My trading journal with FXOpen

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Good morning world, weather today is bright, quite hot around my place.

Come back again here in my trading journal with the FXOpen broker.
Yesterday’s position is still active till today, sell order not yet closed or hit stop loss and buy order also not yet hit target profit, the price movement in a sideways market, this quite different with EURJPY that already break high and formed a bullish trend. EURUSD still faced strong resistance and not yet breakout.

Good morning world, rainfall around my place with low intensity, but makes cold in temperature.

Yesterday I have three orders one buy and two sell opened by my ea, and till now these orders are not yet clear and still in a floating loss, besides, I am get loss in XAGUSD, I am tempted by the bullish market yesterday, but my order hit stop loss before the pair actually rising, like as dilemma using stop loss, after hit but then price move and reach the target. Now I am let three orders on EURUSD in floating.

Good morning world, cloudly on the sky, the sun covered by cloud, but warm in temperature.

I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, yes, it’s regulated by ASIC, FCA, and Cysec.

My trading journey is not smoothly to accumulating profit trading, but the progress is good enough because not face margin call account like as first time knows forex trading.

Yesterday I have bought and sell orders, and the all order was already closed with amazing, all trades hit a target even buy and sell, the first sell order closed because price drops, and then the price rose and hit the target. Besides it, I am also open trades manually on XAGUSD, the result is profit although only a small profit.

Now my ea open sell order, and I am open buy manually because on this morning candle pattern formed bullish market, I just think it possible trend continuation

Good morning world, now is 31 december 2021 as the end day on 2021, seems so fast time goes, a year already run just like yesterday, this is mirror the time, although second by second is the same interval, but in minds felt so fast time goes on. The world already old, its seems more beautiful, different with women, older she is will not beautiful anymore.,

Back to my trading journal, yesterday I have buy and sell position on EURUSD, one order sell by expert advisor already hit target, but my buy order still in floating, yes my analysis is get mistake, I think breakout will formed new trend, but in fact not.

Yesterday I am also try again on XAGUSD or silver, two times open trades and all end with loss.

Good morning world, the cloud covering the sky on this morning, now already come 2022, so many wishes on the year, of course for a better life full of peace in the world.

Today I come back to my trading journal, first in the new year 2022, I don’t know what happens later with my trading, I just think still remain face profit and loss because loss is also part of trading, if we can avoid loss maybe all traders will already get rich now, but in fact, the risk remains there. But whatever result, the trader must accept it, because will be useless if deny the loss, in fact, the money is already lost.

Today I have three positions on EURUSD all trades by ea, its two sell trades where one order was already created on the Friday market, and one order was just a few minutes ago, and also the buy order is new. On another trading pair, I am trying to buy XAUUSD, maybe this is only FOMO because I see the price starting to rise and break high.

Good morning world, bright now on my place, the sun enlights the earth, weather quite hot today, the sun power, although already many billion years even trillion years but the hot still never decrease, even hottest. Some people maybe believe if universe comes from a big explosion, but I believe if universe created by God, because if the only explosion, it impossible the arrangement of the solar system is so very neat and orderly, humans who have complex body structures, can feel pain if only a coincidence explosion then humans might just turn into stone or choose to be another planet.

Back to my trading journal, yesterday my position on gold hit stop loss, yes it’s only FOMO decision, and the fact gold is dropping, and two orders on EURUSD, buy order I am close manually one order because I see the possibility downtrend occurs, and yes the price drops eventually, and let one buy order in floating, not yet hit stop loss now.

On gold, I am also again trying to place a buy limit and set stop loss too. 2022 hopefully get success with FXOpen

Good morning world, wake up today, still in new year on days first month, I am come back to my trading journal, just want to write anything about daily trading activities with FXOpen broker.

Yesterday I have one buy order on EURUSD, unfortunately the order hit stop loss because the pair drops continuation, on gold I am also get loss, limit order hit but I am too late to exit, the price drops first before then rising, in Gold I am use tight stop loss, because if set larger stop loss once loss make emotion and can make blindly in the next trading, just learn and try how to keep discipline.

Now there are no order active yet, my ea not yet open new entry, and I also not yet open new order, waiting the time and mood

Good morning world, bright today, the sun remains on the cycle of rotation to enlighten the earth.

Today I am again back to my trading journal to update or write whatever about. Yesterday my ea open one order buy, and its already hit target profit, and this morning my ea not yet again open new entries.

On other trading pair now I am put pending order buy limit on gold, I see the pattern already appear reversal pattern, Gold still possible to rise on this year because high inflation US is bad news

Good morning world, the day quiet cloudly now, but still hot in temperature, today I am quiet too late not like as usual come back to my trading journal with FXOpen, my kids want me to carry him buy toys.

Now I want to write yesterday trading, I get profit on EURUSD, but pending order buy limit get stop loss, my expectation has wrong, the price drops because good news for USD due employment rate is lower than forecast, but then I am trying to switching and get some profit.

Now there are no open positions by my ea, but I am trying to place pending orders again on the Gold buy limit at a low price and set stop loss tightly.

Good morning world, cloudly on around my place, the sun sunny but sometimes covered by cloud.

Now I am back again to my trading journal, just want to write here, about my trading forex, on Friday, my ea open buy, and it already hit target profit.

I am open Metatrader 4 to monitoring the market and look my account trading, I see my scalping ea already open one order, its buy order, actually, I am worried because based on daily range market, this price level is already in resistance zone, but I am still let these order, and because the candle pattern still possible reach to target.

But not yet I am finishing this write, my ea open new order again, its sell order, I don’t know why this ea open trades but I just understand if this ea working hedging martingale.

Good morning world, still in the new year time, the traffic street quite busy, my home new the highway street, every day very noise sound of the machine running away.

Today I want to write a little story, about Forex Trading Championship
2021 which is now already finished and the company announced the winner, namely Emirhan Goren, a trader from Turkey, very amazing profit on the last period contest able accumulate profit of 1091.15% on a year contest period. Very amazing, but I am very hard to achieve a profit high rate. now still struggle to maintain account trading and am still at the intermediate level.

But is okay, each person has his own capability, although you can copy work by someone else, the result will differ.

Now I just want to update my trading journal, yesterday position sell-by ea already hit the target, and because the support zone is still far, hence I am open new sell again on EURUSD, yes, it hit the target, and when I see a reversal pattern I open buy order, this morning I close order in profit, and left one order by ea

Good morning world, I come back to my trading journal today.

I was surprised my ea open sell order with increase lot size after yesterday hit the target, now I have two orders by ea on EURUSD, and trying to open sell on gold with tight stop loss because I think now price zone level at resistance zone and probably will reversal to drops.

Good morning world, how are you today, I wish you will always in peace and giving comfortable room for all humankind.

I have come across the time yesterday, my trading journey is not good, my ea that previously open two sell orders get mistake because the price eventually breakout, and I am decided to close all position in loss.

On other trading pairs, I try open to buy on gold and silver, but now only one order is still active, its on the silver trading pair, meanwhile Gold already hit a stop loss. yes, I face two losses on gold.

Good morning world, sunny around my place.

I come back to my trading journal. Yesterday trading, my ea open two order its buy and already hit the target, and again later open sell and already closed hit the target, meanwhile on silver, I am decided to close manually, because the pattern formed reversal pattern, stiill left small profit. But still need to be patience I think because its not yet recovered previous loss from EURUSD.

On this morning, no any open trades, my ea still no one open new position and I have no idea to open trade manually. Still focus on forex trading pair, although FXOpen now expanded their service, like as based on their new release news about the way 33 New Ultra-Modern ETF CFDs but I am still not yet learn ffurther.

Good morning Monday, keep to the spirit on Monday, although maybe some people hate Monday because they start to work again, do activities as usual, but actually, Monday is a good day to keep the spirit.

Today, I am opening the chart and then monitoring account trading, there are no single order was made by ea right now, the market is still weak although on Friday price drops but possible it’s only pullback.

Good morning world, today cloudly in my round place, the sun little sunny covered by clod, maybe the rainfall today, like as yesterday. No problem with rainfall, its blessing for farmers.

I am back to my mt4 trading platform now and making a summary for yesterday trading I open buy USDJPY instant order and pending order, the price then down and activated my pending order, luckily the price then went up and I am decided to close one order and let one another remain active till now still in floating, and I put stop loss here.

Meanwhile, my ea also open buy order yesterday, and till now still floating loss, expected the price will rise again, but if drop hence stops loss ready to bear.

Good morning world, sunny day, the sky is so clear, quiet hot around my place.

Today I come back again to my trading journal, I just want to write a little journey trading, still use FXOpen platform trading, its available Metatrader 4 and 5, web trader, and TickTrader, but I am using MT4 trading platform because I like it and support account.

Yesterday my ea open sell order and now already closed, meanwhile I am trying to trade on silver, first-order gets profit I use pending order, but second trade gets loss using market order buy when I see the price soaring high, I am too late in exit point and the price rebound and hit stop loss. Besides I am also putting pending order buy limit on USDJPY, this order is now already active and in profit floating.

Good morning world, I come back again to my trading journal, yesterday I have no time to visit here because on busy days, but one advantage forex, we can use automatic trading to work, but yes the risk remains involved in forex trading, its consequence trading in the forex market, where we cant control the market but trying to follow the market.

Summary trading yesterday, I get a good profit on Silver, the price soaring high and obtained good profit, on other hand, my EA open buy and because the price is decline, hence I am decided to close in a loss position, but still higher profit from silver in accumulation balance increase.

Now I am trying to put pending order buy limit on Silver or XAGUSD in near price and set tight stop loss below the candle pattern, I am trying to control my risk.

What the lesson I take from these experiences, is about entry and exit points, too large target profit is hard to achieve and will disturb emotion, so as we can possible to exit on one wave price movement.

Good morning world, Monday morning, the forex market already open like as usual.

On Friday trading, still hard to increase profit and get loss in SIlver, meanwhile my ea not yet open any new entry.

Monday market usually the market still hard to analyze, the trend unclear, and I am only trying to relly on my ea, but now the ea also not yet open new entries.