again to my trading journal, just will report the trading results a few days ago.

Still, believe if more than 69% of traders lose money in CFD trading, this is a type of investment product that included high risk, may investor or trader losing entirely money from the initial deposit.

Forex trading included a type of investment that is difficult to understand, so this is considered red produce means high-risk business.

My account faced margin call again few days ago on gold trading, because high volatility trading pair and only use small capital, account cant sustain price movement eventually the broker closed the order automatically due margin call level reached.

I have no plan at the moment, not yet replenished account, just monitoring the market, now gold still drop and land at price level of 1855, this is a support zone based previous low and possible to rebound.

Good morning world, just a long time never update my trading journal, I miss writing again here.

Yes, indeed on the past trade I was loss and margin call account again, but because I still like to trade in the forex market, now I am back, but I am using demo account ECN in FXOpen broker.

I am now trying to choose EURUSD again because this pair has zero spread sometimes. I check the spread EURUSD pair here

Today I test the Center EA free forex robot from MQL5, this ea work-based price action in M1, very active ea as scalping.

Today I am back to my trading journal with FXOpen, still back to using a demo account to test the Center EA free forex robot from the MQl5 market designed for Metatrader 4 trading platform.

Yesterday I put EA on two pairs EURUSD and GBDUSD with initial funds of $500, just want to know how it works, and this ea-based martingale with a multiplier of 1.6.

On GBPUDD ea make a profit, but currently in floating, EURUSD still not yet finish one cycle round and still floating too.

Good morning world, today I am come back to my trading journal again, just want to write update journey trading using Center EA in demo ECN FXOpen.

I am out EA on GBPUSD and EURUSD start $500, this week Isee EA working well on EURUSD and GBPUSD, but the most profit come from GBUSD profit 38.81 and EURUSD 20.58.

This EA working use target profit on money, not pip, so in properties we can set target let say $5, $3, in EURUSD I set to $3 and GBPUSD $5.

EA also works hidden stop loss, and also use amount money to close, here I am set stop-loss -7 on EURUSD and -10 for GBPUSD.

Good morning world, have a nice day, the sun shines lightning on the earth, no cloud on the sky.

I will write something again here in trading journal with FXOpen broker.

Yesterday market GBPUSD make Center EA working bad, I see big floating reduce equity more than 50% risk float. EA work based martingale open till 0.43 lot size, although eventually the closing position loss, but still rest balance near $500.

While Center EA on EURUSD although slow profit, but still steady and lower risky. now EA opens multiple orders on both pair and face floating loss equity below $500.

Good morning world, come back here now,

Friday market, what we can read on Friday market, there are some trader says in Friday markjet is very unpredictable market, random movement, because on last working days of forex many trader close position whether buy or sell to avoid overnight session.

Update forward test Center EA, now still in floating loss both on EURUSD and GBPUSD, although a week can survive account, the result not yet gained profit, now floating loss below equity $500.

Hellow worlds, coming back here, on this morning, I want to write again here, update trading journal.

Still trying to forward test Center EA, and now the ea make an account in floating loss, there is no profit on a week days market, even ea decrease balance because losing trades, Good at first trade but still less good for now.

Hello world, have nice day, back tgo trading journal, write down anything related trading journey in forex market.

Still running backtest Center EA now, I still think this is included extreme algorithm trading because of work-based martingale, however yesterday the ea worked well and was able to generate profit on GBPUSD. while EURUSD gets a negative result.

Good morning world, have a nice day.

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. Trading forex is not easy like as imagined, but if we work with enjoying it, investment in forex can become a fun business, if you have expertise in trading, take part in the FTC contest 2022 contest if become winner hence will get a big prize.

Backtest ea still running.

Good morning world, nice to meet the day again.

I am rare to update here in my trading journal, but still actively involved in the forex trading business. Here I want to write update trading backtest Center EA with starting capital $500, now the ea still running and looks good work, increasing the balance becomes $590,

In the default setting GBPUSD, this has good work, profitable trading but ever face high floating more than 50% account balance.

Good afternoon world, the temperature is hot today.

Today just want to update the trading journal by using the demo ECN FXOpen broker.

Yesterday Center EA worked well increasing profit, now balance in account $662.

Good afternoon world, the sun is lightning in the sky, hot today.

Quiet while not updating the trading journal, today I will write to update the growth account demo account using free EA namely Center EA.

Today when login account, EA gives a good result as the account balance grow to $699 from the account balance as an initial deposit $500.
EA running not full time, and working when there is spare time to monitor the account.

Good morning world, the sun still lighting the earth, day and night still cycling on the world.

Today I just want to write down something to update my trading journal with FXOpen, since use a demo account to test Center EA, this ea in my view still gives profitable on GBPUSD, now the EA is already able to increase profit again. Now the balance of $723 starts from initial $500. and running less than a month.

Good morning world, welcome to my trading journal.

Today I am still continuing to backtest Center EA, using demo ECN FXOpen broker. Starting from an initial deposit of $500, and already running for less than a month, the result now profits of $200.

Still use the EA on EURUSD and GBPUSD, the ea only works in the M1 timeframe. Not always turn on this ea and only when at a specific time at spare time.

Conclusion about Center ea this is good expert advisors but extreme trading strategy based martingale, many martingale ea make a failure, but let see with this ea.

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Good morning world, life still continue until the time.

Today I come back to trading journal with FXOpen, still continue using demo ECN and running Center EA, as free ea work based martingale, but there are difference and has uniqueness, this EA target based on money and not pip. I am not run EA all day long, just when has spare time to spend it.

Yesterday EA open trades on EURUSD and GBPUSD because I am put ea on two Pairs above. Still floating till now.

Info: FXOpen cut spread 40%

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Hellow world, the Sun lightning very bright today.

Come back again to my trading journal, although not always every day to update,

Currently forward test center ea still running and the account balance now already reach $777 starting from $500. this is almost 50% profit less than a month, this ea working good in GBPUSD with a default setting, but this is also risky, we know the market is uncertain when dragged into wrong position drawdown can more than 50% too.

Hello world, come back to my trading journal.

Yesterday I am not updated journal trading here, and now come back again just want to write anything.

There is news today US send more weapons to Ukraine, this can make the war longer and longer not last. The world is still shadowed third war. and this is not good.

I have checked the demo account today, Center EA working less good and faces big floating right now, and GBPUSD opens a bigger lot until 0.10 to cover the loss.

Hello , what is the current rate ?

Hello, I am sorry, what do you mean?