Which trader platform are trusted?

Hey guys, care to advice as I’m new to this platform. I wanted to give a try trading part time. if im able to gain some significant profits hoping to be a full time trader. However there are many which are not legit and scams can suggest some of the trusted trader platforms?


Google best regulated FX brokers for - add country you are in…

You really have to learn for yourself. Use this site for every beginner’s education answers…

best of luck.


Try the search engine:


Firstly you need to understand how’s trading works. And try to start with small capital. Find brokers that allows you to start with low capital and low fees.

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I would like to add to your statement that the selected broker should be regulated because many scam brokers offer high leverage and narrow spread facilities.

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Agreed, but isn’t it better to start with a demo account and practice and gain experience and then start trading with real accounts and funds?

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is there any platforms that offers a guideline on how to trading?
because i dont know much about it.

ouhhhh have a demo account ya? even we are using a demo account, still get a profits from our trade? like still need to pay a fees to begin?

Get your demo account WHILE you’re learning. You can do both. Get the free demo account. Learn to trade. Learning here is almost 100% free. You pay with your time. Check out at the very top of this page. Click LEARN FOREX.

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You won’t be paying anything with demo account. :blush: But likewise, you also won’t be earning anything. :sweat_smile: You get the experience you need though to eventually develop a strategy that works for you if you give it enough time. :blush:

Helloooo! :blush: Exploring multiple streams of income is a good idea, but I hope you know that forex isn’t something you can get the hang of overnight. :blush: I suggest you try the school here first, go on demo, and then once you’re ready with a strategy, go live. :smiley: Once you’re there, maybe you can refer to this list for regulated brokers. :blush:

Demo trading will definitely enhance the efficiency of traders but if they nurture wrong conception in them, it won’t benefit them. That’s why a trusted platform is needed.

nahhh I don’t think so there are any trusted platforms out there. all of 'em just suck the money out your pocket with no mercy.

don’t try brother. these are all broad day light thiefs. you’ll loose all your money. invest in somewhere else like gold or property.

ouh thanks for the suggestions will try out the demo account at first to learn.
i need a guideline before entering this industry and make sure i will not lose anything after that.
anyway thanks.

the safest guideline is just to make sure that you use a broker properly regulated by FCA or ASIC, and avoid brokers operating in obscure island countries who choose to be regulated in Cyprus, Vanuatu or the Seychelles

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Actually, i think there’s a lot of trusted platform that provide guideline to trading for new comer. But i think it’s better to try make our own research first. Try to compare and make the pros/cons list of each platform.

I also just started trying to trading with demo account. I think this is the best way to learn & gain trading skills without risking real money. Im thinking to try for 3-5 months, then maybe jump to live account with small money.

I’ve been using CySEC regulated broker. The important features to consider when choosing broker is to find a licensed, reputable & regulated broker in the jurisdiction where the trading will take place.

we know - and we also know that the moderators here have already edited one of your posts to remove a reference to it - maybe you didn’t notice that, yourself?

the one you were trying to promote here is one that’s registered in the Marshall Islands and Maldives, and has chosen to be regulated in Cyprus so it can claim to be “EU regulated”

it also has plenty of hair-raisingly horrible, frightening online reviews

in the long run, you might want a re-think, about it?

and if you have any sense, you might want a re-think about trying to promote it here, too, because those plans will do you more harm than good