Needing mentorship

Hello everyone. I am planning on trading part time but I need a mentor a true mentor that could help me to lead me. Does anyone know any good mentorship agent or individual that help out and that their price is not killer? Please any suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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Helloooo! :blush: Hmm. :thinking: Finding a mentor who will actually be with you every step of the way is very tricky. :open_mouth: There are a lot of scammers so beware! Have you tried self-learning for now though? :open_mouth: Maybe, if you’re confused about some parts, people here can help out? :smiley:

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I charge $150 / per hour, payable only by DOGECOIN.

Edit: this is clearly a joke.

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Honestly. I would prefer to learn on my own. There are a lot of scammers out there, be careful.

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Before coming here with my post, I expected Nigerians and Asian will be here so I know who you are. Sorry ma am, I am not desperate like you internet scammers, good day.

Yes, I have learned and I was just wanted a person to help me but I think I am fine. Thanks for your advice.

Thanks, will do.

Borderline racist.
I will confess I’m the furthest thing from everything you mentioned. The joke just went over your head.

Good luck.

Learn how to trade metals, crypto currencies, and indices first. You might get lucky with gold, as it doesn’t retrace much, unlike FX currency pairs. However, it’s all risky, so be careful.

I offer a mentorship for €800 euro’s. There is no specific time limit as to how long this mentorship is, cause I know everyone is different and the same goes for their situation. However I do expect my students to be motivated, cause the mentorship is intensive! No time limit does not mean we are going to drag this thing out. It can take 2 months, 3 months or even 6 months. Though 2 - 4 months should be enough. I will teach you 1-on-1 live and you will also see me trading live. We will trade together, but the end goal is for you to be a succesful independent trader.
My Youtube channel: journal, forecasts and a forex challenge