Need the Best swing trading system for Gbp/Usd

Hai there… im a newbie in forex… just started trading for the past 2 month and
im looking for the best swing trading system for Gbp/Usd… anybody knows any good system…:confused: i really appreciate if anyone would share it wit me… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thanx alot…

Hello there,

Yes there are few trading system which I can recommend you. But I must tell you it’s not free. I have been using the same system since January 2007 and it really help me identify the best possible entry for GBP/USD pair. And you know what… every time when there’s potential trading I can pocket over 100 pips the next day. Or if the market is quite strong trending, the same day.

I can recommend you to the following sites to understand better, of what trading system I currently use.

The later totally focus on GBP/USD swing trades. On my first trading month, I managed to grow my trading account from USD 100.00 to USD 571.00. Of course some losses do happen, but even when you have losing trades you will still make the winning trades.

Have a nice trading day :slight_smile:

Babyfx, could you recommend those systems to me…drop me an email.

Don’t waste your money buying trading systems, especially from people who claim big returns without any proof that they’ve even been trading a live account.

You can find all the systems and strategies you want for free. Look in the Babypips forums, as well as at Forex Factory. They’re all there for you to test and use for free.

BTW, what is the “best” system to one person will not to be to someone else. Everyone is different and their trading style is different, too.

For example, someone who likes to use indicators would consider “System A” as the best system because it has 3 or 4 indicators. However, someone who doesn’t like indicators would not consider that system good at all.


It all depends on your preferences.


damn right. :smiley:

Could you please email me those links to trading GBPUSD?

the best for a newbie is the cowabunga system found on babypips 11th grade a pagesnd blog

Funny you have a free system with a proven track record, a blog to explain why each trade worked or failed, back it up with free tutorials explaining the logic behind it, and have a thread running to discuss it and you still get the question can you recommend a systen to me? I guess the real answer is no.

You can also check out the Vanessa system which is posted in the foruns too by NickB. It’s free but I am sure you can send the guy $99.50 for the system if you feel like you have to buy a system. For the rest of us it is free.

Yes, even when its handed on a plate some are too bone idle to find it and take it. Cowabunga is a good place to start although not for everyone but as an exercise in being able to move from theory to practice it is unrivalled. Particular issues I have with it include not being able to replicate the MACD with commonly available and free charting packages, the ‘blindness’ of trading a system against what the price action is telling you and the fact that the times wont suit everyone. Nevertheless this is the place to start especially if you have graduated from bpips school. Interesting that this poster never returned either which maybe isnt surprising and maybe for the best for them! In fact their last log on was 9 days after that post so I guess they found the grail somewhere else!

The ‘Swing Index System’ by J. Welles Wilder.

hi does anyone have the ‘swing system’ ASI indicator? can you tell me where to donload it as my MT4 does not have ASI?


I’m impressed: you’ve obviously heard of the ‘Swing Index’ and ‘Accumulative Swing Index’!!!

I don’t know where to find it for MT4 i.e. I ‘coded’ it into my trading platform myself (not MT4). Internet maybe?

Just a word of caution though (and I just KNOW that eveyone thinks I’m ‘nuts’ when I say things like this):

DON’T just download an indicator from anywhere and then start using it ‘blindly’. One of my trading platforms actually HAD the SI and ASI included and, after cross checking the SI and ASI included with the platform to Wilder’s actual (manual) calculations, it turns out that the included SI and ASI were ‘off’. In this particular case I’m not entirely sure that the differences would have been ‘material’ i.e. caused losses BUT it’s worth checking what you download or are supplied with!!! One of my ‘favourite bugbears’ is Parabolic SAR (which I am currently ‘re-coding’ as well).

i heard of it here about 45 minutes ago! i was curious, but i think i will stick with the fib retracement method for which i have found confirmation in another thread. thanks anyway.

swing trading is normally carried out between support and resistance levels within the major trend. The forex trader will watch prices move into support or resistance and then take the opposite view and execute a trading signal in the opposite direction.

i think you should only go for systems which have at least been back tested and forward tested … basically i mean proven systems. Of course past performance is no guarantee of future good performance but its still your best chance. Why not try and see if you like

1)First strike plus - Joel Resnik
2)One night stand - Joel Resnik
3)Booker band trading - Rob booker
4)Surprise trade - Rob Booker

Joel Resnik is a pro trader for more than 30 years he’s been trading his systems and writes a blog where his performance was almost 500%. Rob booker has helped a lot of traders although he is controversial because of his marketing the above two systems work he presented the proof and statistical data in the New York traders workshop last year. You should be able to find the above systems for free on the internet

Cowabunga works but take care of most of the stuff in here its mostly (not all) the blind leading the blind.

Try this one.
Rick (3.97 KB)

Hello please can you put me through the best way to locate either the trend is comeing down or going up?


A trend has no meaning in a vacuum. You can be a a long-term uptrend AND a short-term downtrend AT THE SAME TIME and vice-versa.

I guess that’s what Richard Dennis meant when he said that he could publish his rules in a newspaper and noone would follow them

There are plenty of systems out there. Many are successful because the people trading them know how to trade from experience. But if you are new to trading and Forex, you need to spend time developing your skills as a trader.

Once you learn how to trade, you will be more educated and experienced and will ‘know’ if the system is right for you, etc.

Me? I have no system. I work with what the market is doing, going, showing me. I just use the most simple setups I can. I look for high probability trades only. I use candlesticks on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4H and 1H charts. I use ATR and ADX, S and R, and Pivots for confirmation of entries/exits and that is it. My charts are actually NAKED most of the time.

Clean and simple and longer term trades. I am done with snatching intraday crumbs. I like to let my trades run until maybe a Doji or Hammer or similar give me a warning to bail out. lol