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Hello world, how are you today, the weather is a bit hot, it hasn’t rained for several days.

Back to my trading journal today, just write a few sentences about trading activities.

Every trading day, hopes and risks always exist in forex, it cannot be denied that forex trading risks naturally occur from volatility. However, this volatility also provides potential profits.

This is where risk management is important, there are no perfect market conditions above which dynamic price analysis bias may occur.

Tomorrow Wednesday there will be the release of the Fed rate decision which may be one of the moments that markets have been waiting for. Many respondents estimate that the FED will not change the value of interest rates because inflation is still not in line with the target.

Today the price of gold rose to form a bullish candlestick with a rather long tail at the bottom of the candle.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun has risen above the horizon, its heat is shining on the earth around me.

Back to my trading journal today. login Ticktrader account on the desktop platform.

What’s happening in the market today? Most crypto prices plummeted, Bitcoin, Ehereum, Solana, all collapsed. This may be the result of a crypto dump because investors’ greed has reached its peak and many are taking profits.

Today there is important news about the Fed Rate decision which the market might respond to and cause volatility to increase.

The price of gold is now at around 2158, it seems that one of the safe haven assets is consolidating, going down reluctantly, going up unwillingly.

Hello world, how are you today, may all the inhabitants of the earth have peace and prosperity, even though today looks cloudy, it hasn’t rained yet.

Back to my trading journal today, write down a few words related to forex activities.

After logging in to the Ticktrader account and exploring several trading instruments, it seems that there has been a surge of volatility caused by the Fed’s decision to hold interest rates the same as before. Even though the market had predicted it, the impact has caused the price of gold to soar and form a new all-time high. This is extraordinary, perhaps many investors still consider gold to be a safe haven asset that is worth hunting for.
On the other hand, the crypto market also saw an average price increase yesterday for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, and others.

In contrast to oil prices, US Crude oil, which previously rose above the upper band at around 83, yesterday fell to a low of 80.73, however, it seems that oil still has bullish potential.
Now the gold price is forming an indecision Doji candle after yesterday’s rally. Doji reflects market uncertainty where there is a balance of sellers and buyers with equal volume. $2150 may still be a solid support zone.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun is shining on the earth and it is quite hot today even though the weather is sunny.

Back to my trading journal today.

Forex trading can be a boring job where every day time seems to circle around and repeat the same work. But that’s the situation is normal for everyone, sometimes their mood changes.
Boredom does not only occur in the forex trading profession, but other professions may also experience the same thing. However, how to overcome boredom may be different for each person.
When I’m bored, I prefer to take a break from activities that make me bored. Or gardening for entertainment by seeing green plants growing in the yard can also reduce boredom or stress from work.

Back to the market, the price of gold fell again after reaching the new ATH, but this decline may only be temporary, if the price breaks 2150 from the upper side, perhaps the price will continue to decline. In the daily timeframe, there is an inside bar, it could be a trend continuation or reversal.

Hello world, how are you today, Monday the forex market is open again

Back to my trading journal today, write a few words about trading activities.

After logging into your Ticktrader account, today Bitcoin is seen rising at the $67k level, this is just below the middle band line. If this area breaks to the upside, it might bring the price up near $70k, but if it goes down it might bring the price into the previous range.
Elsewhere, the price of gold is now moving at the $2165 level, this is a support zone, and maybe $2150 is an important support level in this area.
US Crude oil prices are still around 80.86, the $80 level may be important support for WTI oil.

Hello world, how are you today, the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius around me.

Back to my trading journal today wrote several sentences on all forex trading activities.

Why is risk management important in forex trading? Even though you have analyzed the market either using technical tools or relying on AI for decision-making, future price movements are still a mystery, risk management is needed to mitigate risk.

Today there is hope of Bitcoin rising again and reaching near ATH, with price now at $70k, expected to reach $73k.

Hello world, how are you today, I hope the world will soon be at peace and there will be no war anymore that kills innocent people.

Back to my trading journal today wrote a few words about high-risk forex trading activities.
After successfully logging in to your Ticktrader account, today the crypto market, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana still seems reluctant to rise higher.
Bitcoin is still trading at 70238. Solana at 190. Ethereum at 3604.
The price of gold is still flat today at around 2175, bull potential is still open amidst the still uncertain US economic conditions.

Hello world, how are you today, cloudy and a bit cold today, maybe it will rain again later.

Back to my trading journal today, writing down trading activities with all the ins and outs of the dynamic market.

Today the crypto market seems to still have doubts, Bitcoin and friends are moving slightly down in the red zone. Bitcoin is around $69k. The market may still be waiting for the Bitcoin halving which is expected to push prices higher.

On the one hand, gold prices seem to be starting to shine, prices appear to be rising with quite a strong bullish sentiment.

On the one hand, the increase in gold prices is in line with the warning from the CEO of Blackrock who warned that US debt might be detrimental to the US economy.

Hello world, how are you today? The temperature is quite hot around me today, yesterday it rained, and maybe it will rain again later.

Go back to the trading journal, and write a few more sentences related to today’s forex trading activities with FXOpen.

Using Metatrader 4 and using Ticktrader get different user experiences. For comfort in trading, Metatrader 4 is better for me than Ticktrader. This is because running Metatrader 4 on a computer with medium specs is still very smooth, loading charts is faster, and shifting tab by tab is smoother. The only drawback may be that the instruments are incomplete. Different from Ticktrader, because it is designed for ECN brokers, all complete instruments are available, including forex CFDs, crypto, stocks, indices, commodities, and ETFs. So if you want to elaborate on all the instruments to find which one might be the most profitable, this platform is good. But this may require higher computer specs to run smoothly because i often have to wait for the chart to load and it takes longer than Metatrader 4. Switching from tab to tab is also sometimes a low response because this platform works well is use high-speed computers, so I rare use for scalping unless using pending orders. However, I still use Ticktrader to see the wider market potential and Metatrader 4 for scalping.

Back to the market, today seeing that the average crypto price is still in a consolidation phase, the market may be waiting for the Bitcoin halving in April next month. On the other hand, the price of gold has formed an all-time high, the price soared up to $2236.

Back to my trading journal today, write a few sentences about forex trading activities with FXOpen.

Run the Ticktrader platform today. The price of Bitcoin is still stuck at around $70, while gold has risen to its all-time high in 2024. The prospects for gold in the future still seem good as a safe haven. However, gold prices are vulnerable to US interest rates.

For US crude oil prices, the price is still around 82, the highest price is 83.03.

Hello world, it is still the month of Ramadan full of blessings for Muslims.

Back to my trading journal today, monitoring the forex and crypto markets via the Ticktrader platform.

The crypto market is still stagnant, Bitcoin is trading in the $70k range, and Solana is down at $190. Ether at $3493.

US crude oil was trading at 83.51, briefly rising to a high of 83.89. while UK Brent oil was at 87.47.

Maybe the market is turning to gold, it can be seen that the price of gold yesterday set a new record for the highest price of all time at $2265.

The volatility of gold is very high, late exit may result in failed profits because the price reverses quickly.

Hello world, how are you today? Today’s air temperature is hot around me, it hasn’t rained yet but there are indications that it might rain.

Back to my trading journal today. Write a few words about trading activities.

Login to Ticktrader, the crypto market is still moving in the red zone, Bitcoin is around $65k, this has fallen from the previous $69k level. Solana is at $189, while Ethereum is at $3299.
For the price of US crude oil, the price rose to a high level of 85.04 yesterday and is now at the price level of 84.63.

Gold prices are also consolidating after breaking a new all-time high. #bullish

Hello world, how are you today, still in the atmosphere of the beginning of April, a new month of new spirit and new hopes.

In today’s trading journal, back to writing some words all about trading activity in the financial markets.

Gold price volatility is very high, often occurring after the price moves in a strong trend, followed by an equally strong trend reversal. This may indicate that gold is also heavily traded in the short term.

Even though gold prices have reached new all-time highs, prices do not move up without correction. Gold price corrections often form wide waves due to high volatility.

As happened today the price of gold fell again.

Hello world, how are you today, a bit cloudy today, maybe it will rain later.

Back to my trading journal on Friday, the forex market’s last day is open but not the crypto market.

Monitoring the market via the Ticktrader platform today for gold prices slightly down at $2279.

Meanwhile, oil prices have risen soaring to a high level of 86.70 for WTI oil
Solana/USD today fell at 176.30 approaching the support point of 160.

EURJPY formed a bearish candlestick with a small body at 163,792, the price moved in the swing high range of 165,000 - 162,000

EURUSD also fell to form a small body bearish candlestick there is a reversal pattern.

Hello world, how are you today, it’s raining heavily around me

Back to my trading journal today, write down a few sentences about all forex trading activities.

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Bitcoin and other cryptos like Ethereum, and Solana are flat today. Just yesterday Bitcoin jumped from $69k to $72k and is down again now at $71k.

Solana has tended to move flat in the past few days around 173.

This time gold still looks shining, the price again formed a new ATH yesterday at the level of $2354.

Hello world, how are you today, hopefully, the market will still make it easy to make profits in forex trading.

Back to my trading journal today.

Gold price corrected to $2333 from a high of $2352. In the long-term trend, it is hoped that gold will still be bullish.

On the other hand, with crypto prices, Bitcoin is still hard to break the $72k level, the price even dropped to $68k.

In general, prices are still in the previous range of swing high and swing low.
Solana also fell near the 155.73 support based on the 50 MA.

Hi Kathlyn. Is there a specific journal you use? I’m looking for a good excel Forex journal if you happen to know if a good source to download. Found a few but nothing that stands out. Thank you.

Hello world, Monday is a bit different from the norm. The atmosphere was starting to get dark around me.

Some days I don’t make notes in this trading journal because outside activities take up time for trading.

Today back to my trading journal, write a few notes about forex trading activities.
Looking at the forex market today the eyes focus on the XAUUSD pair, this is the gold symbol on the forex spot market.

It seems that the price is moving with low volume, the price tends to form a doji with a small body.
I think it will still be bullish because even though the price fell, it still formed a lower high.

Hello world, how are you today, today’s weather feels hot around me, maybe it will rain later.

Back to my trading journal today, write a few words about forex trading activities.
Today I logged in via Metatrader 4 to see today’s market conditions.

The first time I opened XAUUSD, it appeared that the gold price was now in the range of 2385, after retracing the price then rose again and finally formed a bullish candlestick with a long shadow at the bottom of the candle.

Perhaps the escalation of the war in the Middle East where Iran finally took part in the Hamas vs Israel war has influenced the heating up of global geopolitics. And perhaps this Iranian attack will add to the growing geopolitical tensions, especially in the Middle East and perhaps Israel’s allies will provide assistance to confront Iran.

Many people want a peaceful world but it is impossible to unite human voices into just one voice. Or this has been outlined in the history of the messengers that there will be nation fighting against nation before everything finally happens.

Returning to forex, gold prices are consolidating in the H1 timeframe, high gold price volatility allows prices to move down and tries to make a buy limit near the lower band line.

Hello world, how are you today, I see you are getting older and more beautiful. Today is sunny, the sun has risen above the horizon.

Back to my trading journal today wrote a few words about forex trading.

Forex is indeed susceptible to risk, high price volatility apart from having the potential to provide gains, on the other hand, also carries the risk of losing money. Plus the leverage factor also contributes to risk.
Apart from that, traders also pay attention to trading costs such as spreads and commissions and also swap costs because all these costs will reduce profits.

Back to the market, today I saw the price of gold on the MT4 platform, the price moved below the MA 50 on the H1 timeframe, while yesterday’s pending order was not yet active and we were still waiting for today’s market to rise or fall again.