My trading journal with FXOpen

Hello world, how are you today? I see around my place the sun still shy to show its light.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, yesterday I am battled trading on gold and get lost in final result.

I try to use a scalping strategy with tight stop loss and maximize order on support and resistance zone, however, yesterday’s market was very tempting due to high volatility and attract me to open instant orders. Just trying to follow the market when the price down I open sell after hitting a stop loss because the price rising I open buy and again hit stop loss due higher volatility.

Gold price already formed new high I will waiting retracement.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the sun still shy to shows up the light, cloudy around my place.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I ju8st want to write everything about forex activity with FXOpen broker.

Today at time of writing still, not yet open any trades, however yesterday I get a profit from Gold when the price eventually drop to low 1915. However I face few times of loss too in the same instrument.

Hello world, how are you today? Why is the sun still shy to show its face although already rising up above horizon.

Monday morning come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Today occur a gap in the pairs like EURJPY where the open price is far above the previous close price in the hourly timeframe we can see it. Besides EURJPY also EURUSD, the open price is below the previous close price. USDJPY also occurs gap where the opening price is above the previous close price.

I don’t know why still have not yet opened trades maybe still fear losing trades because on Friday trading gets loss in raw. maybe later I will dare to open new trades again.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun already rise up but the light is warm.

Back to my trading journal today, I just want to tell you that making money from trading is not easy at all, we can’t predict the price will move based on our thought, however, we must follow the trend market and look for the best trend where the strong rally.

Yesterday I trade in Gold because I think the price was already in the low zone level and it is time to buy, however, the price still moves correction and was still unclear, this condition make a loss in my trades and get several times of loss. I can’t control my decision after a loss and try again although the trend market is difficult to follow.

Now I am taking a rest while from trading activity, however still monitor the market. the Fed raising interest rate seems to become a reason why the gold prices dropped again.

Hello world, Friday market as the weekend time to trade.

Yesterday is the busiest day since the workload helped my brother with some work. Now come back to my trading journal.

Here I open chart MT4 platform and move the mouse to the XAUUSD tab of the chart, and there is wondering why the gold price dropped again from high 1890 to low 1862. Before I think the price will rise again after dropping since the Fed hiked interest rates. However, I was wrong and the price still dropped yesterday below the lower band. Support zone becomes a bias now because it possible the price rebound to high again.

Hello world, how are you today? Yesterday heavy rainfall around my place overhelming, now the Sun rise and hot lighting the earth.

On previous week my trading histories less good and cannot generated good profit, however still in the break event point so hopefully this week obtain better result.

Monday morning, no gap I see occur on EURUSD or EURJPY. the price looks normal, however in M15 timeframe the market still move in flat or sideways, Bollinger band squeeze waiting for breakout

Hello world, how are you today? rainfall around my place now

Come back again to my trading journal today, here I want to write about yesterday’s trading activity, Yesterday I traded on XAUUSD, I see the price already drops a low and tried to open a buy for scalping, first trade opened buy get a profit because exit in profit, then second trade get a loss, third trades get a profit and now stop trading just put pending order sell limit.

Hello, world, Monday has come, and the new days of this week still give new hope.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, a few days do not visit here, and sometimes missed writing and sharing experiences.

Trading forex is not easy, I call this a fact, on trading days the previous week, the worst condition occurs with the problem can’t control emotions and decisions.

Facing loss in raw making minds fired and then revenge because want to recovery as soon as possible. What happen is I think you know, the result is bad when trading based on emotion.

Sometimes I wonder why still often repeated the same mistake over and over again, being disciplined is not easy mainly when faced with loss in raw, should the after that avoid trading and waiting next days opportunities. However it already happens, and I can’t turn back the time to repeated it.

Today I just monitor the gold price and I see the price now is 1841.73. the price still formed higher low. Bands line expands, there are increasing volatility.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun rise above horizon, hot around my place.

Today I visit again to my trading journal.

Gold prices still traded on low trading range yesterday, the price only formed small body candle. While gold price below moving average 20, the trend still downtrend based on indicator, while RSI indicator level shows value 40 which means in downtrend zone level.

It is still possible the gold continue bearish.

Hello world, the sun still shy to shows the face today, the sky seem cloudy.

Back to the my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to write anything.

Gold prices still continue to decline on yesterday market. The gold formed bearish candle, however, the low price still not yet exceed previous low, it is means not yet break low.

Now going to H1 timeframe, oil price eventually break lower band and there are Bollinger band expansion indicating higher volatility occur. In the last few hours gold price move in small trading range 1826.83 and 1823.78.

If the price break low, it will looking new support near middle band line in daily timeframe.

Hello world, Monday market will starting out, there are new hope and opportunity in this week to start trading.

On this opening market, the pair EURUSD looks normal movement, there is no gap shaped on low timeframe even, the prices still move flat near moving average 20. Bollinger band squeeze indicating the market is very low trading volume.

Seems still not good momentum to entering the market, so waiting the next time opprtunity.

Hello world, how are you today, yesterday rainfall high intensity around my place.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, Monday market is less good time to trade. However I see Gold price tries to pullback after drop to low `1806.66. Gold price now move to high 1817.05, however the price still form higher low, so basicallty possible the main trend still in downtrend market.So I try to bet on gold with use sell limit order now. I moving to H1 timeframe and M15 timeframe to get resistance line based histories candles.

Hello world, the sun still shy to show face, the cloudy above the sky make cool views as nature.

Yesterday trading my order eventually hit target profit, although the gold price eventually rising high, maybe my target profit in lucky hitted by the price before reversal.

Now I see Gold price formed long body bullish candle and formed higher high than previous candle which means gold rising sharply on Tuesday. Now based on H4 timeframe gold price already move near upper band line and there is one bearish candle formed on this zone indicating uptrend start to weaken.

While in H1 timeframe, the price flat less volume transaction occurs maybe waiting London market session the the price probably move higher volatile.

I not yet open any trades today.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun still shy to show the face here, the sky cloudy, yesterday’s rainfall high intensity like no hot at all.

Back to my trading journal here just want to write anything.

Yesterday I put buy order and use stop loss and now I see the order already closed and hit stop loss. Gold price although before in H4 already confirm near the upper band line, however, after the price fall to 1823 then rebounded and move higher price breaking the upper band line.

Here can be an important note if we can’t overconfident although the indicator already confirms a signal. Now I see the Bands line expanding on H4 which means high volatility occurs, here RSI shows level 63 near the overbought zone level, however expected the gold price will shiny on this week.

Hello world, today the sun is still shy to show its face just like yesterday. Every day no shine or sun is seen around my place, rainfall high-intensity yesterday, hope not today.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to tell you and write if yesterday’s market I am trading on gold and getting lost. However on another account using a different strategy still running profit floating also in Gold.

I hope the price will move to an uptrend again and hit the high based on the price histories.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun now lighting the earth, gives little hot to the skin.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I want to write anything that I want to writen.

My order in the last week on Gold, eventually hit target profit and closed automatically by the broker. Now I have no new position,

I see Gold price altredy cross up middle band line, which means the gold probably will reach next resistance near upper band roughly 1877.00, While current price is 1857.86. however the price already move so high, it is possible to retrace.

Hello world how are you today. The Sun lighting the earth, hot now around my place.

Back to my trading journal.

Yesterday I have a open order on gold with buy and set stop loss, however the price og gold deeply to drop, eventually order hit stop loss. And I have another account also open sell with stop loss too, the trend is good strong to downtrend, eventually obtained higher profit that loss.

Today I hope the market will move like as yesterday, where many pairs occurs good movement.

I see gold now at small timeframe M`15 still in downtrend but decrease volume. it is weaken.

Hello world, today the sun lighting the earth, the face show up above horizon.

Come back again to my trading journal here, just want to write anything about trading activity.

Yesterday I put order on gold and hit stop loss order, Gold price still doubt which direction will be,seems the market still waiting for the Fed interest rate. there are rumor the Fed will raising interrest rate.

If it happen hence possible gold price will continue dropped.

Hello world, how are you today, wish the day will give a good news.

In the opening market Monday, I see there is a gap occurring in some pairs including EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDCHF, and more based on the MT4 terminal by FXOpen. This is not like usual, the Monday market starts with higher volatility.

However I am not yet open any new trades in my chart, although seems interesting trade on gold in strong bullish. Waiting the retracement first.near 61.8 or 50 FIbo level.

Hello world, today the sun lighting the earh and hot around my place.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to read and update my trading activity with FXOpen broker.

Yesterday’s position hit a stop loss on gold, although the gold eventually rose so high, however, the stop loss hit first before eventually, the gold climbed to the 1911 level of price.

Today may be gold price still continue to rise, there are news Silicon Valley bank collapse may be impacted to USD, and good for gold. Tries to open two orders, instant and pending orders now.