My trading journal with FXOpen

Hello, world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, there is always available new hope from the market, and although it is difficult to achieve, however working is better than laying of.

Here I just want to write, forex trading is like a battle in the game, sometimes bleeding because hit the sword by a warrior, but sometimes beating the enemy and getting points. Trading is also like the art, how to manage the risk to increase money in account trading.

Profit and loss always occur in trading, and I think all traders for sure ever face loss in their career, no loss trade is impossible in an uncertain market. Except you don’t trade.

Yesterday I enter the market and traded on AUDUSD, this pair moved on the trading range after a heavy drop, still getting profit from this pair, every time face a floating profit then modify the stop loss to the break-even point, then I also tries to trade on XAUUSD, this is gold, I see the price move rising and also get profit from here, now I am not yet open any new trades.

Hello, world, the Sun is covered by clouds today, and the weather is cool around my place at the moment.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Yesterday I am not open to any trades at all, besides the market was not interesting also I tries not to take the risk until next week.

Today I just open the MT4 terminal platform and open on the chart of XAUUSD, and here I see the price yesterday already drops to the previous low. I just think this is a support zone level and possibly the price will rise again to swing high. The price of gold is near MA 20 and based on history, the price move between the middle and upper band line.

Hello, world, Monday has come, near the end of the year, and there are so many people on holiday from Christmas until the new year, it is possible the market movement is less liquid due decreasing volume of transactions in the market.

However the market forex is always busy, Today the price of USDJPY already drops to 132.444 and still possible the price continue to drop. However today I not yet open new trades in my account trading. Monday market sometimes the price movement in a low range, leading to higher risk.

While Gold I see the price now at 1797.59 based XAUUSD chart MT4 terminal platform FXOpen. The price is probably in the support zone waiting to rebound.

Hello world, today cloudy around my place, the Sun covered by the cloud making dark impression.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I just want to write anything. Sometimes to motivated own selves writing is good way to get motivation from own selves.

Yesterday I am not open any trades at all in my trading account, the market near the end of the year seems not so good to bet, but maybe later I don’t know for sure will open trades or not.

Today I see oil price jump and there are gaps occurring, while gold still moves on a low trading range near support zone 1874. BTCUSD tries to rise and break the upper band line in the hourly timeframe, while AUDUSD still in an uptrend pattern in the daily timeframe.

Hello world, how are you today, why is the sky still cloudy although the sun already rising high?

Today I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, thank you to all of you that give like this thread although this is not a good thread because only tells about stories.

I want to write something here, if today I am already open new orders on the pair EURJPY and EURUSD, here I just trying to use the correlation between pairs to tries catch profit. However seems I am too rush in decision making, I see EURJPY already on high but I enforced to buy and I see EURUSD already on low but I enforced to open sell.

Now my account face floating negatives because EURJPY is down and the EURUSD has rise, I still hold the position now with the expectation EURJPY will rise up again looking at resistance 144 level prices.

Hello world, happy new year 2023, in this year hope all traders will become successful traders and get financial freedom.

I come back again to my trading journal and write anything here. On the trade few days ago I am open trade on EURUSD and EURJPY, but the price move not like in expectation so I cut losses and tries using different straregy pending order, I am quiet aggressive and recover loss then eventually making profit at the end trades.

Today gap occurd on EURJPY I am not yet open any trades.

Hello world, how are you today, wish the earth still gives comfortable place to leave during the life.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen forum, there are news about new contest in FXOpenforum dot com, administrator held contest catch zeros spread season 4, the contest is free to join but need to register in the forum and open TickTrader account.

There are total price $190 for 8 winners. And another contest trading real account use STP account with initial deposit $10, this is weekly contest with name contest 10 to 100.

Talk about trading, yesterday market is very slow, I stay away from the market and not yet open trades. but I tries to use pending order sell limit on pair EURJPY

The pending order near to hitted but not yet active

Hello world, maybe I visit here too early because the sun not yet appear from the east.

Yesterday the market is very good volatile and I work like as battle with the market, I have open trades in the several pair just looking the best pair to tarded that according my analysis is moving good trend.

I select pair like EURJPY that seems continue downtrend, but not get lucky because stop loss hited, then I try another pair in the GBPUSD but also hit stoploss. raw loss making balance become small and then I try to working on FXOpen gold spread is low and the movement very interesting.

In this pair get lucky were I can recovery previous loss and eventually gives profit in the last chance. However my target is not hit by the price and I close manually. Today I am also trying to put pending order buy limit in the pair AUDUSD, USDCHF.

Today I also read the winner contest FTC 2022 is Turkey citizens namely Seyit Atluntas which he made profit 825.91% during contest period, then second place is Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa, Republic of South Africa with profit 65.75%.

Congratulations for the winner will get prize $50.000, this is big money.

In the 2023 forexcup again held new contest FTC 2023 with the same term and condition. The prize also the same $50.000 USD and trophy.Detail term and condition can be read on Terms and Conditions on the website forexcup.

The contest designed for experienced trader and profesional trader. If you have good skill trading you can join and compete with another participant.

Hello world, the sun already rising above the yellow line. The peoples going to works.

I read a news in FXOpen they Announces zero commission on index CFDs but personally I trade in forex.

Here I just work from home, now I visit my trading journal with FXOpen, sharing my experience trading yesterday.

Yesterday market good enough to catch some profit I just put pending order on several pair like USDCHF, XAUUSD, AUDUSD, from the list pair above getting good profit on USDCHF and small profit from gold.

In the last trade get loss and now I am not having schedule to trade and waiting next week beause target already achieved.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal in the Monday morning when the market open.

Today small gap still occur on EURJPY, the gap down but then the price recover gap and move higher.

I am not yet open any trades today, but last week still making decent profit in NFP news maybe get lucky trade on gold after buy then price rise.

Hello world, the Sun rising to high lighting the earth, occurs small earthquake yesterday around my place.

Today come back again to my trading journal, and I will tell here my trading history yesterday is bad trading.

I have faced a raw loss in one of my accounts trading decreasing the balance in the account, It is because I am rushing to open entries and hit all my stop losses.

Forex market is a dynamic movement, sometimes we realized when the trend already moves and imagine if we open here hence will take a big profit, but it is only an illusion because the time has already gone.

And when facing the real market we like to stand in four streets and are confused about which direction to move. And there is anxiety when already making a decision with my own question if my way is right or wrong.

Confidence and we will know the end result even good or bad it will give lessons in life.

gold break high looking new high

Hello, world, the sun is still shy to show its light, the sky cloudly covering the sun, on the street many vehicle sounds very noisy.

Today I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Life does not always get sweet reality, sometimes people face sadness maybe because one member of their family gets sick, or expectations far from reality, life is like a test.

In forex trading, not always I can make a profit, but very pleasant when withdrawing profit and get cash to cover a daily necessity.

Yesterday’s market was still hard for me, some losses still faced and I still try again on this morning and put pending order on the gold.

Good morning world, few days not visited my trading journal, I miss here to write again.

In the trading days previous week my daily trading activities overall still get loss, sometimes still repeated the same mistake over and over again.

fear of missing out is the most disease when watching the price move higher volatile, chasing the price when arlready run is bad decision and often cause of loss.

On this week I hope can working better than before as all traders also expect will make better result.

Today I see XAUUSD already move higher to 1918 level price based MT4 terminal platform FXOpen. I am not yet open any trades and will waiting retracement mode.

Hello world how are you today, I see the Sun still always lighting the earth, although sometimes the cloud covers the light.

I also still use FXOpen broker to trade in the forex market, although sometimes get loss in trades, my light in the soul still fires out.

Yesterday I am battled in forex and choose the pair ERJPY, should my plan buy finish with taking profit because the price eventually rose high and hit the target profit, I closed the order before the price rose so only get the smallest profit. The price eventually drops again and landed on previous zone prices.

Today I see AUDUSD, this is pair also has low spread in FXOpen, the price alredy break trend line and maybe looking new low. waiting London market maybe higher volatility in this pair.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun already rise above horison, the skies is blue.

Today I visit again to my trading journal with FXOpen, and will write good story.

No anyone know the future, but in the contest FTC 2022 that now already over and change to new competition for FTC 2023, but the winner making high profit more than 800% in a year trading.

What the lesson we can take from this, it is mean we can making good money in forex trading when already really understand how to trade here. Slow steady to win the race.

I see many traders looking for success, but actually, we don’t need to look for success, we only need to work well in trading and success will follow.

Hello world, Monday already start to come, and the day still looks beautiful, China celebrates the new year and there is wonderful traditional culture held in the ceremony.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, write anything, read the chart pattern, looking the chances to try to catch profit from price movement. Monday market, some traders say the price movement is still not yet clear. The market has low volatility, but in fact not always like it.

I see XAUDUSD today’s price of 1929.18 based MT4 terminal platform in FXOpen. The price in the daily timeframe is already in the overbought zone level based on RSI, however, the trend is still bullish.

Look on hourly, the price is already in swing high waiting for the price down to swing low to look entries.

Hello, world, the sun still always lighting the earth, and the breath still remains flowing in life.

Today come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday’s trading was like a battle with gold, I open buy and then watched the price rise and I guess the price will continue to rise higher, so I am not closed position, however, the fact is gold price dropped again and hit a stop loss in profit. Then I see the gold price drop already weak and formed a long wick, eventually, I bet to buy on gold once again, I put a stop loss below the wick, and today I cut a profit on gold, while I trade another pair EURCHF yesterday hit stop loss.

At this time I not yet open any trades and may be waiting for retracement on gold again.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun seem still shy to show the light, or because the cloud cover the sky.

The geopolitical tension between Russia and Western still continues in Ukraine, we all hope the world will be full of peace no war anymore. However, God creates humans differently, never all humans one vote.

Yesterday I am still trading on gold and EURCHF, however trading in EURCHF get a stop loss and on gold get a profit, I see the gold price now already so high if chasing the price opens here, the risk may be will high, waiting for retracement again maybe to get lower price.

Hello world, the sky still cloudy although the sun already rise up.

Today come back again to my trading journal, here I will write anything about trading in the forex market.

Each person has own uniqueness and a different character, the trader has own skills and knowledge, we can’t record the same story in the forex trading business, there are some trader looks successful and there is a struggling trader who needs more hard work to achieve their goal.

I have included a struggling trader that still needs to hard work to achieve a dream in this market to become rich from forex and make good money for daily expenses.

Today no gap occurs in the pair EURUSD, all chart seems normal based on MT4 terminal FXOpen, in the daily timeframe the price moved near a swing low.

I just think the price will rise up slowly, however, the time will give the real answer to my prediction

Hello world, several days around my place rainfall with low intensity, however the cloudy like the sun not ever seen

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, yesterday I still not yet open any trades at all in my account. I am still monitoring the gold price, which the price now already near the previous low, it will reverse or break the low and create a new trend.

If read the hourly timeframe the gold price move near the lower band line and the band expands which means there is increased volatility, based band line still possible gold price drop to a lower level.