Need help in choosing Broker

Hi guys , i need some help in choosing Broker , please give me some suggestion .
I am looking for a safe and low spread broker. I had viewed Forex Brokers Reviews , but still cant really make up my mind.It seems like Exness , windsorbrokers , Icmarkets and gcmfx are quite suitable for me, but i can’t make a decision. Please please help me choose or give other suggestion if you know other good brokers.
Thanks :wink:

In the right top corner you find a search function. Try to search for the term ‘broker’.

Im using HotForex. They are quite good.
There’s actually a promotion now where you get 100% deposit bonus till 20th January

I am a full time forex trader and I use Oanda.
Their internet based platform can be customized and spreads are low - the lowest I have seen.
I am trading right now and the EUR/USD spread is 1.1, GBP/USD is 1.7…
I have never had any problems with them.

if these are the brokers that you have choosen its gona be hard for me to comment since i have not tried them, but one way to see in to their background is checking known review site, I think you can find some feedback at forexpeace army since most issues goes to that site, just check each broker, and maybe wait more for some feedback from actual traders and best of luck. keep us posted on how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions .

SamuelMorton Oanda is a dd broker right ?
Btw ,Anyone here know about icmarkets ? Is this broker good ? Their spread quite low .

Try broker with CFTC/NFA regulated broker!

How about ASIC regulated broker ?


Best regulated broker

If u see at fpa reviews good broker have 2-3 star, bucketshop broker have high stars…???

FPA are commercial sites, noted.
Best regulated broker are CFTC/NFA(US), FSA (UK),ASIC(AU).

And avoid broker who using LR or anyilegal money tranfer, its money loundry bro…