Need advice on brokers, small account and time of day to trade

I have been studying for a few months but I haven’t started trading my live account yet.

I am looking for advice on the following:

  1. Brokers. I am in the US and would like a US broker. I currently have one in Europe, but I am concerned how taxes will work.
  2. Best time to trade. I am in the Mountain timezone so the London/New York overlap is from about 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM, which is hard on me physically. Are there any major pairs that are good to trade later in the day? Someone mentioned AUD/NZD (I know it isn’t a major) on another thread, what is the best time to trade that pair?
  3. What lot size would be good for $1,500 account?

you need at least $2000 to trade even forex or any instruments on margin for that matter

If you want a US broker you will have access to limited leverage. Will that work for you?

In order to know about the taxes, contact your CPA who will guide you better.

Hi. This thread might help you