New strategy winning thread

Aud jpy tp 88.815
Nzd jpy tp 82.533

Nzd jpy and Aud jpy hit sl

Buy Eur usd tp 1.10303

Eur usd hit tp profit 45 pips

Sell Eur usd with only part margin for long term sell 4 weeks

hi Aus Guy

interesting - what sort of size are the stop-losses, with these trades?

25 pip stop losses tp 40 pips

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thanks - and good luck!

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Thanks Eur usd is starting long term 4 week sell watch the drop

Eur usd fell nice hold it for for weeks

Nzd usd sell take profit 0.60456

Wow rollin in pips :blush:

Take profit with Nzd sellsvand buy Nzd usd

Continue to hold long term Eur usd sells

Nzd usd tp 0.62109

Nzd hit tp 30 pips
Today just continue to hold Eur usd sells

NZd usd sell tp 0.61527. Sl 0.62310

Close Nzd sells I profited 20 pips

Buy nzd usd

Nzd usd tp 0.62256. Sl 0.61721

Nz hit sl

Sell Eur usd tp 1.09211. Sl 1.09880

EUR sl we are still in front though

Sell Nzd usd

NZd usd sell tp0.61495 sl 0.62058
Eur usd sell tp 1.09404 sl 1.09969