My trading journal

Do you trade GOLD?

Nope, I don’t trade gold. Do you?

I created a pending short order for USD/CAD. The pair is currently trading at 1.37440. Once the price pulls back to a resistance area, I will go short at 1.37210 with a stop loss at 1.37950 and take profit at 1.36254. These are my initial entries. I’ll be monitoring this trade and update on how it goes.

My pending short entry was triggered yesterday. Unfortunately, the price moved in the opposite direction. I’m closely monitoring this trade to decide whether to close it early or stick with my original plan.

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The price is currently a bit below my entry price. Let’s see how this will go tomorrow.

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Sharing an update on my recent trade: The USD/CAD pair was bearish for several days. Yesterday, I saw that my take profit was reached. Unfortunately, I had adjusted my TP slightly higher than my initial target. But that’s okay, I still secured a 52 pips win from that trade.

Currently, the USD/CAD price is moving in the other direction. I haven’t made a new trade yet, but I plan to look at the charts later and hopefully find a good entry for the week.

I checked the USD/CAD chart this morning and saw a possible sell entry. I set a pending sell order at price 1.37271 with a stop loss at 1.37775 and TP at 1.36482. It got triggered a few hours after setting it.

The price is currently at 1.36775. I’m a few pips away from reaching my TP. I’m considering whether I should close this trade before I sleep or stick to my original plan.

Just a quick update on my previous USD/CAD trade. I manually closed it instead of sticking to my plan. The price dropped further below my initial TP, but I still made a 38 pips profit.

I don’t have an open position yet since things have been a bit busy. Hopefully, I’ll find a good entry once I get a chance to look at the charts.

I was watching the USD/CAD pair earlier. The price was trying to reach 1.37000 but couldn’t break through. I set a sell order at 1.36780 with a stop loss at 1.37175 and a take profit at 1.36118.

My entry got triggered just as I was writing my previous post. Let’s see how this trade plays out. Hopefully, it won’t move in the opposite direction. :crossed_fingers: