Need a broker for trading

Is anyone broker here?


If you think positively about when to invest and when to stay away from investing, you will be successful at the end of the day.

Just make sure that they are regulated. FCA etc not some obscure country.

For trading you do not need 8 hours+ work. Merely a 4 hour session can be enough. But the fact is you have to skilled enough. Yes in forex trading you have the opportunity to work less and earn more. But this facility doesn’t make trading easy. You need time and a lot of study to get skilled.

Every broker has its advantage and disadvantage. offshore brokers offer something that FCA brokers cannot and many traders from US and Europe are flocking to such brokers. One of those things include low spreads and high leverage. I get to choose up to 1:1000 leverage with Forexchief. I needed this kind of broker for what it offers. But my advice to any new trader wold be to choose a broker that still has good reputation and its more than 5 years old.

I just hope for your sake that you haven’t got too much invested with Forexchief - just my opinion.
Good that you advise new traders to do as you say not as you do.

You can use any broker for demo because conditions are roughly similar ( some accounts can be archived too due to inactivity and you can lose your trading history). For live brokers I would recommend Hotforex or Tickmill, been using them for a long time and quite satisfied with what they offer in their platforms + speed of withdrawals.

Actually I have found Offshore broker who uses Mobius Trader 7 whitelabel trading platform
Is anyone heard about this platform?

Though there are many options, would still recommend you to stick to regulated brokers for the sake of better fund security. Hotforex, fxview, pepperstone are some good alternatives. However, if you prioritize low cost, then fxview is best out of the lot.

How about Mobius Trader 7 platform?

No experience with Mobius.
Metatrader is ok if you don’t like the brokers platform most brokers will work with Metatrader I believe.

but i have found that Mobius trader 7 has more features as trader’s prospective
Trader’s room, copy trading PSP IB area

Well if you are sold on Mobius just find a broker that allows Mobius but make sure the broker is regulated.

Thanks for your suggestion

Go for a genuine and regulated broker.

I recommend trading with FP Markets. I’ve been trading for a few months with their Raw account, their trading conditions are good, the spreads start from as low as 0.0pips in major pairs and slippage offered is lower.

Yes, Demo trading is important. I’m a beginner, and I prefer trading in a demo account before entering into live trade.

Because the demo account is a tool that helps beginner understand forex and the live trades also allows beginners to get familiarized with the platforms.

Brokers are like specialized institutions and organizations which provide platforms to traders to trade in various securities. There cannot be some single person who provides all these features. There are many brokers in the market such as IG, Fxview, FXTM, etc. which provide various trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, act trader and many more for its customers. A broker is a service provider entity.

As far as i remember ig and fxtm dont offer acttrader

I recommend trading with FP Markets, the spreads and commission costs are lower when compared to other ECN brokers.

I’ve been trading with them for the past five months, and so far I have never come across any major issues. Even the withdrawals have been smooth.